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Less of a Better Me
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I've counted a variety of ways. Right now I am calorie counting only even though I am a WW member. I know the relationship between calories and WW points really well so I know that if I am within my target range on calories I will also be within my WW points. Many years ago I did exchanges on WW and I've also counted net carbs.

I do get a little OCDish at times on calorie counting. I try to make it more exact than is reasonable (that is I know that restaurants aren't even that accurate so it doesn't matter if I'm off by 20 calories or something).

Right now I'm using MyFitnessPal to count and actually find it is easy to use their app and to count on my desktop computer (search is done better on the app).

The thing is that I do so much better when I count. I've been sick for about 2 weeks and haven't felt like cooking and I've eaten more food than I should have. However I've counted everything so I've maintained. Without that I would have gone off the rails entirely.

I know that not everyone has to count to be successful. I just know that I have to count - whether calories or WW points or exchanges - or else I will start gaining weight.
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I don't count calories, but am mindful of them. It's easier for me to watch carbs a la south beach, you know, go extremely low for 2 weeks then start adding them. But it's the same as everything else that I drift into eating too many. So really I alternate between no carb days and regular days.

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Thank you guys so much for the responses. It is so nice to know that I am not the only one that feels as if calorie counting can be tedious.

Euphy- I so agree that if you are only eating very healthy things, you don't have to watch as closely. However, I find myself sticking to a whole foods diet for several weeks and then having a trigger moment and getting back into eating unhealthy for a few days. This is a separate issue from calorie counting, but whenever I start to feel to restricted is when I fall off the deep end. Definitely need to work on that.

Everlasting- Yep, I have experienced the same thing. Once I stop counting, the pounds come on. You're right I do need to start accepting that this may just be a part of my reality at least for now.

Desiderata- This is exactly where I am too. It's that trade-off between being super strict and seeing results. I know that if I start again, I will see the results I am looking for.

laciemn- That is a good strategy, I will have to try it. It may help me become better at eating intuitively as well.

newleaf123- I am so quantitative in nature as well! This is exactly why I struggle with over-obsessing with the counting as well. I'm glad it is working for you. I think that checking it every now and then is definitely a good idea.

kwin1973- I agree, I like the accountability that it provides for me as well as that it allows me to "schedule" meals that are not as healthy and still remain within the allotted calorie range.

freelancemomma- Honesty is very important as you said. This is why I have put on some weight, by underestimating calories in my head and allowing myself to get lazy. Congrats on reaching maintenance! I do so hope that I am able to keep everything in check mentally when I reach maintenance.

Arctic Mama- Very true that it is a disaster for those of us who were obese. I find that when I am not held accountable, all bets are off. I think that with time it will become second nature to me, I just have to learn how to balance it out a little more, and not become so obsessive.

betsy2013- I think that the main reason it stresses me out is that I become obsessive about the number. Having that in the back of my head stresses me out, but I know it is something I am going to have to get used to.

kaplods- I really like the idea of journaling in a special notebook. I have been keeping count on MFP on my phone, and I think that writing it down would be easier for me. I agree that just the mere act of counting is important, whether it is 100% accurate or not. I will try doing the exchange system as well. That may be a good transition into intuitive eating which is where I would like to be eventually.

Andrea85- Yep, you hit the nail on the head! I definitely begin to feel guilty about being hungry. What is up with that?! Good idea about the meal planning. I was doing that before and it was working for me. I think that paired with eating healthy, nutrient dense foods will allow me to be a little more relaxed with calorie counting and not feeling guilty.

shciref- Yes, you are right as I am beginning to see! I am going to have to keep track if I want to see results.

luckymommy- Oh, I forgot about skinnytaste! Thanks for reminding me. I agree, which is why I gained some weight back. I guess it's back to tracking for me!

emaline29- Yep, and my biggest problem is "calorie honesty". I know I need to stay accountable with no excuses this time.

Koshka- I like the idea of counting even when you are not eating the best things or the right amounts. I did that one time when I had a binge and it totaled 7,000+ calories. Needless to say, that was a wake up call.
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You could alternate. Maybe count just a few days a week? Or count meticulously for two weeks, then a week off, then back to counting?

When I was losing 40 pounds, I didn't count consistently. It was just a tool I used to get more aware and notice better choices for myself. Then those better choices became habit and a point of reference.

I was maintaining for a couple of years, but put on a little weight earlier this year. So for the past month I've been counting every day. Now that I have a clear idea again of my calorie intake and which choices will keep my total where I want it, I'm going to become more lax with counting. I'll probably just do it a couple of days a week until I'm at goal.
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