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Default stuck in a stall..how do i get out of it?

Hey everyone.

I had wls in september . I got the VSG done. I have been losing weight well since. However for almost 2 weeks i have lost nothing. My scale is bouncing up and down the same pound. Its been doing this ever since i started exercising. So how do i bust through this up one pound down one pound thing? Here is a sample of what i eat and how i exercise:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup greek yogurt (2 percent) = 90 cals 10Net carbs 8 protein

Lunch: Tortilla pizza mini using 80 cal small tortilla plus 1/4 cup of tuna plus crumbled goat cheese, fresh spinach and 1tbsp skim milk cheese with 1 tsp balsamic glaze
= 170 cals 15 Net carbs 23 Protein

Dinner: 2oz of chicken breast with 1tbsp of salsa cals? Carbs? Protein?

Snack: 3/4 cup ready made tomato soup with 6 saltines = 140 cals 27net carbs 3Protein

Exercise: swimming laps continuously at a moderate pace= 700 cals burned 6x week
Aquasize for an hour 2x week =?

** I do aquasize for an hour AND swim laps on the same day 2x weekly** The remaining non aquasize days is just 1 hour continuous swimming at a moderate to fast pace..my lap speed is 1 minute per lap or 30 seconds per length.


** keep in mind. I only have 15 percent of my stomach remaining and its impossible to eat a normal adult portion.

*** i am not on a diet of any kind but i do count calories and limit carbs to around 50-70 net carbs

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It's only been two weeks and you did start exercising. Also, weight loss is never going to be linear and there will be times when you stall. I say relax and give it at least another two weeks to see how your body adjusts to the exercising. You'll see the results eventually.
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First, don't ever believe that "you burned x amount of calories doing this" advice you see. They are notoriously inaccurate. ;-)

Secondly, congratulations on your decision to get the surgery. It's tough to pull the trigger. But it is a proven weight loss strategy.

Finally, congratulations on the exercise. It's so good for you in so many millions of ways. But -- beginning an exercise routine often results in your muscles retaining water as they begin the healing process. Scales are a notoriously inaccurate way of tracking progress.

A lot of people overreact and stop exercising when they realize this. But it's a temporary thing. Especially with the rapid weight loss you will experience, it is a good idea to be physically active to help retain muscle.

Good luck! And try not to let the scale mess with your head. It is only a tool, and a pretty lousy one at that.
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I'm assuming you lost weight initially pretty quickly post-surgery? If you dropped a lot of weight quickly your body is probably just stabilizing. As much as you don't want to hear this (because I know two weeks feels like an eternity!), you're probably just stabilizing a bit and yes, the exercise could be upsetting the balance a little. Everything should resolve itself in a couple more weeks. Try not to worry! I'd give it a month of doing everything you need to do and still not losing before making any changes. I think you just need to power through.
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Track, journal, diary, or however you want to do it. Use the info as feedback!

No matter how we choose to lose, it is not linear. This journey comes with ups and downs, that are mental and physical.

Have patience, as long as you have more good days than bad, you will win.

We're human, not perfect!

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The human body is capable of amazing things! But without the mind, it is nothing. Get your mind in gear and the body will follow!

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I apologize in advance for how useless this reply is, but I just had to comment - when I first saw this post title, I assumed someone was literally stuck in a bathroom stall and was posting on the forums for assistance.

I was torn between shock and amusement that they were apparently just going to hang out until someone on the forums posted a trick for extricating themselves.

Was somewhat relieved to find out it was not that. :P

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I'd say the weight is going to continue to come off with those eating and exercise habits. It has to be a temporary situation. Congrats on doing all you are doing to get healthy.

Your body maybe putting on some muscle which is denser and heavier than fat. I wish there was an easy way to measure lbs of fat lost, but there isn't. But if you are feeling good and healthy that is the major thing and I am sure weight loss will start happening again with those good habits.
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I would just wait it out like an after-Christmas sale. Sure there may be thing that you could do , like "carb-up" one day and get a "woosh" but overall, you get the greatest net-loss if you just wait it out. Think about it like avoiding the Black Friday and pre-Christmas sales, for that HUGE Christmas sale where you realllly profit!

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I think it is great that you started exercising and I think you are going to be very happy you did it later. BUT when I started exercising, after losing the first 40, my weight loss slowed way down and hasn't come anywhere near since (been exercising since april). OTOH, my body has changed a ton bc of the exercise and I look and feel so much better. I also think, though there's no way to verify this, that my skin is doing better bc of the exercise and/or the big slow down. It seems tighter and less baggy than when I started.

I am sure that you have lost some fat over these two weeks, though you may have gained as much in water and muscle, but that muscle will be such a good thing in the long run and I bet you really have lost some fat, which is the whole point anyway. I think you should just keep on keeping on without worrying too much about the scale right now.

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Originally Posted by my2cats View Post
I apologize in advance for how useless this reply is, but I just had to comment - when I first saw this post title, I assumed someone was literally stuck in a bathroom stall and was posting on the forums for assistance.

I was torn between shock and amusement that they were apparently just going to hang out until someone on the forums posted a trick for extricating themselves.

Was somewhat relieved to find out it was not that. :P
Lol, now that you mention it...funny!

Link to before and after pics
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