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Default Rewards

I am having serious issues with rewards, I set a goal and a "reward" but always end up just getting what I want without waiting until the goal is met, am I the only one? I'm thinking of just not setting up rewards because every time I think of something I end up getting it like the same day or a couple days after, I'm still motivated thanks in big part for this forum but my bank accounts can't take much more rewards this month!
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Most likely you are not the only one.

Maybe you need to rethink, the goals and the rewards. Lose a pound=.99 nail polish. Lose 5=a cool water bottle. Lose 10=a new top. Lose 20=a massage.

Also, rewards, do not need to be monetary. Lose 5=try a new veggie. Lose 10=since it's spring, have a cup of nice herbal tea, on your porch or deck, or wherever, and enjoy it.

Volunteer! Help out those less fortunate than you. Actually meet your neighbors! Find a community calendar for where you live and get involved!

At this time, I do not have a particular diet goal in mind. I'm maintaining.

However! Due to finances, if I want to go to a Cornhusker football game in the fall, with my sisters, and have a good time, I have to save up!

So, normally, a 1 pound coffee can, will hold $100 worth of change, excluding pennies. I usually cash it in for whatever I'm in the mood for at the time.

Not this year! Saving up! I want the fun weekend with my sisters, more than I want to spend my stash on silly stuff!

5+ year maintainer.
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Is it possible to have someone reward YOU? A spouse, family member, or a friend? They take you out for a healthy picnic? Take you to the movies? Buy you a secret gift? Or just a surprise outing (that way - you don't know what's coming)!

This way, you can't sneak out and reward yourself. Someone's gotta do it for you.
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Yes, I think a good percentage of us have this issue. I have to a point where I've given it some fairly serious thought.

I think this mentality is a symptom of why we are trying to lose weight in the first place. We are living lives where we dislike and rebel from any type of delayed gratification.

Think about it. We set down and try to figure out something to do for ourselves once we reach a goal. In theory, just losing the weight should be reward, but we take it up a step by associating other 'gifts' with it. THEN, once we think of something nice to do for ourselves, we get so fixated on it that waiting seems crazy, and we totally sabotage the plan by actually going out and buying the reward before the effort has been put in!!

That 100% sends a self-defeating mental message to ourselves that the task has been accomplished, even though we haven't done it, and it's passive permission to let our guard down.

We are grown ups and we allow ourselves to break simple rules that we wouldn't allow children to break. I watch my 2 year old nephew a lot and I will tell him "if you help pick up your toys we will go outside and play". I stand by that, and do not take him outside until he helps pick things up, because I feel it's important to teach him responsibility.

Yet, I'll run my 36 year old self down to the salon and get a pedicure that I set up as a reward for losing weight, when I haven't reached anywhere near my goal! It's embarrassing that I don't hold myself to the same standards that I do a two year old little boy!

This bothers me enough to where I am not currently setting up goals, and I'm making every attempt to look at weight loss as simply something I need to do.

I don't need treats.

I don't need over the top compliments.

I don't need a dangling carrot to get me there.

I need to lose weight, because I need to lose weight.

When I am more responsible with 'goal rewards' I may revisit them, but until I am committed to it, and will keep my word to myself, I'm going to lose weight for the benefit of losing weight. Nothing more.
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Originally Posted by GMNEVO View Post
I am having serious issues with rewards, I set a goal and a "reward" but always end up just getting what I want without waiting until the goal is met, am I the only one?
Definitely not the only one. That's what I've always done with rewards, so I no longer use them! I think that, for some people (like you and me), the idea of a future reward becomes an annoying focus rather than a motivator.

Instead of rewards, I sometimes use "prewards" -- things I get NOW that serve as motivators, such as fabulous clothes. Knowing that I'd like to keep fitting into those awesome jeans or that rocking two-piece bathing suit helps me stay the course.

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I usually get myself something along the way, rather than projecting into the future. losing a little weight makes me feel better about myself, so I buy new underwear or a pair of walking shoes.

A long time ago I bought a ring at a yard sale for $200. Yowza...I was feeling lucky, I guess. The ring was too small, so I couldn't use it before I achieved the goal of losing enough to wear it. Every time I regain, I can't wear the ring. When I lose again, I get the reward all over again...

I got to worrying that I had bought an Avon ring for all that $$$, so I had the ring appraised and it was actually worth more than $200! That was a reward, too. I love a bargain.

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My reward is to just keep fitting into my capris pants, which are not going to fit if I fall out of my maintenance range.
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Good stuff girls! I can totally see your point Katy I do the same for my people at work!

I know I have to lose weight not to get a thing but because I want to be healthy and also look good in a wedding dress ha! As far as having other people reward me I really haven't involved many people in my plan other than my bf, mainly because when I first stepped on the scale I almost had an instant heart attack and died...I knew I was overweight but the number flat out killed some neurons.

I had been making excuses left and right all my life, first it was high school then college then moving then a new job and I can of ran out of excuses so thats how it all started!

I just started my journey and I want to surprise my family when I go home(haven't established date yet) but in a few months!
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