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Unhappy Disappointed, should I be?

So, I've been at my weight loss journey for a little over a month now, I've been working out 5-6 days a week, and eating a healthy, vegetarian diet. And despite being at it for a month, I've only lost 14 pounds, and I had a spike in my weight loss at this week's weigh in. Although physically, I'm in the best shape I've ever been, (Heck, I even did my first ever unassisted sit up, EVER.) I can't help but feel as though I'm just not seeing the results that I should be. Does anyone have any advice? ): Maybe it sounds silly, but I feel disappointed in myself.

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Surely you're joking! 14 pounds in a month is just over 3 pounds a week. That's about as good as it gets. Be prepared for your weight loss to slow down as you continue. Also, remember that it's the quantity, rather than quality, of foods you eat that determines your weight loss. Of course quality counts too, because healthy fare leaves you fuller and with more energy. But it's possible to overeat on any plan, including low-carb and vegan. (I'm not suggesting you're overeating, but if you ever stall for a long time, you need to revisit your portions.)

Anyway, you're doing great. Enjoy the journey.

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To me it's sounds like you are doing an amazing job! 14lbs in a little over a month!?! O.O just amazing Hun! The average weight loss that is healthy for someone to loose is 2lbs a week. You have succeeded that! Be proud of yourself and keep going at it! Congrats!
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Fourteen pounds in a month is huge! Congratulations! I think maybe a little readjustment in expectations is in order.
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I took notes on what you're doing. I'd be doing cartwheels down the block if I lost 14 pounds in a month! You're doing wonderfully well. And congrats on the unassisted sit up!

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Damn I would be doing cartwheels if i lost 14lbs in TWO months. LOL.

But seriously, if you are disappointed in 14 lbs in a month, brace yourself for the rest of your journey. The first few months are always the best, and then....the real work begins.

But congrats! Keep it up.

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Absolutely no reason to be disappointed! Like everyone else is saying, 14 lbs in a month is FABULOUS. Congratulate yourself, you're making so much progress! But take some time to adjust your frame of mind - 14 lbs/month isn't really sustainable progress and it WILL slow down. When the going gets tough, I suggest setting non-scale goals. For example, mine was a women's triathlon...I couldn't even run for a full minute when I signed up to do it, but I trained hard for two months and placed 5th in my age group! I'm now signing up for another one in mid-September

[on an unrelated note, is your username a reference to Alligator Sky by Owl City? I love that song ]

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14 pounds in one month is incredible. Be happy. That's amazing progress.

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Goodness, it takes me over 3 months to lose that much.

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I am in the exact same boat as you are.

Everybody here is right, 14 lbs/month is good progress. I lost 17 lbs since the beginning of the month, but, just as you, I can't help but feel a little disappointed. Not just because I was expecting somewhat more in the first month, but because I hit a stall several days ago when I started exercising. So I totally get how you feel.

Reading your post made me somewhat realize that this kind of things happen.. even if you don't expect them. And that we shouldn't be disappointed because it's still amazing progress, and the scale will budge soon, I'm sure. For both of us. We're doing everything right, correct? So it may be just water weight, or water retention post exercising or TOM or losing inches but not weight or what not. Stalls are normal and also normal is to lose weight at a slower pace after the beginning of the diet.

You should NOT be disappointed! Expect to stabilize somewhere around 1-2 lbs/week in the long run. I am completely aware of that, but I signed up for a better life.
You're doing a great job and keep at it!

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you'll be losing less per month from here on out more than likely. most peoples' biggest losses will come within the first month of dieting and exercising. i would do a lot more research so that you won't be discouraged as your journey continues.

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Here to Learn
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Darlin', if you've lost 14 lbs in a month, you should be jumping for joy. That's way above average.
I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. - Thomas A. Edison

It took me 9 years to learn how to lose weight. Don't give up!
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OMG you should be SO proud of yourself!!!! I only lost 6 lbs this month and I am thrilled! I would be jumping for joy if I lost more. You need to be happy with YOU!!! Words of advice from someone who gave them to me!
Don't ONLY count on being happy with big losses or you will be VERY unhappy if you don't lose as much in the second month....
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14 in a little over a month is amazing. I've never been able to lose more then 10lbs in a month time. Even now I'm only losing about 5 a month with a whoooole lotta hard work. But I understand, I think a lot of people feel disappointed no matter the amount they lose cause I think we as humans want instant results. Congrats on the situp! I've been at this for a year and still can't do a situp unassisted.
1 = 10ib lost

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The scale is not all that reliable in short term indications of what's really going on. For instance, you may have lost 14 lbs on the scale but how much of it was truly fat? How much was water weight? It's really hard to tell. Then, let's say for the next month, you lose 2 lbs. on the scale. You could be losing 7lbs. of fat the first month and another 7 lbs. in the second month but the water fluctuations are masking what's truly going on. If you're doing things the right way (creating a calorie deficit), then you will lose fat but how quickly depends on a variety of factors (calorie intake, muscle mass, calorie expenditure, etc.).
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