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Old 06-06-2003, 11:25 PM   #1
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Unhappy support me... please? 20's hippie chicks?

well i posted in buddies and no one seems to love me
well there was one nice lady

but i really want to talk to someone who can relate not just to my weight issues but maybe also to my life!

i'm 24, recently divorced, 6-year-old son (who lives with his dad one town away). i've always been kind of the bad kid except for the 4 years i was married when i tried to pretend otherwise...

i'm a musician, tattooed and pierced, and until recently, very much into a lifestyle that i realized was definitely not healthy and possibly killing me.

so on monday i quit smoking and drinking and started exercising and being very careful about what i eat. i'm trying to stick with fruits and veggies mostly and lean protein like legumes/soy and some fish. i'm not low-carb because of all of the veggies, but i try to keep my grains to whole-only and only 2-3 servings/day.

i hate to exercise but i have been trying to add more in, like running up the 10 flights of stairs at work (ok, i walk the last 4) when i go to get the mail, and doing some yoga at home and various other things. i can't afford to join a gym

i keep track of everything on www.fitday.com which i absolutely LOVE and don't think i could live without now. it's so fabulous.

so are there any younger, possibly pagan, definitely "different" chicks out there who might want to chat? actually, young isn't that imperative, i would just prefer if you were alternative in some way and had an idea of where i'm coming from.

please write! let's support each other!

peace, love and happiness,

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Hey...it's another dirty pagan! Although I'm most definitely not a chick I have the feeling that I know where you're coming from. Throughout all of my mid teens I was one of the bad kids and I spent most of my late teens and some of my early twenties living in a hacker commune in Allston while running around with the hacker and electronica scene in the Boston area. When your roommate is the lighting director for Axis and Avalon you tend to, well, party a lot.

I dropped out of the scene a few years ago, got married and am now doing systems security and administration. Although the lifestyle change drastically helped my overall being my weight started to slip since I was now at a desk all day. Like you, I had always been heavy and just carried it well. But after spending a year behind the keyboard my weight skyrocketed. That, combined with the fact that I was no longer mountain biking, kind of smacked me down.

So yeah...that's me in a nutshell. I'm now 26 and doing the low carb thing, I'm exercising, mountain biking and going to the gym, my weight has been steadily dropping, I'm off all recretionals (caffeine, ephedrine, etc.) and this is the best I've ever felt! If you want to chat, feel free to fire me a PM or email. I'm not a chick but I was one of those guys in high school that never had a date because I was "too close a friend."

Also, you mentioned FitDay.com...I didn't like their charting system so I decided to roll my own (yeah, did I mention that I'm a geek?):

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Hey, check out the Alternachicks Forum. I mostly lurk over there, but there is a terrific bunch of gals who would welcome you both! Pop over and say hello.
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Thumbs down cool... thanks

hey sean, thanks for replying.

i'm in boston, too! (don't think i mentioned that).

i've lived in allston, right now i'm living in brighton.

i was really getting into the local music scene and i love to go out and see new bands but there's always the imperative heavy drinking and i think it's really killing me.

this has been a really tough week, my first back "OP" in a long time... but seeing your success (very impressive) gives me some hope. i haven't been lower than 165# in years and years, and sometimes i don't believe it will happen, even if i stick to the diet and exercise and everything, like i am stuck here forever. i can't picture myself thin and i'm told i'll probably believe i am fat no matter what (have to watch out for that) because i think i look pretty much the same now as when i was hovering up near 200#.

so how do you deal with feelings of complete deprivation and boredom from giving up the party lifestyle? i can't even go out on dates anymore really because they always involved drinking, and seeing a band, or drinking and playing pool... i don't think i know how to have fun otherwise...

anyway cool to hear from you although you are not a "chick"

hope some other people join in...

so when you say low-carb, are you talking like atkins?

blessed be!


195/1703fc/166 (seriously, the scale said so this a.m.! /130
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Catch that B train to Allston...gotta get the **** outta Boston...

Yeah, you didn't mention Boston in this thread I saw in your other thread that you were currently at BU and figured you knew about Axis and Avalon. Being on the guest list for "Sean + 2" every night tends to burn you out after a while...especially when you're only 19 and the only reason they let you in the door is because you're "assisting" in the DJ booth (translation: when the lighting director gets too stoned to run lights, you take over because you're not nearly as intoxicated yet).

But I know your exact situation...being stuck at a plateau and not being able to get over it. A couple years ago I went on Weight Watchers and dropped from 330 down to 295. I got stuck at 295 and couldn't get past it no matter how much I starved myself. So, at that point, I threw up my arms in exhasperation and just hovered there until January of this year.

