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Default Womens' topic - my weight loss always happens only at TOM!

It is weird - all the time I keep working out, for the past 2 1/2 months, I noticed that my weight 'never' reduces at normal times, and as if an accumulated effect, the weight goes down suddenly at TOM by as much as 5 - 7 lbs! And then again, I have to wait till next TOM for the next set of weight loss although I work out consistently during the inbetween weeks. What could be the reason for this? Anybody think of any reason?
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I don't know, but I noticed the same thing, so if somebody knows, it would be awesome to find out what's up!

Actually, this past month, I went back to WW from CC and I've been losing pretty steadily every week, so I wonder if I won't get my period-whooshes or what this month.
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This topic has come up before, and while most women posting notice a cycle-based pattern, there seem to be a variety of common, and not-so common atterns.

Some research indicates that metabolism imcreases during tom (but for many women, so do cravings, hunger, and water retention).

I tend to gain 5-7 lbs of water weight a few days before and a few days into tom. If I don't give in to pms/tom hunger and cravings, I will lose really well the week after tom, and fairly well the week after. During pms/hunger (7-10 days), my hunger goes haywire. I feel half-starved no matter how much or how little I eat, even when eating low-carb (which normally curbs my hunger fairly well). Low-carb helps some during the hunger phase of my cycle, but not as much as during other phases of my cycle.
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It is a weird phenomenon. I lose consistently through the month, but I'll lose 4 pounds in a matter of days during TOM.

I personally think (for me) it's due to an increase metabolism combined with the absence of other period symptoms. I don't bloat, nor do I have an increase in hunger/cravings.

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Same here ladies! For years and years...

My hunger is out of control the week or so before TOM, then after it gets here, I see a small loss, then within days after its gone I lose anywhere from 5-7 pounds. Its frustrating because if I didn't eat so much/horribly the week before TOM I'll see a really big loss... but most of the time, basically all the time, I pretty much binge the whole week prior, sometimes even 2 weeks. Sometimes I PMS from ovulation until TOM. And like kaplods said, it really doesn't matter what diet I follow, I do low carb as well to control cravings, and it helps the rest of the month, but TOM it barely puts a dent in my eating/cravings. I find "ways around it" and will over at other foods, though I do prefer carbs and sweets.

I wish there was a way to stop it though. I know it slows my weight loss and as I get to lower weights it basically stops it. At heavier weights, I seem to be able to handle the extra calories without too much effect, but I remember last time getting into the 150s and even 140s, those 5-7 days of over eating really set me back, and I'd spend the rest of the month losing the pound or two I'd gain at TOM.

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I've never thought of it being about metabolism but just water retention. I always notice increases in weight in the week leading up to TOM or maybe more and then i get the whoosh thing.

Anyway its all good if your weight keeps going down month after month isn't it.

Just got this from herehttp://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/b...luid_retention which is a government health website.
Fluid retention (oedema) occurs when fluid isn't removed from the body tissues, including the skin. Causes include the body's reaction to hot weather, a high salt intake, and the hormones associated with the menstrual cycle. Symptoms include swelling of body parts such as feet, hands and ankles, a feeling of stiffness or aching and weight fluctuations. Drinking plenty of water will actually help your kidneys to flush out excess fluid. Fluid retention may be a sign of disease.

and this which suggests that metabolism slows not speeds up during menustration so then its got to be all about water retention in the end. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7124662
Basal metabolic rate, resting metabolic rate (RMR), and energy cost of selected activities were measured in six healthy young women who were participating in a study of protein requirements. The women were confined to a metabolic unit for 92 days during which they consumed a defined formula diet. The basal metabolic rate of the women was 20.7 +/- 2.6 kcal/kg body weight/day and the caloric requirement for maintenance of weight was 38.7 kcal/kg body weight/day. Basal metabolic rate varied significantly with the menstrual cycle. Basal metabolic rate decreased at menstruation and fell to its lowest point approximately 1 wk before ovulation subsequently rising until the beginning of the next menstrual period. RMR was 0.99 +/- 0.16 kcal/kg/h. The energy expenditure while sitting was 1.06 times RMR, while walking it was 2.81 times RMR, and while performing treadmill exercise it was 3.47 times RMR.
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