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Where do you tend to lose first?

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Old 03-24-2014, 02:52 PM   #31
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My thighs and arms are the first to lose. I've lost almost 30 pounds and none of that has come off my waist, boobs or face. I haven't dropped any clothing sizes and no one has noticed that I've lost any weight yet. The legs of my pants are really loose but I can't go down a size because they are still too tight in the waist. Similarly, the sleeves of my shirts are loose but I can't go down a size because the boob area is still too tight. When I was in high school, I joined Weight Watchers and I didn't start losing in my waist until I got down to the 160's. The lowest I got was 165 and my upper stomach was gone and my lower stomach was shrinking fast. I'm assuming the same thing will happen this time. I can't wait to get to the 160's to find out (I'm looking forward to having only one stomach again). I'm hoping that the next 10-20 pounds will show in my face as I really want some cheekbones and a defined jawline (and no double chin).

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I believe it's my stomach. I've never lost a significant amount of weight so I'm not sure. But, a while ago when I lost around 20 pounds, this lady said that my stomach looks smaller.
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I gain all over, and I lose from all over. I really don't have one area that goes first.

It would be nice to have one area that shrunk first, it would look like that I am making progress. -- No I have a little less of tummy fat, a little less of back fat, a little less of thigh fat.

But my belly is my problem area, that will stay jiggly and fat until the bitter end.

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First to lose was in my face, double chin, lower arms and hands, and even my feet (yes I can now fit into shoes that felt too tight before :O)! I also seem to lose first in my butt, despite my butt not being a "trouble spot". I could use some more butt fat to balance out the rest....

Last to lose seems to be my hips, waist (especially my dreaded muffin top), and thighs. I would do anything to get rid of that darned muffin top. It feels like despite having lost 60-some pounds it has yet to budge at all!

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I've noticed that I have lost in my stomach because my shirts are now baggy and my hip has lost one roll...lol I also am starting to feel a shoulder blade again.
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Old 03-29-2014, 07:19 AM   #36
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It comes off my boobs and my arms first LOL My stomach fat comes off last due to my PCOS. I think my neck is one of the last areas to lose but the first to gain; it's how I know I'm putting weight on!

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I'm an apple too. I tend to lose it in my bum first which makes me a bigger apple shape. Last is boobs.
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my tummy is the worst. I wish I could lose there the most! It is where I gain by far most of my weight.

When I was losing steadily before I lost weight in my arms, shoulders, collar bone. Yeah I lost weight in my collar bone area the most lol It was so weird. But you could really see and feel my collar bone and damn I was proud of that! So weird right lol
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This is a very individual response and depends on many factors - body style, age, diet plan, amount and type of exercise, etc.

For me, personally, I noticed a change in stomach/hips/butt fairly quickly. I dropped pants sizes at a rather rapid pace. My face changed dramatically in the 10 pounds or so between 199 and 189. My bras are only now, after 50+ pounds lost, getting loose to the point where I know I need to resize.
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My waist is usually the first place I notice getting thinner, when the curves get deeper. One place I never seem to be able to lose is my upper arms (or my bingo wings, as I like to call them).
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Old 06-08-2014, 05:42 AM   #41
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I have a pear shape body so my bigges problem is HIPS!!! it seems they never become thinner no matter how much weight you lose(((( i always lose my face and boobs first(( damn...boobs(( already starting to miss them;-))
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I'm noticing a difference in my face, arms, shoulders, and back (right under the bra strap). Also, my boobs, but that's actually a good thing for me since I was busting out of my bras since I've gained weight. My tummy is just starting to change. The last place for me in my thighs/butt (but not hips...I've never really had them at all

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Originally Posted by EddieD View Post
My waist is usually the first place I notice getting thinner, when the curves get deeper. One place I never seem to be able to lose is my upper arms (or my bingo wings, as I like to call them).
Ditto - there is no thin arm here, only muscular or fat. ALWAYS big! I think I'd have to be 90lbs to lose my arms
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I think I'm losing it pretty evenly. I've lost fifty pounds so far (still going), but the place that always gets loose in the clothes first is my upper thighs and butt, then my stomach. I change shorts sizes faster than shirt sizes, too.

I started at size 24 bottom and size 3X top.

Now, I wear a 16 bottom and an XL top.

Don't know if that helps.
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When I strict on my carb intake, my stomach was the first place to lose weight. Now that I'm eating more carbs (yes still moderating), my legs (esp thighs) are the first place to lose weight (btw, my tummy isn't as flat :P).

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