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Default Getting past the first week?

Hi everyone, I'm almost a week into my diet! I've set my plan on my calorie counting app, (Lose it! for all of those wondering) to 2 lbs/week and have been taking Razberri Ketone-Slim and Green Tea Fat Burners (I didn't buy either of these, my father bought into the gimmick and they both seem to have safe ingredients so I just added them into my vitamin routine because I have no reason not to).
On top of this, I'm 16 and thus, my metabolism is probably pretty good.
I don't have a bathroom scale yet, I've been using the big triple beam balance scale my gym has, I'm not entirely sure how accurate it is, but it doesn't seem that I've lost much weight yet. I know I'm being impatient, but I really would like to know how everyone stays motivated before seeing any real results?
I cut out all soda, and now I occasionally drink iced green tea (no more than 32oz a day, usually) in its place.
I'm also drinking much more water. I'm hoping I'll begin to notice results, I feel a bit thinner but perhaps it's just my imagination. I'm just not too sure if I'm doing it right yet, I keep worrying that maybe I'm somehow logging something wrong or not exercising enough.

How do you guys stay motivated during this uncertain time period?
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My daughter who is 14 is reading this with me. She said this reminds her of when she does 2 sit ups and then checks the mirror and wonders why she doesn't have a six pack.

Sounds to me like you're on the right track and simply need some patience.

One thing to keep in mind is that weight fluctuates quite a bit through the day and even if you're weighing yourself under ideal conditions you still will see day to day fluctuations. The scale is not a good way to measure progress especially in the short run.
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Change your thinking...right now, you're thinking in extremes of black and white. "I'm either fat or thin" and being fat is unbearable. You want to be there because you can't tolerate "here". You are focused on what you don't have, and you think what you don't have (a slim body) is the be-all, end-all. It's not that fabulous - it's just a slimmer version. You are already fabulous.

Instead, consider what you do have, and recognize the good in it. Focus on the positives of your body right now. How well it functions, it's beautiful structure (spines are amazing, aren't they?), and especially how it feels, by touch or movement.

If you feel a bit thinner - use that feeling as your momentum. Relish it. Don't tell yourself it's just your imagination...it's not. Tell yourself this is working. Any small change will propel you in the right direction.

You have an advantage here because of your age. Don't end up like the rest of us hating your body for 30 years, yo-yoing up and down in extremes of dieting and bingeing, and killing your system over it. Start right now by embracing your body, including it's weight. Look in the mirror, and if you see some inkling of beauty there, hold onto it. It's yours. No fat photo or anything else matters because what you see in that moment is good. Ignore all those critical girl voices who tell you that liking your appearance is vain. You can like it. I give you permission.

If you love yourself and your body, you will be more inclined to take care of it (and by that I mean, in small increments - one adjustment here, one there - the increments accumulate naturally). The time will pass and you won't even notice.

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Thank you both of you.
I am being a bit impatient, it's just difficult for me to know if this is working if I haven't seen any kind of result, as in, I'm unsure if this is working or not yet.
I'll take both of your advice into account!
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I personally would entirely throw out any lbs per week goal. Any time goal whatsoever. At your age, even at my age it is completely irrelevant.

We are all trying to get healthy and stay healthy. And that means good habits for eating and exercise for the rest of our lives.

So maybe focus on say learning one new healthy recipe a week. Do you cook? That is an awesome life skill that will help keep you fit trim and healthy for life. And save you money. And you can share it. It will provide the same benefits to your family.

If you are trying to not be overweight, I prefer thinking of it as getting healthy don't set up things for say 2 lbs a week. Set up things so they are doable and don't seem like they stink too much. And realize you can add things as you go.

I truly believe for most people taking away the time goals is really quite helpful. If you focus on change goals, what can I do this week as my healthier habit. You will not only be successful but successful for life.
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Hey Rada,

I know it's really tough, but I would say that you need a good few weeks before you can tell if what you are doing is working or not! Don't worry if the scale doesn't shift right away but instead focus on making healthy choices and changes, then re-assess in a few weeks. These things take time, but I think that the longer you're at it, the easier things start to become.

Good luck!

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I know it is corny, but this was true for me. I never once to my wife or friends called what I was doing a diet. Not once. More importantly to myself internally I never even once thought of it as a diet.

The sad truth is the vast majority of diets fail. They are too restrictive, people rebel against them. And even if the weight is lost if people get to a goal and go whew I can FINALLY get off this diet. Then what happens? Yep.

It really, truly is about lifestyle changes. Google Huffington Post Weight Loss Stories. There is something like over 600 now. They are truly inspiring. They have all ages. Most older than you but some pretty young. I don't think very many of them if any 'dieted'. But they did change.
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Originally Posted by RadaTwirl View Post
How do you guys stay motivated during this uncertain time period?
Shift your focus from "weight loss" to "healthy lifestyle." Yeah, that's what they all say, right? I know it sounds cheesy and maybe even counter-productive, but there are many moments the scale will let you down. Don't let that number be your prime motivator; as others have said your weight will fluctuate throughout the days and weeks, even when you're doing everything "right." You didn't put this weight on overnight, and won't go off overnight either.

Seek out foods that will nourish your body and give you the energy you need. Focus on exercise that's doable right now, that you can expand upon as you gain strength and confidence. Every step you take to greater health will help you feel better. Focus on feeling better and don't worry about the uncertainty of weight loss . . . keep going and it'll happen.

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Also make sure you're eating enough to support your still-developing body (I made this mistake), not doing so can really derail your efforts. I would say stop weighing yourself for a month or even two weeks (it's really hard to do, not gonna lie) and then keep doing what you're doing. You won't get accustomed to measuring your success in terms of the scale alone and by the end of the month I'm sure you'll have lost weight anyway.
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