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Unhappy TWO chairs too small...horrible experiences

If I ever thought I'd hit my lowest point, I never thought it would be while pregnant. I definitely saw pregnancy at one time as an excuse to be fat...My ticker is not right, I just figured I'd wait til I get back from the hospital and change everything to make it accurate and ready for weightloss, but right now I'm 230 lbs! I was down to 145 lbs about a yeat befroe my pregnancy.

We went to olive Garden the other day, and for the first time I could barely fit in their chairs. Hubby asked if I wanted to switch to a booth but I was too embarrassed to admit I needed a booth and said no. I wasnt uncomfortable, but both my hips and thighs were pressed against the sides of a very large chair. Pregnancy is not an excuse for that...thats just being fat.

Then today we went to a baseball game and I could barely fit in the seat. My whole life I've been over weight, but like 160 - 170 lbs, I've never really had trouble fitting in seats. I was at this weight after I had my other kids, but I dont remember ever feeling this bad about it.
So, then when I sat down on the seat at the game it made several noises, like it was going to break, I wanted to crawl into a whole and die. Hubby said that his made noise too and not to worry about it, but that didnt help me feel any better, since hubby weights mearly 100 lbs more than I do. I did not think 230 lbs was that big, but after two chair issues, I feel so depressed. I've never felt so aweful and I cant wait to get this weight off. I dont think I've ever felt so humiliated, it was all I could do not to burst into tears right there. I sat through the game, squeezed uncomfortably into the seat, I didnt even enjoy it because it was so uncomfortable.

And to top it off there was another prego lady down the seat row from me, big old belly but not big fat everything else. She had room in her seat. I know my belly should be big, but I just can't excuse my butt, thighs, hips and everything else being so big.

Sorry I just needed to get this out somewhere.

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Hang in there GlamourGirl! Pretty soon you'll have a little bundle of joy and you can start working on your goals again.


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Don't compare yourself to other pregnant women - everyone carries differently. I was one of those people who gained EVERYWHERE, while some people just look like they have a basketball stuffed in their shirt? So unfair!

You're going to have a sweet little baby in your arms soon and be right back on track. And we will all be heretofore support you!
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Hang in there!

Our bodies respond differently to being pregnant. Me and my sisters, all got big as barns, literally! Had to wear maternity clothes home from the hospital.

Several friends barely looked preg from the back, just a cute little bump up front, wore their 501 button fly Levi's home from the hospital.

For my self and my one pregnancy, I had twins, that weighed in at 6 pounds 1 and 3/4 ounces and 6 pounds and 1/4 ounces!

I was huge! Hadn't seen my feet in months! Couldn't shave my legs, my belly was in the way. The steering wheel in the car rubbed my belly, but if I put the seat back anymore, I wouldn't have been able to reach the pedals! My boobs were HUGE! Actually everything was huge! If I would have been pregnant much longer I would have needed a wheelbarrow for my belly, and I'm pretty sure my feet would have started to grow mushrooms, they'd been in the shade for months!

It will all be ok. Get your new bundle of joy home and carry on!

5+ year maintainer.
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Thank you everyone, it really helps to have some support. I honestly feel like hiding in the house until the baby comes!! I am also dreading that awkward point after having the baby, because I still have a belly but I'm not pregnany anymore. I have never been so ready to get back to weightloss, I can't believe I have to relose all that weight again...I think I might avoid small looking chairs for a while, until I've shrunken a little.

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I got big with all of my kids, gained 50 lbs with the first 3 and 70 with the last (carried him 3 wks longer though). When I was 40 wks we went to Pizza Hut...and I couldn't fit in the booth. I had several other incidences where I couldn't fit or get into something and yes it sucked. I was around 225 or more when I delivered, started at 155 and am 5'7. My stomach was so big my 4 yr old daughter could balance on it when I was holding her, never did have that cute basketball look. Don't beat yourself up, every woman gains weight differently and in different places when pg. And you're very close to the end so of course you might be feeling as big as a barn.

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I'm sorry you're struggling with your weight - people think I'm nuts for keeping my food logs, weighing, and strictness during pregnancy, but it is precisely because it is SO important to be healthy while growing another person.

That, and I'd have to lose excess weight from pregnancy just the same as any other pounds, so minimizing that amount is quite prudent (especially when I'm having back to back babies.

Letting ten pounds accrue and not come off before the next kid is a quick way to regain way too much!).

Thus, you have nothing but hugs from me! The subject of weight and pregnancy is one I'm very personally passionate about and it can be so difficult to manage, no thanks to the culture encouraging 'eating for two', on the side!
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I actually broke a chair at my hubby's work Christmas party . . . at his boss's house! And I wasn't even pregnant.

And with that being said, I know it's depressing. I used to have issues with theater chairs, even though my butt has always been the smallest part of my figure. You can get back on track again soon! I found myself feeling pretty depressed when being told I looked "too pregnant" (?) when I clearly wasn't even far along enough yet to show, in fact I still had the same waist measurement and actually weighed a little less than I had before conceiving. But to be fair I'm an apple and had already looked pregnant long before . . . which means I've got a long road ahead of me still once the baby arrives. I simply refused to wear anything that even looked like it could remotely be related to maternity wear until I was over 3 months along since I was so self-conscious about the way my stomach proudly sticks out, baby or not.

But chin up! Just wanted to chime in and let you know I relate. I think the excess hormones and overall bloating and nature of pregnancy entitles us to vent about our "fat days"; hope you feel better soon! I've been doing plenty of venting myself already and I'm only in the second trimester.

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