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Default Blogging in desperation

My weight is up 29 lbs from my lowest weight (284). I have to change my ticker, but even thinking about it feels like admitting defeat, admitting that the weight won't be coming off any time soon.

As many of you know I have multiple health issues including autoimmune disease which is periodically treated with prednisone and other steroids.

Prednisone is a double-edged sword. I feel amazing on it, but it does insidious damage, while hunger and water retention are forced into overdrive.

I can't use prednisone as an excuse at the moment, but between my health issues and the side effects of medications such as prednisone and others, some weight gain isn't a complete shocker, but now that things halved calmed down some, I can't understand why getting back on track is so difficult.

I've started blogging again, including my daily weight. I may also publish my daily food journal. I haven't decided whether I want to make that much of a time commitment.

I was shocked that my blog was still available as I hadn't posted in over a year, but it was still getting hits and commentary.

I did rename the blog from Starting Over, Take 1,887 (or something like that)...... to: My At-Home Low-Cost, Health Spa to better reflect my weight loss philosophy (for years now, I've said, " There is no starting over, only moving forward, standing still, or sliding backwards).

I've been complacent about standing still for far too long, but I can't afford to become complacent about backsliding. I don't want to end up losing any of the strides I've made.
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Blogging helps immensely. You can do this, Kaplods! One step at a time, right?
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you can do it! you are a wealth of knowledge and inspiration regardless of whether you are moving forward, standing still or sliding backwards
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Blog away and you'll find it again! You've done it before!

I've been in my own 6 month funk on weight loss and after committing to eating healthy for a week -- only a week -- and succeeding at it, I'm getting motivated again.

I know you just have to find that thing that makes you turn the switch on again...
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Medications are soooo tough. As a sufferer from chronic daily migraines, I've been on a fair share of hunger-inducing meds and I ended up becoming quite depressed and gaining weight (even though I was already gaining anyway). My point is that you are human and you're allowed to not be perfect, regardless of the reason. You truly are an inspiration on this board and the fact that you're struggling underscores the fact that this is not easy. Life happens. Stuff happens. Imperfection happens.

The blog is a wonderful idea! Just take it one day at a time and don't think about the past too much.
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kaplods You have been such a source of support and inspiration to me. I wish I could return the favor in some small way. I'm here, cheering you on. You've got this!
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One Day At A Time
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I, also, have been in a bad rut, which started almost immediately after I FINALLY hit one-derland. I went from 199 to 250 over the course of a year, and I'm angry.

But blogging can do wonders, and so too can a community like this. The worst thing we can do for ourselves is stop. You have to get back up and do it, because this is for you, and you alone.

I hope that you get your motivation back!

I might have to make myself a blog too! Maybe visit yours .

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Blogging helps me a lot. Not only because I put my weight loss struggles but I like to look at little things you may not say in normal conversation...

I now how hard it is to break that grip of gaining. I often wondered if someone should start a business where they just went around doing an intervention type thing to stop people. It is super hard to do it on your own. Good luck,
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*Shakes fist at regain*
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I haven't been here long, but in the 2 months I have, I can tell that you're strong and brilliant and compassionate. If it's possible for the regain to stop, you will do it.

I'm sorry you're going through this and I hope the situation becomes more kind.
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Sweety, I don't know what I'd do if I had to take medicine on top of all the other crap I have to watch. Keep your chin up. You're amazing. End of story. I know you're having tough times. They won't be forever!

"The only journey is the journey within."
Rainer Maria Rilke
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We're all here cheering you on, kaplods. It's so hard when medication is working against your weight loss efforts. I hope that you find blogging to be helpful. We are all here for you in solidarity! Hugs!
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I, too, have started blogging. I've had a lot of trouble losing weight, but I always find I do things better when I have an audience. I don't think many people read my blog, but having it out there at all really helps. It makes me think twice before eating.
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Tanks everyone, your words of support and wisdom, and just the fact you're all " here" really helps tremendously.

I haven't felt such intense desperation a very long time. I haven't felt helpless and hopeless in an even much longer time. The past couple days were the absolute worst, as I saw my weight climb despite eating on plan, or close to it, without overeating or my TOM, or some other reasonable explanation in sight.

Yes, Well, today, at least I got a partial explanation when taking my morning pills. I noticed that one of my blood pressure medication (which includes a diuretic) was missing from the mix. I checked the pill organizer and saw that it had been missing from my pill organizer all week.

This at least explains why the gains kept snowballing.

I've already dropped several pounds in the few hours since taking the medication this morning.

At least I no longer feel like I'm on a runaway train.
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Hello Friend
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I hope you're feeling better soon I Haven't posted in a while but I always enjoy reading your posts. They are always so helpful and detailed and I really appreciate that you take the time to help others with your posts. I would love to check out your blog.
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I don't have any advice to impart but I want to send my best wishes and to tell you that I think you're fantastic, your wisdom, warmth and humour have got me through some difficult times. Your ability to tell a difficult truth with immeasurable kindness and humanity is something I could do with lots more of and makes this messageboard unique.

I hope that all of the ducks line up for you this time.
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