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Default Weight loss is hard for everyone! (mini rant)

Hi everyone!

So I just wanted to share a comment that I had gotten earlier today from someone I'm very close to... they know I'm on a diet and when I told them that I had just came back from the gym they told me "oh, you better be glad you're doing it now that you're young, its so much easier when you're young and so much harder when you're older."

I understand that it probably is more difficult, I mean sheesh, my 22 year old baby fat doesn't want to go ANYWHERE... but the way she said it, just made it seem like it was so easy for me.

It's not the first comment I've had from someone older telling me that... and I'm sure it wont be the last. But it's annoying... and here's why.

#1 I work just as hard as everyone else. I have to say right at 1200 calories (it's almost a science for me to lose weight, when I go over, I don't lose anything)
#2 I have to work out at LEAST 5 to 6 times a week to see any change in weight. Cutting calories isn't enough. Doing whatever diet program isn't enough.
#3 I don't think anything about weight loss is easy... so being told that what I'm doing is "easy" doesn't set well with me. Especially since I'm 4' 11" and need to lose over 1/2 of my body weight to be considered healthy...

I work hard... WE ALL work hard! Even if it's easier for me now, it doesn't feel easier, and comments like that just grind my gears! I'm sorry if this offends anyone, I just had to rant somewhere!! And I knew going off on my loved one wasn't going to make the situation any better!

Love you all!

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I hear you, especially as another shortie!

I'm one of those "older people" (an ancient 42 *grin*) and I'll be honest. What's true is that I can't get away with stuff I got away with when I was in my 20s (as far as drinking, eating junk, etc.) If I ate/drank the way I did back then, I'd be really overweight.

But when I put the effort in and do what I need to do to lose weight, I actually find it easier to lose than a lot of people in their 20s. I don't know if it's because I'm blessed with a good metabolism or if it's because I never dieted when I was younger or just luck, but when I put in the effort I see the same results I did when I tried in my 20s. So right now I'm heavier than I want to be, but I do NOT blame age, I blame some REALLY bad eating/drinking habits that I've fallen into over the last 2 years or so (too much wine, going out to eat too much, being lazy and inconsistent about diet and exercise, "treating" myself too much on the weekends, etc.). All my fault. None age related.

So in other words, I'm agreeing with you. However, I do know that there are probably some folk my age that have more trouble, maybe due to specific health issues or medication. Everyone's different.
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When I was young, it really annoyed the hella out of me to hear older people saying how much harder it would be to lose weight as I got older.

Now that I am older, especially as I approach menopause, it really annoys the hella out of me to hear young people talk about how hard weight loss is, and I wish I had listened to all those fat, old people when I was younger.

I now lose a pound or two a month on a calorie level that once yielded me (at this same weight) 5-7 lb loss PER WEEK. I can't exercise very hard because of health problems and what I can do HURTS so, so, so much worse than the so much more I could do when I was in my teens and twenties.

I had no idea what hard was until I got old and worn out from years of obesity and yoyo dieting.

If I had a time machine, I would go back and tell my 12 year old self "it only gets harder and more painful," but if I didn't listen to my mom, grandma, aunts, and fellow WW members, I probably wouldn't listen to an older me, either. After all, she'd be just another fat, old lady who doesn't know what she's talking about and who doesn't remember how hard it is to be young.
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Aloha nui loa
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I see both sides. It's never EASY to lose weight, but when young it is "easier" to do. I totally get your frustration, you feel like you're struggling and working so hard, and someone comes along and makes a comment that seems to indicate it's not that hard. I think I'm still probably considered "young-ish" at 31, but I'm also disabled now so that makes weight loss SO much more difficult than it used to be.
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Yeesh, I feel bad , I pretty much said this to a younger co-worker of mine. Not exactly word for word, but close enough. She's a sweetheart and I really like her friendship; I wonder if it upset her : /

Never would I ever want to imply it was easy to lose weight as a young person. She's busting her tail to get healthy and I know it's hard! I meant that it was so much better for her to lose it as a young person, so don't wait and delay until you are an older woman that has carried the extra weight for two decades (I'm in my late 40s.) Hormonal and body changes at midlife are a pita for me - they bring a host of challenges when it comes to losing weight, shaping up, and skin shrinking back up. Having been younger and older, it's more difficult for me to lose the weight as an older woman. Also, as I'm losing it, it's decidedly less aesthetically pleasing even as I am getting smaller overall, because I have been obese for so long.

You've definitely given me something to think about. It would never have occurred to me that she might have taken my comment that way. Now your friend may have indeed meant it's easy for you to diet because you are younger (I don't agree with that.)

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I agree with kaplods. I'm 28 and I'm sure a lot of fit individuals older than myself can easily kick my butt in the fitness department. But for the most part, I haven't yet had the kind of health problems that come naturally with getting older or from carrying around so much weight for so long. While I may start running now without causing significant harm, a person twice my age with the same fitness level (null) might think twice before starting something so drastic.

