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Default Healthy timeline to lose 40 lbs?

Sick of this struggle. I need to lose 40 lbs. I am sick of trying to lose weight and binging two days later. I find it so hard to eat healthy. I like exercising but I eat horribly. I was wondering what is a healthy timeline to lose 40 lbs? Also how have people done it. Im sick of this. Please help.
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You are gonna have to cut down on the food. Weight loss mostly depends on how much you arent eating. Exercise can aid in weight loss and it helps tone the body.
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The medical advice I've always heard was 1 - 2 pounds a week or 5 pounds a month as a very reasonable, attainable goal. Hope that helps you set some good goals for yourself.
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Healthy timeline is as Julia says, 1-2 pounds a week. So around 8 months of solid hard work and dedication and you could be down 40 pounds by February. Many people agree that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise. So you really need to dig down and eat the right foods.
Find out how many calories you need to eat every day. This will be important, it's hard to stay on track if your body is starving. You'll need lots of water... lots...as burning fat lets go of all the poisons it's been holding on to to protect your body and you'll feel like crap...water will flush it out. And if you've been overweight for a good amount of time and your diet has been mostly of fast food, junk or processed box/can type foods then there is going to be a lot of toxins.

Why do you find it so hard to eat healthy? Is it the amount of food? Remember veggies have very little in the way of calories (but super high in nutrients) so you need to eat a lot to reach your calories for the day. Does healthy food seem boring? or bland? Recipes are your best friend and so are spices. Any food is delicious when you cook it correctly and spice it up. (admit it, you don't eat raw meat... you spice it/marinate it and cook it.)

I've lost 55 pounds in 10 months. The last 20 fell right off when I became a vegetarian. (for health reasons) not saying you need to be a vegetarian, just telling you how i did it. I calorie counted and made sure I stayed within my daily calories limits (give or take 100 calories here and there) and I drank water, lots of water, all day long. I did NO exercise. BUT...i have a very active job where I'm constantly on my feet and lifting and moving for 8 hours.
I logged my meals into mydailyplate.com . it helps to see just what you are eating and if you tend to lack vitamins everyday.
Also for health reasons, I had to lay off the salt. And dropped a bit of water weight because of it. the body has to hold on to water to balance out all the salt we eat. Drink lots of water to flush the salt out and limit the salt you put in and the water weight will leave.

40 pounds in less than a year is very feasible. you can do it! you just need to want it bad enough to change your diet to one your body needs. Our bodies are not made to handle these man-made creations we are feeding it. We are constantly poisoning our bodies with this fake food every day. No wonder we look and feel like crap. Real food= real health.
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I know people don't want to hear this, but I lost 40 pounds in exactly 2 months as of today (April 5- June 5). That was not my goal, and I ate healthily (1600 calories a day as I'm breastfeeding). I never have had a supply with my milk, so I have not worried about not eating enough. I started out only running 15 minutes a day, but now I've increased to running 1/2 hr a day and speedwalking for 15. That's it. I lost weight before and I also lost about 15-20 pounds a month, although then I only ate 1200 calories a day as I didn't have to factor in extra calories for milk supply.

I'm assuming from your ID, that you are a male, and men tend to lose weight faster than females. My hubby has lost 20 pounds in a few months just by eating a LITTLE healthier. No working out, and still ate snacks at night. (*******, lol). And if you ever watch Biggest Loser, the guys there lose weight like crazy compared to the girls.

It also depends on your size (I didn't see any figures mentioned on your profile so not sure). If you are larger, the weight comes off faster. (I do not expect to keep up this rate of loss much longer).

So I think if you really exercised and ate carefully, there is no reason why you couldn't comfortably lose 40 pounds in 2-5 months.

As for the trying to eat healthy, I am not gonna lie...it sucks, lol. It does help that I am already a vegetarian. For me, eating healthy means cutting out alot of the crappy carbs I used to eat, and sugar. I still allow myself healthy fats like some butter, cheese, etc. I try to find things I like and are low cal (veggie fajitas, without tortillas and using greek yogurt/lemon juice as sour cream for example) and then I can eat a TON and it is still only about 500 calories. For a person who likes to fill her plate, the small portions of dieting really get to me, so I search for recipes I like where I can feel full As for binging, I chew a LOT of gum, lol. I buy the healthy aspartame free stuff in bulk (amazon), and then chew pretty much all day. And if I have a really bad craving, I allow myself some healthy hard candy to suck on for a while, and that helps. Not sure what your favorite binge foods are, but if you can find healthier alternatives, that helps. I LOVE pizza (who doesn't) dipped in ranch. So I make my own now using tortillas, and "ranch" I make from ranch mix/greek yogurt. I can eat a few tortillas with as much of the ranch as I want (which honestly doesn't taste much different from the real stuff), and it is still way less calories than one piece of real pizza. Little things that give you comfort help in the long run...hope that makes sense! Good luck

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