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Days Go By So Quickly
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Default Weighing Yourself Daily VS Weekly

I weigh myself almost every day, maybe every other or every 3 days.

Do you think weighing yourself too often discourages you?

Since I weigh myself everyday, I can really keep tabs on myself.

Some days I'm scared to do so.

So tell me, what do you do and how it works for you.

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I usually weigh myself every day... but I know that I shouldn't. It really discourages me, but then I have to remind myself, okay "you have water weight" or "you've really been trying hard, this number doesn't matter"

I'm thinking about having my fiance just give me the scale once a week and that be it! lol! I don't have the will power to not weigh myself. So if it's helping you keep track of you, I say keep doing what you're doing. However, if it's getting you down, I would try to weigh maybe once or twice a week.

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I weigh daily, even though there are days I really don't want to get on the scale. I'm watching everything I eat, and I like to monitor how my body reacts to some of the newer things I've been trying. While I get frustrated if I see gains, I know they aren't fat gains, just water weight.

Weighing daily vs weekly or even monthly means you have to prepare yourself mentally for those ups and downs. As long as the overall trend is down, you're doing great! Don't stress the small weight gains, unless you are eating in excess by a lot of calories, it will come off quickly!
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I weigh every day, no matter whether I think I'll like the result or not. What I do that might be a little different is that I average those 7 days and reference what that average is doing week to week. I don't have enough extra energy to invest in letting a number dictate my mood for the day, so my take is to treat it like a single data point on a control chart. I use statistical techniques constantly at work; average and standard deviation are my second language and I find it works exceptionally well for weight loss.
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I I tend to weigh everyday, I like seeing the trends
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Trying to be in the 160s
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I weigh daily. It can make or break my day (even if I know it is just water) but I do not let it discourage me. I have even begun to weigh twice daily. Weighing before I go to bed gives me a good heads-up on my morning reading since I always lose at night but never more than 2 pounds. So if my evening weight is more than 2 pounds heavier than my weight that same morning I know I am in for a gain. If it is the same weight, or even below, my morning weight I know I am in for a whoosh. All very complicated.

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I think the general answer is - its different for everyone. I know absolutely that weighing once/week is the perfect interval for me. But obviously others like the finer scale feedback.

I'd say if weighing daily works for you and small set backs don't discourage you to the point of going off plan, then go with it. If not, try something else.

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I weigh every day. Most days the scale will fluctuate a half pound up or down, but then there are those days where I lose 2 pounds overnight and those days are really great! If I weighed weekly, I would only get the gratification of seeing how much weight I've lost once a week vs. possibly every day.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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I'm a daily weigher, I like to see the trends...

One for every five pounds lost!
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I used to think it was better to weigh weekly. Also thought it would be bad for my mental health to weigh daily. I have learned, however, that I nee the daily weigh in to keep accountable. I can handle small ups too - as long as the trend is downward.
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I weighed myself early today (I normally only weigh once a week) to start a challenge, and boy was it disappointing. Some people are better at the day-to-day weighing, but I am not one of them.
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I weight myself everyday while pregnant because its very easy to give in into cravings, and seeing the numbers keep me on track.

While I am not pregnant, I weight myself once a month, because of water, TOM, excercise and other factors, the daily, or even weekly changes were driving me crazy.
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I prefer every day. It's part of my morning routine - brush teeth, weigh self.

Weighing daily teaches me about my fluctuations. I worry that if I weighed only weekly, that weigh-in could be on a high day that doesn't really capture how I'm doing that week.
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Wow, it seems that everyone around here almost weighs in every day! I am more of a weekly weigh in girl. Weighing in once a week makes me really determined to spend the entire week eating healthy and I am discouraged if I see little fluctuations throughout the week. This works for me not everyone, because I understand that a lot people like to see the daily changes in their bodies - I just find it more encouraging to do it weekly.
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Trimming the fat
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I'm the odd ball; weighing daily is an issue for me. I DO get discouraged with that number and end up derailing duing plateaus. Monthly weigh-ins are the magic for me. I like to put my head down and steam along for the month. It almost becomes like a challenge to push myself harder and beat that numbe from last month.
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