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Trying to be in the 160s
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Default Still going [email protected]@@@@@ nuts!

I have posted about this before. But I still feel absolutely crazy/mad/insane with this weightloss and lifestyle change thing going and on some days just not myself. On those days I don't really know who "me" is any more. My emotions are all over the place...and I am a guy! Super happy some days, super fragile others. Such a rollercoaster. I'd hope to feel more stable by now. So many changes going on.

I guess I just keep going. But it's freakin' making me feel nuts! This place keeps me together, and I'm grateful for that.

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I feel your pain. Some days I'm so irritable I feel sorry for anyone around me...especially if you're eating a giant cheeseburger in front of my face.
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Sue finding inner song
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Ian... I think even guys have hormonal changes.... I used to tease my friend Mark that he had his time of the month (and he did ) He agreed... but every little piece of fat that you are loosing is releasing water and toxins and alll the C**P that you have eaten, breathed, drank (oh except beer of course LOL) ever in your life... so you can image the waste that floats in our bodies and you know that that effects your mind and your body.... The mind thing too.... remember the EGO likes to be in control and you are exercising control over that ... and EGO likes to get its way....

I am thinking its a combo of a bunch of stuff that we all WINNERS (of losing weight) have affecting us The great thing about you is you have a very good sense of humor and laughter is the best thing Hugs....

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It's okay to be emotional. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself: vent to us, write in a journal, take a break from weight loss (seriously, you're doing awesome), create some stress outlets, or maybe talk to a counselor? It's natural for men to have hormonal fluctuations & mood swings too, but it sounds like it may be more than that. I hope you're feeling better soon.
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I feel your pain. I have had a pretty great day but I still feel like I can just go cry myself to sleep. I honestly dont even know why!!! I think part of the problem is that I didnt get any walking in today. I have been typically doing 4 or 5 miles a day and I just feel better when I get that in. Today I chose to have dinner with a friend I havent seen in years and I made healthy decisions at dinner. It is just not good.

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You gotta find the "new" you!
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Well, your body is changing super fast and it's not surprising your mind needs to adjust to the rapid changes. Could be just that and nothing more.

That having said, if I followed a diet like yours, I would be going crazy because of the sugar level spikes. I'm not saying that is your problem, I'm just saying it would be mine. If I were fasting all afternoon, my blood sugar level would drop considerably. Having a beer for dinner would cause me a major sugar spike, followed, indeed, by another major drop. I find these fast changes influence my mood and the way I feel physically too, as I get dizzy, tired, having headaches when I my sugar is low.

Plus a beer or two on empty stomach would make a very merry companion, but that's a whole different story not suitable for this forum
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I think many of us throughout this journey focus so much on the weightloss aspect that we forget and/or push aside dealing with the emotional aspects. Its natural to feel everything you are feeling. However, our emotions need to be nurtured just like you are nurturing your body now! We retrain our bodies, change our diet and routines but we must also retrain our minds and sometimes that requires addressing emotional issues that may or may not have contributed to weight gain as well as emotional issues we may encounter during weight loss. For me I think that is the hardest part of all of this. I can lose weight but dealing with and understanding my emotions is an exacerbating battle that I struggle with the most.
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Ian, I could have written your post. Hang in there, buddy. You are doing amazing things for yourself, your family, your whole life. Hopefully things will level off once you reach goal. If not and/or while you wait, we are here for you!!
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It's ok to have an off day. Not everybody is perfect or will have "perfect" type days. Hang in there! It's not easy. There are some days I am RAGING and I have no idea why. And other days I'm happy and laughing all over the place. Take it one day at a time!

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Wait a minute. Are you telling me it's NOT normal to be a little crazy with all we're going through. I'm in deep do-do then!

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Originally Posted by betsy2013 View Post
Wait a minute. Are you telling me it's NOT normal to be a little crazy with all we're going through. I'm in deep do-do then!
lol betsy!
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Ian everyone has pretty much said it all. I hope this passes and you can learn from it. We are here for you and you are doing great! Let your mind catch up to the new you..
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One decision at a time.
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Ian, I think it's a big myth that men don't have emotions and mood swings that women have. I just think that men may express it differently (probably because they're taught they need to be stoic). Plus, change is something that creates discomfort in human beings. We naturally cling to homeostasis. It's "normal" to feel discombobulated and stuff when so much is changing in your life, especially what we think of as "self".

My hubby who is "the strong silent" type has all kinds of emotions about change (job, moving, changes in our relationship) but instead of expressing what he's feeling and what is worrying him, he holds it all inside or acts out in ways that confuse me until I figure out why he has a chip on his shoulder.

Find the positive in all this. Instead of using food to cope or celebrate, you'll find new ways to celebrate and cope that are healthy for you in the long run. It's not a diet, it's a way to find new foods to love that you wouldn't have tried before. Your clothes don't fit anymore, it's a great excuse to go shopping, try on lots of clothes and revamp your style.

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