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Default Frustrated

I will just start off by saying that I have an amazing boyfriend who loves and supports me unconditionally no matter what I look like/weigh. That being said, it is so irritating that he can eat whatever he wants! I literally just watched him eat 3 PB&J's and an entire family size package of cookies! I, on the other hand, look at a piece of bread and gain 12 pounds lol I'm just having one of those days where I hate him for being able to eat anything and everything and still be in shape...it makes me cranky with him. At least wait until I've taken my steamed veggies and skinless chicken breast into the other room before you eat an entire bag of chips! I don't usually complain about stuff like this, but I'm stressed and really really want to eat
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The thing is, even if he doesn't gain weight while eating a ton of bad food, bad food is not good for your health. He is better off eating healthy food too. It might catch up with him or it might not. You on the other hand have an added incentive to eat healthy food. And you can only benefit from doing so. What's to be jealous of. Healthy food actually tastes better than unhealthy food. But of course a lot of people have to discover that.

Maybe you need to make your steamed veg and skinless chicken breast a bit more yummier. I for instance would eat the chicken breast with the skin on and i would put garlic yoghurt on my vegies or a tiny bit of butter or olive oil., or sesame seeds.

What i'm getting as you don't have to suffer with tasteless food. You only need to reduce the amount of calories you eat, you don't need to go hungry or eat boring food.

Check out books like: the don't go hungry diet and french women don't get fat. Both are good and offer different tactics but which complement each other. I highly recommend them both.

Weightloss doesn't have to be painful. I have quite enjoyed my journey and now that i am in the healthy weight range, all the pressure is off and i relaxed but careful.
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MaryKay, it is so hard when the people we're around eat so differently, but it's par for the course. Vent away, this is the place!
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My SO is the same way. Eats anything and everything and sometimes LOSES weight!! It is frustrating, only because I want to eat that stuff too and sometimes I do. But, as people have said, unhealthy foods are still unhealthy, even if you don't gain weight from it. All you can do is keep at it and who knows, maybe your BF will join in the healthy eating sometimes!
Overall goal:
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I certainly don't envy your situation because it has to be tough. However, I have the opposite concern. My husband can't string together more than 3 days of healthy eating. Instead, he eats way too much and is very heavy. I'm worried he will have a heart attack and we have kids. Just about everyone struggles with something at some point in their lives. Every time he eats something that you're trying to avoid, remind yourself how lucky you are that he loves you just the way you are....that is how it should be, but often isn't.
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I agree with Pattience - it sounds like you're feeling deprived because you don't like the food you're eating. What is very important to me is that my food tastes good!

If you're looking for new recipes to try, take a look at www.skinnytaste.com, www.cookinglight.com, www.eatingwell.com.

You can make pretty much any flavor combo you're used to in a slightly different way that may just surprise you.
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I know how you feel. The same thing has caused a lot of resentment in the past for me in my relationship. Of course, now my bf is also eating healthier and dropping weight pretty quick, so the new resentment is that he loses weight faster than me ha! Just can't win.

Would he eat the same meals with you? Can you tell him that seeing him eat those things triggers cravings for you (if that's the case - not that he should have to hide his eating habits, because that's also an unhealthy thing to do?) Hopefully there's a way you can work this out with him to better both of you and make you less cranky and more willing to stick to your eating habits.

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My ex-boyfriend also ate just huge amount of food and did not gain weight! But that times i also was very skinny, i did not use any diets or healthy lifestyel. That times i just did not eat!! almost did not eat at all((( After 25 i started to eat and started to gain weight(( My boyfriend supported me and we bought sweets or junk food very rarely. In addition when he ate something tasty but forbidden for me he did it in another room so i could not see him. Ask your boyfriend to do the same! i am sure he loves you and will understand that he should eat chips in other room))
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Spice up your food. You should not be miserable when you sit down to a meal. Healthy food can be prepared just as yummy. Don't deprive yourself of taste!
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Eat the skin. Super healthy for you if good quality chicken and will make you much fuller.

I am carb intolerant, simple as that. You could have been writing about me. Some people can't drink milk, they deal and move on. Once I accepted it my life transformed. The transition period was painful and not fun. But now I am free for the rest of my life so it was worth it. With my carb intolerance, ironically part of that was a huge addiction to them biochemically, I was never free. Not going to lie, if you attempt to go off, it will be hard, really hard. It will also be one of the best things you ever do.

And I can eat all the yummy fat and meat and veggies I want and dairy as well. But I don't eat that much of them because without the carbs from grains, sweets, and starches I am full most all the time now.
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Do keep in mind everyones daily caloric needs are different. Men tend to need more calories than women. He also may have a high metabolism.
Echo what others have said about making your whole, unprocessed foods taste better. Once you learn how to do that and get used to eating a healthier diet, you may find yourself pitying him when he eats an entire bag of cookies.
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