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Default Having trouble getting back into weight loss mode

too long; didn't read version: how do you motivate yourself to get back onto your plan after having a few off days?

long version:
So here's what happened: last Saturday I competed in my first triathlon, which I really enjoyed. To better prepare for the race, I abandoned calorie deficits and tried to focus on weight maintenance just for the week leading up to it. That worked out fine; once the temporary water retention went away the scale said I was exactly where I started (166.6 lbs). Backsliding successfully avoided.
The day after the triathlon I got right back into a calorie deficit for two days (probably eating a little too low, in retrospect, but that's okay). Due to some problems at home I then crashed at my grandparents' house for two days, where it was very difficult to stay on-plan. I definitely did eat too much (possibly triggered by an accidental wheat exposure, negative emotions/boredom, and/or not eating quite enough the previous two days), but not so much that I'm truly concerned about it. What I am more concerned about is that I'm having trouble getting back into eating at a deficit right now. I really want to get back into it ASAP because I have major life events coming up in the next two weeks and I don't want my weight loss to be sent into a tailspin.
I think a major part of my unwillingness is that I can't exercise much at the moment. Exercise is nothing but good for me, and I generally enjoy doing it: it makes me feel good and suppresses my appetite. However, 2 days before the triathlon I took a nasty fall and injured my leg. (This meant that I had to walk most of the run portion of the triathlon, to my disappointment. ) Regretfully, I brushed it off for too long and didn't properly treat the wound, allowing part of it to become infected. Now I can't wear shoes (the infected part is by my foot/ankle) until it heals, not to mention that moving it too much is painful. Unfortunately this puts nearly all of my normal exercise out of the question for a while.
Anyone have any advice or experience to share about getting motivation to bounce back from an off-plan period, or losing weight with an injury/while unable to exercise much?
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Oh man! I really feel for you! I hope your injury heals quickly. You definitely know a thing or two about discipline, given your serious training for the race. Now, maybe you were supposed to learn from this injury? Maybe if you can overcome this hurdle, things will really fall into place for you. I"ve had injuries (a fracture along my entire 4th metatarcil) and it was tough, I"m not gonna lie. However, once I got my head around the fact that for a while, it's going to be purely diet, it really wasn't too bad. You just need to tell yourself that you need to have one good day. Eat exactly what you plan (ahead) and don't waiver. I know you can get through one single day. Then rinse and repeat.

As far as exercise, how about lying on your back and doing bicycle turns with your legs in the air? If that's too painful, then can you do squats and push-ups, planks, bicep curls, etc? I personally am recently into kettle bells. There are lots of great youtube videos and I use them to do my workouts. No formal training. I just really follow the form and am very careful but I think it's really worthwhile. I just have a 10lb and a 15 lb. and my husband got a 20 and 25 lb. I sometimes do dead lifts with the 20 lb. kettlebell but usually I stick with my own.

You don't need to work out to lose weight. It's mostly calories so you can limit those.

Here's a quote that helps me a lot: If food is not the problem, then food is not the solution. Hang in there! You can do it!!
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