I'm sure the person who told you it's easier to lose weight now than if you're older wasn't trying to piss you off or make it sound like you don't need to put in any effort. I'm sure they just meant they wish they had the energy and strength that generally comes from being in your youth to help them with their weight loss effort.

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This post made me think of why it's harder for us older people (I'm 42 as well). As far as I know, we lose muscle mass as we get older and having muscle means a faster metabolism. I think if someone is lifting weights at my age and they test out their metabolic rate against someone who's half my age and has very little muscle, they'd find that it's easier for someone my age to lose weight. But overall, older people do have less muscle so that means they need to eat less.

I'm not sure if that's all there is to it....there are, of course, mobility/health issues that can make things even more challenging.

The key is to just focus on your own situation and make every effort not to compare. I know someone who dropped a bunch of weight (a man) just by having a protein bar for breakfast instead of his regular huge muffin. His wife is doing Medifast and is losing weight but she couldn't believe how easy it was for her husband to reach his goal weight in no time. Comparing myself to any man or anyone younger or anyone who doesn't struggle with my chronic pain will just lead to frustration and a possibility that I'll give up because it's too hard.

Everyone struggles with something so just let comments like that roll off your back and stick to your plan.
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It is harder when you are older and one of the reasons is that for everyone, you have to cut 100 calories a day starting when you reach 40, at 500 its another 100, etc. and that's just to maintain whatever weight you are at. What you eat is the biggest thing in determining how successful you will be at weight loss. I'm 71 and my BMR is 1251 (hospital tested). I'll not be able to eat much more when I am at my goal but I do exercise 5 days a week with cardio and heavy lifting. I've maintained my weight loss since 1977 and it has always been an easy thing to do. It is definitely much easier when you are younger.

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Starting over sucks.
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It is hard work at any age. Believe me, I know. But youth is a blessing. I've seen people function really well at a high weight and then not do anything about it, and then age exacerbates all the problems and makes getting the weight off that much harder.

Keep in mind that there's some envy there too. A lot of people feel they've wasted their lives fat, and seeing someone with much more time ahead of them making changes can be tough.

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It is easier to lose when you are younger. No that it doesn't take a lot of effort and willpower, but the weight just comes off easier, faster (given that you have no medical issues)

I can tell from my own experience, that it was way easier for me to lose 10lbs when I was in my early 20's than it was during my late 20's. And all my friends keep telling me that things really do change after 30... So, I don't think she is taking away the fact that you have to still work hard to lose weight, but it is a fact that it is easier to do when younger.
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I guess maybe the problem lies with the fact that I've been overweight for nearly my entire life... I am sure it gets harder, but it's really really hard now... I've had knee issues my entire life as well, and mobility has always been something I've had to just push through the pain with...

Personally, I don't think losing weight is any easier for me now than when I was 20 or 15... But I do get where you are all coming from! I don't think that the person who said it to me meant it maliciously, so I definitely didn't want to say anything to hurt her feelings!

But I guess my thought process, is that it can be really challenging for anyone at any age... and you don't exactly know what that person is going through to lose weight.

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I get where you are coming from! Sure, physically it may be harder for someone who is older but we all have different life circumstances that others may not be aware about that make it harder too. For example I'm in my 20s but I have two small kids, I'm a stay at home mom and I run a small business. My time is much more limited and I ahve a lot more stress than say my mom who is in her 50s and newly retired. She has all the time in the world to devote to losing weight.

Someone else in their 20s might have thyroid issues, or injuries or any other medical problem. So I do think it's a bit presumptuous and unfair to assume someone has it easier. Everyone's situation is just so different so we can't assume it's easier for someone based solely on their age. I'm sure she didn't mean anything by it but ya I would be annoyed too.
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it's always something
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Weight loss is difficult at any age, that's for sure. I didn't have a weight problem until my late 20s, and didn't try to lose weight until much later. What I wish I had known back then was the long term effects of obesity if you don't lose it early on. Losing it later in life is still a great thing, but it comes at a price for a lot of people. Something to think about
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I've said it to those younger than me (47) and I mean it in the best way possible, not meaning it's easier but it's great that they will get healthier in their youth and not wait until they are older. By that I mean they won't be carrying extra weight for years which can take it's toll on a body and can prevent some from living life to it's fullest. Missing time with children because mommy don't feel like doing (or can't do) outdoor activities with them. I also think a younger person's skin can bounce back after weight loss much better than an older person's skin can.

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Losing weight is hard for everyone. When someone makes that comment, my take is that they mean that AlyN at 20 will find losing weight easier than AlyN at 48. I don't think it's meant as a comparison that it is easier for AlyN at 20 than it is for NewLeaf123 at 48.

Everyone is different. It's just a comparison of your young self to your old self.

Personally, I haven't found it more difficult to lose weight at 48, but I have found that it takes a lot longer.
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