In January I did some reading about stalled metabolism and decided to give Atkins a shot. Within a week I was in ketosis and shedding pounds. I've dropped from 295 down to 243 in the past five months. But here's the kicker...

I feel fatter now than I did 50 pounds ago!

I used to wear a 48" waist (down on my hips) and those were tight because I had trouble finding my size any larger. I now wear a 42" waist actually on my waistline! My wife keeps telling me that I'm getting skinny and that I'm a totally new person. But I still feel fatter than before. Find someone who can give you an external perspective...so it seems that I've also fallen into the "I'll always be fat" trap and, even when I reach my initial goal of 200, I'll be extremely happy but I'm not sure if I'll be satisfied.

So, you're down to 165...that's great! Even if you don't see the difference I'm sure people around you do! Keep at it and don't give up! To paraphrase John Walker, who wrote The Hacker's Diet, all this weight loss discomfort that you're going through right now only has to happen once...from there on, it's clear sailing.

Parties? We don't need no stinking...wait, yeah we do!

OK, I haven't given up the party lifestyle...I just found a different group to party with. A few years ago I picked up a Subaru Impreza and got sucked into the motorsports scene. I am now a hardcore amateur race driver (roll cage and all) with a few season trophies under my belt and dozens of class wins in ice racing and rallycross...and I'll be entering the hillclimb and ClubRally circuits this Summer (100+ MPH on gravel roads up logging trails in the woods).

I'm in the white with the blue hat (click the Gallery link below for more):

And for perspective, here I am back in November at 295:

So, the new lifestyle I've fallen into is definitely more apt to kill me, but I'll be healthy, slim and trim when it does! But seriously...the race scene that I'm in now more or less promotes the straightedge lifestyle while preparing for a race event and then, the evening after an event, we'll gather and party. And, even then, we don't party to excess. We pass around the homebrew ale and lager and that's about it...when you've brewed the beer yourself there's more of a respect. You want to savor it instead of chugging it down to get drunk!

I haven't missed the party lifestyle at all because of motorsports. I used to party for the feeling of freedom and exhileration to the point of actually flying to San Francisco for warehouse raves on a Friday night, not sleeping at all, flying back on the Sunday night redeye and going straight to work on Monday from the airport. Now, doing a hundred down a gravel road with a navigator calling out instructions next to me has definitely replaced the party scene!

I'm glad I'm an inspiration...if you ever need an encouraging word, feel free to ping me.

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Thumbs down I Can Relate

Well, we have a few things in common. I used to be pagan but became Christian when I met my hubby. Don't worry I won't preach to you, I know better. Anyway, I was into a much different lifestyle than I currently have. I partied, lived out of my VW bus, and was just a single chick and her dog. (I have a pit-bullXrottweiller) I still consider myself a hippie chick in many ways. I don't think that will ever change. I look at clothes for skinny people and I don't want to wear anything trendy (except that gypsy look seems to be in right now.), I can't wait to get into midrif baring shirts, hippie skirts, and pierce my belly button. I have also been waiting to get a tatoo until I lose the weight. I want to get a Pheonix rising from the ashes. I consider those ashes my old body and the old me, and the Pheonix the slimmer me.

So a little about me currently, I live in Colorado in the middle of nowhere. It is a real cure for the party lifestyle when everything is closed by 10pm. I have a four year old daughter, as you can see in my avatar pic. I go to a college that is 60 miles away I'm studying accounting right now but it is just the first step in a plan that involves my eventually becoming a veterinarian. I'm 33, and I would not give up my current life for anything I had in the past.

The biggest thing I can tell you about the boredom is find something you love and do it. I love to bead. I make all kinds of jewelry. It makes me happy. Once you figure out what you love you can find others that share those interests. Kind of like what Sean said about the racing. If you find something that you can really get absorbed in you will forget about all the rest.

It won't be easy, you will probably have days that you fall off the proverbial wagon, but you can do it. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remind yourself why you want to change. I'm here for support. I probably will understand more than you guess. PM me if you want to chat and I will send you my email.

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I just turned thirty, but definately been there. Tatoos. Green hair on occasion. Living with a bass player. Alchohol was never my chemical of choice, but...

Actually not much has changed. Still tatoos. Still living with the bass player. Do not have green hair now becuase of my job, but that it going to change soon (I am taking a month off).

Giving up smoking is the hardest part. Everything else is at least adaptable (you can still go to the show only not drink as much etc.) but giving up smoking is absolute.

I do the reduced calorie, low fat thing. I do not track carbs at all. I eat mostly organic and am a vergitarian, so it works out pretty well.

I do my own tracking system. I just set up graphs and a spreadsheet on excel. Pretty slick.

zadie k
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