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Default "Feeling fat," what do you guys do?

I'm curious, does anyone have suggestions for cheering up and getting motivated on days when you're feeling awful?

It's hard to want to go to the gym or make good food choices when I'm feeling down, "fat" and "gross," disappointed and angry at myself for having got fat, etc... I find myself sinking into a trap of feeling bad and kinda giving up on losing weight, then instead just being lazy and eating a lot to comfort and distract myself. And that only perpetuates the cycle yet another day of the same thing! Any tips for the bad days to sort of snap out of it?
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Excessive eating and not exercising is just going to put you farther away from your goal. You are working to improve yourself. It won't happen overnight. There's a lot of hard work involved and self control. You can do it!!! It is worth it.
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Since I spent most of my childhood obese, and my teens and 20s overweight, I always feel fat. Even when I've lost weight and not been fat I always feel fat and gross. Sometimes after I run or lift weights I will feel better but then I move, sit, look in a mirror, or just down at my body and I'm like "nope still fat, flabby, lumpy"...What has worked for me is to think, well at least eating better and exercising will help me be LESS fat and gross. Does that make sense? I figure even if the rest of my life I feel fat, at least my clothing size tells me I'm less fat than I was a few months ago.

If I stop trying I will be a fatter fat version of my self. I guess I've just gotten so used to those negative thoughts that I just keep keeping on despite them. That's what you gotta do.

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One with the Wind and Sky
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What has helped for me is teaching myself to shift my comforts from unhealthy habits to healthier ones. I'm still a work-in-progress because I've always found solace in food, but it's gotten easier over time.

I look for new ways to challenge myself. When I get the urge to eat, I find something more productive to do. I clean something, I go for a walk outside, I do some reading (especially at 3FC, lol). I track my meals in a weekly planner and focus on making healthy choices so I can be proud of what I write.

My new comforts involve taking control instead of cutting loose with my choices in food. And it's been a big help.

Good luck!

★ Goal for 2017: Get down to 220 ★
★ Ultimate Goal: 150 ★
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^Actually much like her I will come on this forum and browse. Usually I browse the Weight Loss Support or Introductions sections and spread encouragement. It keeps me busy and usually by the time I'm finished I've been reminded of why I started and therefore I feel motivated to make good choices for the rest of the day/night. If not that, then I just make a point to do good things for myself. Like get in a really intense workout and make a production of logging it and comparing it to my other workouts and being proud of myself for doing well. Or I go on Pinterest and find some healthy and delicious recipes that I want to make in the near future, maybe plan out my meals for tomorrow or the next few days and make a shopping list. Basically: I find things to keep myself busy that also remind me of what I'm doing and why I'm doing it so I feel less inclined to fudge it up. It's seldom, but I do also find other activities sometimes just to keep busy, like cleaning or carefully selecting a movie to watch and then watching it.

= 10 lbs gone:

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In the past I've taken some time to think about what my goals are, write them out and what I need to get there.

That being said, nothing makes you feel better than doing something to get towards your goal, taking a walk, doing some stretches, reading something health/fitness related, converting a recipe to a healthier version, making a plan.

It's certainly not easy, I often call it the epic battle between Fat Girl and Fit Girl, FatGirl wants me to give up and eat crap and feel bad, right now Fit Girl is kicking her butt, but I had to externalize the self sabotage and decide I'm a strong person who deserves a healthy active life.

If my friend was feeling all fat and gross, I'd tell her all the things I admire about her and do everything in my power to convince her she could do anything she wants to do. I'd never let her feel so bad about herself, why let myself (or yourself) feel that way.

Best of luck to you
If I'm not willing to put in any more work, then I have to be satisfied with the results I've achieved. If I'm not satisfied with the results I've acheived I have to put in more work. - Kaplods

Thanks to Diana and GardenerJoy for threads that keep me going month after month!

Success leaves clues, look at what the people you admire are doing to succeed.

Quitting does not get you closer to your goals. Do not quit - adapt

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I do something unrelated to weight/food to remind my brain that I am more than my size - read, write, practice guitar, knit, sew, make a basket. Something that absorbs my attention and is irrelevant to my weight.
It's about commitment, not motivation.
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Aloha nui loa
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Originally Posted by seagirl View Post
I do something unrelated to weight/food to remind my brain that I am more than my size - read, write, practice guitar, knit, sew, make a basket. Something that absorbs my attention and is irrelevant to my weight.

This! Exactly. I start a new knitting project, work on some housework I've been neglecting (I do that a lot haha) or play with my dogs. If I'm really bummed I get my favorite movies out and have a movie day and I absorb myself in on screen drama instead of my own.
"Giving up because of one setback is like slashing your other 3 tires because you got a flat."
"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice"
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I agree with what has been said here, but I also think that you shouldn't give yourself an option to NOT go to the gym. Make it part of your day, or however often you plan to go. Just go. I go first thing in the morning, before work, so I'm getting up insanely early. But, that's part of my day. Just like brushing my teeth and getting dressed, I just go.

Always remember that motivation is what gets you started. Dedication is what gets you to goal.
This time, I'm going to be stronger, I'm not giving in. - Rudimental
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Be sure you aren't tired, it can put a fog over everything. Take a bath, put on something comfortable you feel good in. I usually find the mood passes by the next day.
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Thumbs up

I'm only new to this weight loss thing as my whole life I was stick thin but after a traumatic experience just over 2 years ago I piled on the weight as I sought comfort from my food. I now have myself back on track and have only really realized how much weight I have gained and it made me really sad and on a particularly bad day I would over eat but recently I have started asking myself "Is this taking me closer to or further away from where I want to be?" and I find asking myself this prevents me from regretting it all later. I also look in the mirror and try point out what is good about myself. I like my eyes and my hair and I try to think how it will look even better when I've reached my target and it does help and keeps me motivated too.
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Before and after pictures of weight loss!! It helps me to focus on the fact that while I may be fat now i dont have to be, I love the fitness ones where ladies turn into xena princess warrior. Pushes me to do a bit of exercise.
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After many years of struggling with weight issues, I've learned that my own thoughts have a lot to do with my how I feel about myself. Negative thoughts don't help. It's not that hard to learn to replace them with positive ones that are motivating. My suggestion, along this line, is to try to be compassionate and respectful of yourself. The Judith Beck weight loss books, and many others, like Secrets of a Former Far Girl, offer a way to incorporate this into your life. Wishing you the best!
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