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I have started to looking at working out for health much more now than before. I do want to be toned, etc, but I can't drive myself crazy.

GOAL Photos & Story
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Yes!! I've never really felt like a fat person unless I am shopping for clothes or see a picture someone has taken of me and then I remember! I have been losing pretty steady and feeling great and then I went into a store the other day and saw myself on the overhead camera and was like "ugh"!!! It definitely took a hit for about 15 minutes. I really had to fight hard to shake it off. One minute I felt like the rocky theme music was playing as I walked and the next, I heard the sound of pacman dieing. I'm training myself not to look into those cameras anymore!

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Aloha nui loa
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I am glad to hear so many other people have struggled with this same issue. It's nice not to feel alone.
"Giving up because of one setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat."
"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice"
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Well, I do agree
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I never remember I'm fat unless I'm looking in a full body mirror. The rest of the time I feel awesome and sexy...which really doesn't help motivate me to be healthy! Sometimes I wish I felt fat so I'd remember to act healthier.
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Default Nope

I remember it every minute of every day. I think I'd be more likely to forget my name than forget I'm fat.
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Yep, I've been experiencing this a lot over the past week! I feel ya. It only bothers me for a quick minute though, because it means I'm making the right moves to become fit. It means that I am working out and eating better which is making me FEEL better. May as well enjoy the upswing!

= 10 lbs gone:

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On my way to -70
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Yes! It happens to me too! Not so much when I look down or look in the mirror, but when I take pictures, or toward the end of the day when I'm bloated and my tummy is full. It's a bummer.
January - July 2014: 40 lbs lost. December 2014: Welcomed number three!

*"Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." Earl Nightingale

*"You have not failed until you quit trying." Gordon B. Hinckley
Cheers for babies and for getting my body back! One for every 5 lbs lost!

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Yup, i was feeling pretty damn good with my weight loss then my sis asked me to send her a pic of my progress i looked it and thought "WTH i thought i was more attractive" LOL. I think I'm probably one of those people who don't actually know what they look like, what i see in the mirror doesn't tally up with my photos, probably because to me my body feels slimmer but to someone else I'm still overweight.

and secondly started exercising again, while doing my girly push up In my bra i noticed my tummy just hung down like dough, i was mortified but its ok, that little pouch is gonna go (i hope!)
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Only when I'm alone. When I'm with other people, even my girlfriend, I am constantly aware of how big I am. Lately it has gotten so bad that socializing with others leaves me feeling hatred for myself.
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not really. like another poster said, when I'm really working hard as with running, I'm busy focusing on breathing and form so not much what I look like. But mirrors, clothing, that sort of thing really reminds me of how big I actually have gotten. I've been at about this weight for about 5 years now and I am soooo sick of it!
BUT at least I am now doing something about it and am sticking with my healthy habits!

Next goal: 160.9- 50% to goal weight!
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Yes, I often forget that I am fat. When I go to water aerobics I don't see myself as a 312lb woman in a swimsuit. I see myself as a nice butt, great boobs, and a happy person in a swimsuit. Also, when I go shopping I see things in an XL and think, I'm so close, when in reality I'm a couple sizes away
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In my mind's eye I am still 130 lbs that I was in my 20's and 30's. When I see pictures or look in a mirror I think "Who IS that woman?" When shopping, I can't believe that size 12 pants won't go over my hips. The size 16's and 18's look so huge to me, but they are the ones I can zip up and button. I definately have a distorted self-image. I thought it was only me, but I see I am not alone.

I'm less than perfect, and that's OK!
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