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Default Cannot let myself get that hungry...

I work evenings and usually bring a snack with me to tide me over until I get home at about 8:30pm. However, yesterday I forgot to a bring a snack. To make it worse, I had worked out just before I left for work and I get crazy hungry after working out.

My last meal was at 1:00pm. I also had to go grocery shopping after work so I didn't get to eat until 9:30pm. By that time, I was so hungry I lost control. I seriously ate like a 400 pound man. First, it started with the brown-rice sushi that was meant to be by dinner. However, it was followed by 8 chicken wings that my husband cooked, half of a big package of candy and 3/4 of a big bag of chips - both things that I bought at the grocery store that evening since I had lost control there as well due to my hunger. I know I can't go to the grocery store hungry. I also know that I can never let myself get that hungry since I obviously turn into a starving dog. By the time I was finished, it still took 30 minutes to feel full - and at that time I felt so full I wanted to throw up. Not cool =(

Does anyone else have issues when they let themselves get to the super hungry point?

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Of course, me too, it's aclassic
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I got this
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Yup, I have been there a couple times! It sucks. I also have made the mistake of going grocery shopping while hungry and sometimes I buy things that I normally don't just because of my dumb hunger.

Hope you're feeling better today!
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Krissy Missy
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Yes, but I rarely (if ever) go that long without eating. *nibble nibble*

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That is so me! I go nuts if I get too hungry. It's as if I am so desperate to get rid of that hungry feeling that the pendulum swings the other way----i.e., I want that stuffed feeling. I always regret it, though. Why can't I just handle hunger like a normal person???

Besides when I'm hungry, I also overeat when I have my meal and it's dissatisfying. I seem to feel like a petulant child, throw a mental tantrum, and eat something else just because I didn't get the good meal "owed" to me.
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I was just talking about this in another thread as well. It happened to me today because I was two hours later than usual eating lunch. I ate more than usual and even splurged with stuff I don't eat anymore, but I stopped before it became a full out binge. I think like was said above, I knew if I would just wait a little while, my hunger and my stomach would finally get on the same page and I would realize I was full. So I ended the meal with some vegetable soup (0 points for those who do Weight Watchers) and finally I was back in the realm of sanity.
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Originally Posted by Missy Krissy View Post
Yes, but I rarely (if ever) go that long without eating. *nibble nibble*
This is me too. I keep approved snacks with me at all times (protein bars, nuts, fruit, etc.). If I know I'm going out and not sure how long I'll be, I pack a bag of food even if it doesn't get eaten. I'm dangerous if I get hungry and have no plan.
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YES! I really cannot get hungry or else I will eat everything in the vicinity. Right now I have those almond bags in my purse, just so I always have a snack just in case.

Hunger addles my brain and all of the sudden it seems perfectly reasonable to have that chocolate chip cookie with my veggie sub. It's awful.
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