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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again....#363

God Bless America!

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

We chat at 8:30 PM EST, 7:30 PM CST on Wednesday and Saturday.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

[color=dark blue]WELCOME[/color]
Thinthinker in Michigan
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Ok, posting police: I posted BEFORE I changed the thread so that's gonna have to count for now!! Later....
Thinthinker in Michigan
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Ok, I think I made it here. Phew.
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You and Me in 2003
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The meatloaf was wonderful. I put a little catsup on top.
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Hi Ladies -
I hope everyone had a great Sunday. This is my first chance to sit down at the computer because we have been running around all day. As you saw, I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but I am doing much better now. I know that staying busy all day helped.

2cute - Thanks for yelling at me to snap out of it. I needed it.

Soon after I posted we got ourselves ready and drove into Philly to Dave and Busters. We had a fairly nice lunch - I had Chix Tortilla soup and a salad. As we were talking after lunch things switched to talk of our cruise we have planned in October. DH really hurt my feeling talking about not wanting to spend a lot of time with my family on the cruise. We don't normally take our vacations with the family, but this year seems to be full of family activities. I know what he means, and even I don't want to spend 24/7 with my family, but I don't know if he is really taking my feelings into consideration. I am truly trying to understand how he feels, but we have to compromise. I also have to set expectations w/ my family that we won't be doing everthing together. It'll work out -- I hope!! Anyway, it was just a very upseting conversation, especially considering I get emotional when TOM comes to town. I'm done venting - Thanks for listening.

After lunch we played arcade games. Then we came home and finished putting the dining room together. I am going to attempt to link the picuture here to share -- if you are interested in seeing. This is the project I've been working on for a few weeks.

For fear of losing a long post, I am going to submit this and continue on another post......
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Yippee - I figured the picture thing out. Tina, aren't you proud of me???

Okay, continuing on.....

So, we put the dining room back together and then I walked on the treadmill while I watched the new Trading Spaces - Family.

Now I am winding down the weekend with a manicure and getting ready for bed.

Michelle - As of now we have no plans next Sunday. If you are coming down to DE, let me know and we can meet somewhere. I'd love to meet you and your little one face to face. Are we still trying to meet with Tina and Kat the next weekend?????

JustMe - I am the same way with the scale. Some weeks I am on it everyday. Other weeks (like this one because TOM is in town and I don't want to see the scale) I put it in the closet and only pull it out on Friday. Regardless of what it says during the week I only use my Friday weight for tracking purposes.

Mary - Good job on the shopping. You are going to have a very healthy week. I am going to try. I don't eat any fish, so I end up eating a lot of chicken, which is fine with me because I love it.

Thin - Sounds like you are a busy gal around the house and running around for the holiday weekend. Sorry you didn't like Legally Blonde. The story line was awful, but I just think Reese is such a cute actress and enjoy watching here. Thanks so much for card --- you are such a sweetheart!!!

Everyone else --- Sending out Hugs and a big HELLO!! Wish I had more time, but it's getting late and I want to pamper myself a little before bed!!! I'm sure I'll be around tomorrow. I don't think work will be too crazy!!

Sweet Dreams to all!
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Exclamation Get Ready This is Gonna be a Long One

Well ladies-things are going good here if only my hubby would get the cars up and running again. Now he says he isn't going to put the engine back in the car, which is the only vehicle I can drive. Guess I'll have to walk my daughter to dance class. At least it will be good exercise. It is a steep hill I have to go up. I also hope the class I'm signed up to start in July doesn't go because I have no way of going. He really frustrates me sometimes. I him though.

Anyway, other than that things are going okay. I had a couple of off days, but they weren't that off. I'm not worried about it. I'm going to start the week off by getting up bright and early to get my hubby off to his new job and I'm going to take a walk. I'm going to get to bed early tonight so I can be up in time.

Sometimes we just have to tie a knot and just hang on.
Boy that applies to more than just PMS.

Time for individual replies:

Barb-I think you should have said something to your neighbor. What he did was so rude. Sorry you had to clean up such a mess. Your dining room is beautiful, good job.

Lucky-Good point about the mirrors. I sure hope you didn't take what I said wrong. I just couldn't get what you said about always picturing yourself the way are now out of my mind. My aunt lived in Okinawa when she was younger and teaching, she is also a quilter.

