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Default What kind of scale are you using?

I have a mechanical scale that I have had forever! When I started my diet, I bought a digital one thinking it would be better. Well, the digital scale is always saying something different and it's driving me crazy! It's not just my numbers fluctuating, I have my kids step on it each week and their numbers move around too.(5-10 pounds off) They are both the picture of health so I know it's the scale. Now I'm back to using the old mechanical one because it's more truthful. Maybe it's the digital scale itself or all digital ones? So I am curious which kind everyone else is using?
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I had the same problem with digital scales, bought two different models that pooped out within a few months. I ended up going to Amazon and looking for the one that seemed to have the most users saying it had consistent readings and if there was a problem the company stood behind their product. Purchased this one http://www.amazon.com/EatSmart-Preci.../dp/B001KXZ808

After more than a year readings are still consistent.
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Just a cheap digital one from Walmart. It worked fine for a couple of years, but I started getting really weird readings a few days ago (like varying a couple pounds within seconds of each other). After changing the batteries, it works fine again. Perhaps your scale was shipped with old batteries?

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I have a Withings scale.
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I may replace the batteries to see if that's the problem. I was also reading about the digital scales and saw where they are different compared to the temperature of the floor they are sitting on as well. Maybe it's just a crappy scale too though....lol I can't have a scale that is jerking me around. If it don't straighten up, I will just use my old one as a backup.
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I have a digital scale. I think it sounds like your battery is low, or maybe the scale is on a space of floor that is not completely flat? Mine is in a room with hardwood floors, and I made sure it is level.
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I have one of those $20 WW Digital Scales. Its been fairly accurate for me and I've even compared it to the scale at school. I've never had crazy fluctuations with it.

Are you weighing yourself first thing in the morning after you use the bathroom? I find this to be the most accurate time for me. If you weigh yourself at different times of day, your scale will give different readings depending on how much you've eaten/drank that day.

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ReNew Me, I got that exact scale a few months ago, also based on positive reviews, and I absolutely love it! Very consistent. Also it seems to have a large surface to step on, which I also like. I recommend it.

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I use a BABYLISS scale. I've had it for 5 and half years. It's still working perfectly.
About the issue of the varying numbers showing on the screen, mine came with an instruction suggesting that you should put your feet at the exact same spot every time in order to get accurate results. Because of the sensors, a few millimeters can make a huge difference in the weight reading.
So this is what I did, I drew a line around my feet on the scale with a permanent marker. Whenever I set my feet in them I ALWAYS get the same result. I notice on a daily basis that when I slightly move my feet away from the footprints the reading changes.
You can try this too in order to have a better idea of you REAL PROGRESS.
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I have a WW digital scale by conair, the one I had before was a cheaper WW model I had for years.

When I got the new one (measures BF, etc) it stopped working after like the third day, I took it back (bed, bath and beyond) they exchanged it and the new one has worked great since, it weighs consistently to the point I actually only get on once in the morning because it doesn't change with my old one it varied a couple tents so of course I would weigh a few times because I'm weird like that...

Anyway, maybe you got a lemon, I'd see if you can swap it.
Good luck
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I first bought a cheap $10 traditional, mechanical scale at Walmart and it was a complete piece of crap.
So I bought this nice one on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Eatsmart-Preci...J0XQ0WS77W33SM
It's wonderful and accurate. I've been using the scale for 6 months now and haven't had to change the batteries yet. I weigh myself daily.

Just read the reviews on Amazon to find out if what you're looking at is a good product or not.
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I've always been leary of digital scales and stick with my old analogue one. I don't need my weight going up and down when it's not. I have to avoid being disappointed or going into a panic
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I use a Dectecto scale (like the ones they use in doctor's offices). Cost me a couple hundred bucks. I need a true measurement of weight that won't change no matter how many times I step on the scale. I can't stand digital scales lol.

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