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Arwen17 03-12-2014 11:44 AM

The last 10-20 pounds, did you have big changes?
So I was shocked when I measured my waist this morning that I've lost half an inch after losing just 2 pounds! :carrot:

I've got about 10-15 lbs left to lose and I'm hoping this inch trend continues! I'm apple-shaped so my stomach is the last to lose and it was still so big despite losing 55 lbs so far. But if it keeps losing half an inch for every two pounds, my stomach will be perfect at my goal weight.

Did anyone else experience drastic inch loss in the last 10-20 pounds?

I'm thinking the paper towel analogy is really true.

Arctic Mama 03-12-2014 01:03 PM

Yes. The last few pounds make big comparable differences for me as well.

Elladorine 03-12-2014 01:09 PM

Given that I'm an apple shape myself, I'm hoping this will be true for me as well!:) I often read about other ladies being my height and weight, but wearing a size 12 when I'm still in a 16/18/20 (depending on the brand): my wrists and ankles are incredibly skinny, but my waist is still 6" larger than my ribcage and hips! :dizzy:

novangel 03-13-2014 06:42 PM

Yes! Big difference!

Chronostasis 03-13-2014 06:53 PM

I don't measure inches but <5 lbs makes a HUGE difference in how I feel and I believe how I look at my current weight. Pants-o-meter goes down much more rapidly too.

Arwen17 03-15-2014 09:16 PM

So I had to buy new jeans again today. I was wearing size 12. Now I fit into a size 8 comfortably. I can fit into a size 6, but it's not yet comfortable.
Pants-o-meter is changing like crazy. :)

Makes me feel better after eating a bit too much the past couple days. But I think it was mostly sodium-retention because it's coming back down today after eating cleanly all day.

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