2Cute-I'm going to be doing the yard sale thing soon too. Yuck!!! (Although I'll enjoy the extra $ in my pocket.) I also have tons of unused kitchen gadgets I just had to have. I'm also with you on the Einstein sleeping pattern. I just can't seem to get in a schedule and stay on it. Even sleeping pills didn't work for me.

Tina-Someone else already said this, but this too shall pass.

Just Me-Welcome to our thread!!! You'll fit in beautifully-you are a frequent poster and we love that quality. I had fun meeting you in chat. Your pic in your avatar is lovely. I can't wait to try that Indonesian Chicken recipe.

Michelle- Well you'll just have to stay up past your bedtime and chat with us more often.

Joeanne- On all that exercise. You inspire me girl.

Mary-I'll find some recipes to post for ya soon. Promise.

Deb-I'm with you on the time alone. I never get any but when I do, I just love it.

Thin-I had a blast chatting with you the other night. You are more of a character than I imagined you to be. Now I feel like I know ya a little better. I guess we can let ya slip this time on not posting a reply when you started the thread.

Terri-Time with family makes it hard to stay OP but you'll be back on track in no time. TY for re-posting the Snickers Pie Recipe.

Okay-if I missed ya I'm sorry. See all of you soon.

(Okay-I guess it wasn't as long as I thought. Guess I didn't have as much to say as I imagined I did. )

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BarbPA GREAT dining room. You can come and work, oh I mean visit me anytime.

PheonixRising I don't think I took what you said wrong??? Unless I was suppose to be offended and wasn't.

Well, I know it's Sunday night but I don't get here early in the morning so here is my Monday Motivation:

I have been struggeling and can't seem to stay committed to this weight loss, so this quote spoke to me:

"It is no sin to attempt and fail. The only sin is not to make the attempt." - Suellen Fried

At least I am not sinning . .

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.
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Hiya Chickies!

Just a quick post so I know how far I've read! Thanks for posting the Snicker Pie recipe! Between that and the chicken recipe I know what i"m having for dinner!

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Dancing those pounds away
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Hi guys... I am writing this off line because I am waiting for a phone call and can't tie up the phoneline. I won't be replying to anyone since I have not read anything. LOL
Boy have we been productive today.!!!
We took my kitchen apart and got rid of so much !!!!
Some of this stuff I probably NEVER used once in all 23 years living here.
But I also kept a few things I have never used in all 23 years either.
You just never know when I might need it. What can I say...
Some of the items were wedding gifts... some belonged to my parents.
It just seemed sacreligious to sell items given to my parents for wedding gifts in a garage sale. LOL
I feel sooooo good about getting so much accomplished.

My food has been okay... but not perfect. I seem to want to reward myself for working so hard. It seems I REALLY LOVE food. LOL
Today I was sick most of the day. I still worked hard and accomplished a LOT.
My stomach was just on edge all day. It came in waves. Always queezy... but then a wave a pure nausea would take me over. Not fun... but I was too goal oriented to let it slow me down.

I am sooo GRATEFUL my daughter came home to help me. She is an angel.
My other two kids live in the same town and haven't helped one bit. Oh well... that is okay. They did not make the decision to move... we did. But I sure am grateful that my one daughter has volunteered to help soooo much. I would be laying in bed crying if it weren't for her. Kicking myself in the butt for even thinking about moving. LOL

Okay... still no time to reply but I am going to go read real quick. Got to get back to work. When I am in one of these productive modes... I better keep it going... because once I am out of it.... who knows when it will hit again.

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Changin' my ways :)
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Hey everyone

Did we all survive the holiday weekend? Our town 4th of July celebration was a total blast. The ducky derby went very well (trying to remember if I told you about that...). I didn't sell quite as many ducks as I had hoped, but it still made about $450. Not bad for this size a town. I did do one really bad thing and made it down to the river without any water. 1:30 in the afternoon, 108 degrees, no hat and no water. Someone want to just hand over the Darwin award right now?! Fortunately, a whole lot of intelligent people were there and shared with me.
The 4th always wraps up with a dutch oven chicken and potluck dinner. I kept the portions small and made a point of not cleaning the plate. That combined with all the running about for the day should balance.

