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Default Daily Net Calories Question

When you are logging both your calories and your exercise should your net calories never be below 1200?

I know that I should not eat lower than 1200 but I was confused and curious as to what other people do.

Please tell me how you do it on your journey!

Thanks in advance for all the answers!

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I don't generally subtract out for exercise, but if I'm hungry I allow an additional protein snack. That's much easier and more reliable for me than playing silly, imprecise math games.
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1200 is such an arbitrary figure, and given that calorie counts for foods themselves are pretty spurious I wouldn't worry about it. Do what feels right.
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I have been doing what I feel is best for my body but I was curious if anyone else paid attention. I have not actually tracked my calorie intake in quite some time. I have a fitbit now that I have been using primarily as a step counter. I just started tracking my calories on my fitness pal again because my weight has been coming off a lot slower and the two of them link with each other and give you a net calorie total.

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If i was counting calories, which i don't i wouldn't bother worrying about the activity cals. I'd be like arctic.

Its more or less what i do anyway. But generally you are better off eating a bit more to help prevent muscle loss and also to maintain a higher metabolism.
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I use an app (my net diary) that guides me based on my activity, calories and goal. Sometimes I am a lot more hungry and other days I am not so I also listen to my body even when the app is giving me different advice. I usually have about 140-1600 calories and exercise too. Again just have to go with how I am feeling.
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The simple answer to the question is no, you're fine to go below 1200 calories.

The more complicated answer is it depends on a lot of factors but the bottom line is if you go to low in calories, for too long, there will be consequences whether one is exercising or not.
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I was going to comment that I wouldn't go below that mark. But I also noticed that you've already lost 155 pounds! Good for you! You seem to have a good idea of what you need to do.

But, for what it is worth.... I do track both food and exercise calories. While I typically don't eat back all exercise calories, I'm using myfitnesspal and it is designed to put you at the correct calories to lose X amount of pounds per week. I just don't want to eat so far under the suggested calories that I don't have energy to make it through workouts and throughout the day. It won't help me at my job if I'm thinking about how hungry I am or how weak I feel. I want to lose weight, but I don't want to lose too much muscle mass. I want to come out on the other side feeling strong and fit.

But, as I said, you've done amazingly well!
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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Wow! I've been noticing the progress of the members on this thread and I just had to comment on how well everyone has been doing on their journey. Congrats to all of you!

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