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Almost there!
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Default Anyone here 5'3", please come in, I have a question

I am just wondering, what goal weight are you going for? I keep on changing my goal weight. At first, It was 120, then 110, then today I changed it to 105.

I am 116 today and still not happy with my weight. I just want to know the general weight people are looking to get at. I realize there is no perfect number and body frame takes into account, but I just want to get an idea.

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Height: 5'2"


Wow, you've done GREAT. You've lost like almost 100 pounds. What have you been doing to lose the weight (eating-wise and exercise)?

I'm almost 5'3" (I'm 5'2" and a bit), and right now my mini goal is to get back down to 135 where I was for about 5 years, not ideal but at leaset I didn't look chunky. And then after that, my ultimate goal would be anywhere between 109-120 (I'd have to see how I felt and looked). I don't want to be having to buy children's clothes or anything. When I was about 125 a few years back, I was in size 2 in some pants, so who knows what 109 would do to me and whether it would even look good. So yeah, my range is 109-120 as goal weight as for right now. I haven't been in the 120's in almost 10 years. All my fault.
Mini-goal 1 = 149
Mini-goal 2 = 144
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I'm not 5'3, so feel free to ignore all or any of the following.

I lost 100lbs about three years ago, the first twenty pounds were the hardest but after that I got into the swing of things and really started to enjoy getting smaller and the constant positive feedback. Most of life is difficult and we often don't know if we're doing the right thing, even when we are doing the right thing, we often don't get the results we want, however, the scales are very reassuring, if you eat at a deficit, you get lighter. It's one of the few things that we can have absolute control over.

I think that this feeling of control can become a bit addictive, well I know that it did for me and I kept dropping my goal weight, which wasn't the healthiest thing in the world.

Of course, I don't know you, I don't know what you look like, I don't know your body fat percentage, I don't know your body shape, maybe none of the things that happened to me apply to you at all but I do think that after a significant weight loss, it's worth spending a little time mulling over why you do want to get smaller, what it will cost and exactly what you will get out of it.

Best wishes.
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a healthier me
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Height: 5'3" Age: 42


Huge congratulations on your weight lose!!

I am barely 5'3". Currently I am looking at a goal of 125. I will not know what the best weight will be for my body until I get closer to goal. I am wanting to get to somewhere mid range in my ideal weight. I do not want to go to far in either direction. If I am too close to being underweight, I risk falling into that category if I were to get ill or such. For the other end, I do not want to ever be overweight again. I am also wanting to be very toned. I have seen too many very skinny woman that seem to have not one once of muscle on them. Personally I feel they look fragile and sickly. I also know that I am a woman, not a teen, and my body will most likely have curves. I have family and friends that I feel will be very honest in telling me their opinions on what my body looks like.
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I could not imagine my self at 120 or below. I am pretty much at my goal of 140.
I want to be sure not to move into the underweight category. I am close to my sweet spot and working on muscles now.
FALL 2011: Started running and CC
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Girl Gone Strong
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I'm older, I've lost weight before and really made a mess of myself trying to go lower & lower & then choosing an unsustainable weight, so my goal originally was 138. Since 2008, I've stayed somewhere between 142-147. More recently, probably starting in about February of this year, I've been about five pounds higher than my highest weight range, from 150-153. I've done a lot of strength training, but I've been less vigilant about portion control, though still restrictive about what kind of foods I've been eating, if not amounts. Pick a weight that you can see yourself living at without too much restriction or too many rules.

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S/C/G: 175/134/125

Height: 5'3


I set my original goal for 125 but I suspect that in order to truly be happy I may need to drop to 112-115. I didn't go that low in the beginning because it seemed so crazy starting at 183. But I'm pear shaped so it takes a lot to slim down my legs.

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Originally Posted by saef View Post
Pick a weight that you can see yourself living at without too much restriction or too many rules.
This is why I've picked 170.

Well, that and I liked the way I looked at 170. When I get there I might decide to go smaller, or I might be happy with it again.
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S/C/G: 145 / 102 / ?

Height: 5'


Just want to say, really nice job!! Congratulations!!
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chubby chica
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I think this question goes for anyone, regardless of height. At 5'8 I thought 150 was going to be a good stopping point for myself, but I realized there was still a lot of extra chub that I wanted to get rid of - regardless of what the "haelthy bmi" scale said. It's likely I'll have to drop another 20lbs to be comfortable. What you should really be focusing on, rather than the number on a scale (which is what I'm just learning myself) is toning, and shaping your body the way you want it. Try some free weights, and controlled toning excersises. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the end of six weeks.
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Leveling Up
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S/C/G: 200+/115/115

Height: 5'3"


I got down to 107, didn't like it and went up to 112. Then I decided to bulk and got up to 120ish. I lost back down to 115 and I'm considering staying here. I like how my clothes fit, I like my muscle definition, etc.

It's tough! I know! I was over 200lbs myself and I just didn't know where to stop. It's taken time for my brain to adjust to my body. Have you taken pictures? Even if you never show them to anyone they REALLY help you put your size into perspective.
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Height: 5'3" - I got taller!


I'm 5'3", my original goal was achieved (165), and so I decided to lose down to 140 and reassess. I have a strong build, I'd be surprised if I could get below 130 and comfortably stay there.
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it might be worth taking a break to maintain for a while. body dysmorphia can really warp your judgement. after losing for so long, it's hard to imagine being satisfied not seeing drops on the scale. i had to make myself take a break so that i could reassess my goals and also to prove to myself before reaching my goal weight that i am capable of maintenance. i maintained for a year!

i still have a really distorted view of my body, but less so than before. when i first started, my goal was 150. then when i reached 160, i dropped it to 130. for my build, that's really not realistic, especially given the fact that i've been weight training. seriously, give some serious thought toward giving your mind and body a break for a minute! you might be much closer to your goal than you think.

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S/C/G: 160:(/see ticker/125

Height: 5'4


I am 5'4, but I have a friend who is 5'3 and weights 120-125, she is toned and nicely fit. She has a great behind and legs.

Maybe you should start focusing on fitness and that way you can really shape your body.

Congrats on the weight loss!!
On break!!

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I got this
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Height: a little over 5'2


Congrats on your progress!!! Amazing!

Originally I chose 150 since that was a weight in high school I remember feeling good at but after all the weight loss and with the extra loose and wrinkly skin, I've decided to go to 135. It is a bit scary because I don't even know if I can maintain at that weight let alone 150! I just don't want to feel like a failure if I can't stay at 135. I do plan on incorporating serious weight training to lower body fat and change my body shape.

Maybe consider that (lifting weights to change your body type if that is what is bothering you) instead of focusing on a number on the scale? GL!
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