I spent half of yesterday helping my dad shop for his new diet. His cholesterol is really high right now, and the doc wants him to cut out cholesterol, saturated fats and sodium. Since he is living on his own, he has been eating tv dinners and over processed foods for ages. He just isn't fond of cooking for one. Anyway, we found a couple of good and very simple recipes and did all the shopping for them.

We were supposed to be cooking them this evening, but that didn't work out because my SIL called up in a panic. The house next door to them was on fire and they had just been evacuated from their home. They have a little baby, so we zoomed over there to pick them up and bring them to my place.

By the time we got there, the other house was already gone and the majority of the fire was out. The occupants were out at the time, so no people were hurt, but they lost all but one of their pets.

The utter devastation left me thinking. I've been holding quite the pity party for myself the last few weeks. Well, no matter how rough things have been and have the potential to become in the next few weeks, I still have the things most important to me. I have my family, my friends and the better part of my health. Almost everything else in my life could be replaced.

I will find a new job. I will continue to work out, and if I can faithfully combine that with watching what I eat, my weight will begin to drop. Losing my job and being fat just doesn't compare to coming home from vacation and finding out everything I own is gone as well as most of the furry members of my family. Puts it all back into perspective.

I'm pretty tired, so I hope that all made sense. I'm going to try and figure out some nutritional info on these recipes and post them up to share. Oh, and does anyone have recipes or ideas where to look for those type? I'm going to try and do some personal chef'ing for my dad, and it isn't like they would hurt my family. The plan is to cook about a week ahead for a while, until he gets used to the foods and the diet and can do more on his own.

Really time for me to go to bed now. Take care, all!

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a work in progress...
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Hi chicks...

I'm back, no more parties, visitors, kids off to camp, NOTHING! I want a nice relaxing week to catch up on houswork, gardening, and sunning...maybe some swimming...THAT'S IT!!

The party went well...but it was very hot! I would have LOVED to have been able to jump into the pool...but there was NO WAY I was baring my ample flesh for a crowd!!

Dh and I discussed starting the South Beach Diet tomorrow...(well, today) Time to focus...again.

See you all tomorrow...

I have to sleep now...

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson
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"Whew" Back from the long weekend of camping with family. Not just my hubby and kids, there was also my mil & fil, a sil,bil and their 3 kids, an aunt, uncle and 2 kids, and lots of others who just showed up during the day or at supper time etc. I love being with family, but sometimes.........ugh!!!! Anyway, I guess all is okay, but we are all worn out. So funny you leave your home to go camping to relax, but you come home and are just as tired if not worse. Maybe if one did not have to cook for a million people and watch kids and freat about stuff I would have relaxed more. Maybe I need relaxation classes. Does anyone else have this problem? I just for some reason seem to have to be doing something all the time.

On to replies:

JUSTME: I'm glad you decided to pull up a computer chair and continue to post with us. These are a great bunch of ladies. I'm looking forward to getting to know you.

2CUTE: Did you make a lot of $$$$$ on all those old memories you sold off? Hope so and you can have fun making new ones .

BARB: Love the dining room. It is beautiful. Hope all works out with the family issues and spending time with yours. We have had a few discussions here on that subject too. We do lots with dh's family and not much with mine at all and we all live in the same town. Men just don't get it sometimes.

TINA: Hey chicky, no sweat!!! Jump back on, you will be fine, none of us is perfect!!!! Theres room, and while your at it pull my butt back on up there with you. We ended up listening to the race on the radio at the camp, cause we have no electricity and it was a saturday night race. It was so funny at one point, picture 15-20 people sitting around a campfire and the race blarring out and no one saying a word. Made me think of back in the olden days on the tv you will see people listening so intently to the radio as it was the only source of entertainment....I just thought it was cute.

MARY: Your grocery list sounded yummy and healthy for the week! You go girl. I will make chat on Wed. I am sure. I still need to find that fish at my local market to try....

LUCKY: Quilting, you are a brave person. Actually, I just don't have the patience to do it. But I love looking at all the hard work and beauty that people make. My grandma still does it and does a beautiful job. My son however, just had her cheat this year and make him the most simple blanket in her words....lol, a Bandana Quilt. You just take 2 different color bandanas, I'm not sure how many of each and sew them together alternating colors then you put the quilting stuff in and back it with a sheet and tack it where the 4 pieces of each bandana meet. It turns out wonderful and looks great in a kids room. He had red and blue, now my daughter wants pink and purple or pink and yellow she said for her bday. My grandma is in heaven cause she says it only takes a little bit of time....

MICHELLE: Hope you had a wonderful time in NH with family.

JOE ANNE: Girl, you exhaust me just reading your exercise. Keep up the good work.

DEB: Alone time, savor it!!! I get a little bit of it in the am every day. LOL, and I always tease that I go to work just to get a break from the family.

THIN: I can count on you every holiday to put a smile on my face. Thank you!!! Strawberry pie sounds yummy, thinking I will have to try that one. But the snickers pie is first on my choco-holic list.

TERRI: Sounds like your time with the family was nice and relaxing, and what a great movie to watch together, I love that one. Sorry the other table of people were so loud. Glad your water weight disappeared for you. Sometimes, I know being a scale a~holic is a bad thing. I am always on them. You will be back down there though, you are so good!!!

KAT: Glad to see you made it back. I think that word HOT is everywhere, it was almost unbearable in the shade here yesterday. I could not wait to get home to the airconditioners.

ANDRIA: Ducky Derby? Think I missed that along the way somewhere? You sold ducks? Glad people shared their water with you, that sure was a HOT number on the thermometer. Your such a sweeting helping your dad out and trying to get him on a good diet to lower that cholesterol. I wish you luck finding the perfect job too.

AMANDA: Did you get hubby up and off this morning? Sorry he isn't gonna fix the car at the moment, but maybe when he gets time he will. Let him get his schedule worked out and then maybe he can start the car. Or make him walk to work and keep the truck....lol (is it standard) is that why you can't drive it?

Okay, I think I got everyone on this thread and the last. If I omitted anyone, please forgive me, but I am just praying I don't loose this post, cause I think it's a long one. And you all know one hit of the wrong key and the computer monster eats the post.

Hugs to all,
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Unhappy The REAL Reason I Can't Drive the Truck

Okay, I figure you ladies will relate. The reason I can't drive the truck isn't because it is a stick-I can drive a stick. I decided long ago I wasn't going to have a limitation like that hanging over me. Both my mom and grandma don't drive stick and the way I see it that was always an issue for them. The new car hubby is getting me soon is stick. It is an Isuzu Trooper. The reason I can't drive his truck is the seat isn't adjustable so there isn't room for my belly. I can't steer the darn thing. In fact I barely have room in the car to steer. He won't be fixing the car anytime soon because he has taken the engine out of it and put it in his truck. He was going to put the truck engine back in the car, but the timing chain is about to go, so he is going to rebuild that engine. Don't ask me, I don't understand his logic. (Can that word and men even combine??? )

I did get him off to work in a timely manner. He had his big breakfast. Steak, eggs, hashbrowns, and toast. He had planned on a bowl of cereal too, but I guess he was satisfied without it. I tried the coffee thing too-so I was going to go back to bed, but now I'm wired. Maybe that isn't a bad thing. I didn't get a walk in because by the time it was light it was nearly time for him to go. Maybe today is the day to try those WATP tapes I bought months ago and have never tried???

I'll catch you all later today. Have a great day!!!

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Well, Happy Monday everyone. I just don't want to be at work today. I'd rather be sitting at the pool basking in the sun. Well, maybe the pineapple I'm eating will take me back there mentally.

I have a difficult week ahead of me. I want to be able to drop another 3 pounds this week so I am going to have to be absolutely perfect with my diet and exercise. Tonight is my weight training. I do strength training Mon, Wed, Fri and cardio the rest of the week, usually Saturday is my one off day.

I have a question for you girls; what is the South Beach Diet? It doesn't sound healthy to me for some reason. Just curious.

I'm glad you like the chicken recipe. I love to cook, especially low fat and veggie loaded dishes. Yummy! Most of my recipes come from my cookbook collection, but occasionally I'll find a good one online. Check out;
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