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Default This isn't a loaded question, I swear! Yoga pants...

I am not looking for trouble or to start any controversy, please don't turn it into one or I will request the thread to be deleted. It's a no drama zone here!!

I read in some threads about so many wearing yoga pants for quite a few more things than yoga. I am intrigued with the excitement and enjoyment that you all seem to get from them.

I think all of the yoga pants that I have seen (I haven't looked for them specifically yet but it's on my schedule for this week!) all seem like workout pants and/or stretch pants (how 80s is that?). I can't see wearing them to work or to church or even more than working out.

I'm not judging where anyone wears them or how often!!!

I just want to know----do you get bootcut, flared, anything other than what looks to me like sweatpants? What brands do you all love? Are they long enough to wear with either sneakers or flipflops?

As most of you know, I tend to overthink things. But I'm searching for some yoga pants joy!! And since I just checked out a yoga dvd from the library, I want to be dressed for the part! But if I'm investing $$ in pants to do yoga, I want something I can wear other places too.

I'm way too excited about these pants and it's all because of you!!! That's the justification I'm giving my husband too about why none of the 10 pairs of workout pants qualify for yoga pants.
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Yoga pants ARE workout pants! They can be fitted like leggings or more of a wide leg like other sweats. They usually aren't as thick as sweatpants, though.

I love these

These are cheaper, though!
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Yoga pants are gear and IMO, should not be worn anywhere but to the gym or maybe to sleep in. Many moms on the go wear these everywhere and to me it just looks sloppy. I think so many people wear them because they have grown out of their other pants. It's like its the last option before moving up in size. Also they are easy.

All that being said, they are super comfy and great for lounge wear. My favorite s are a higher wasted book cut type.
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I got this
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I don't really like the loose workout pants, I tend to trip over them being a shortie. The ones I had were way too long to wear with sneakers/flipflops let alone try to exercise. Lately, I have been liking the knee length leggings/capri tights for workouts and sometimes out but only if my shirt is long enough to cover most of the butt and front and I have a jacket to go with it too.

I didn't even know they had different styles of yoga pants like bootcut/flared, wow! Sorry I couldn't be much of help!! :/

I chuckled at the last part about your 10 pairs of workout pants not qualifying for yoga pants.
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I got this
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Originally Posted by Munchy View Post
Yoga pants ARE workout pants! They can be fitted like leggings or more of a wide leg like other sweats. They usually aren't as thick as sweatpants, though.

I love these

These are cheaper, though!
Old Navy
Oh, thanks for the link! I see that they have petite sizes so I will try that and hopefully it won't be too long.
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I get mine from Victoria Secrets - and they are by far my favorite. I have the cropped ones and the ones long enough to wear with sneakers and they are perfect. I usually don't wear them to any place specific but if it's a crappy day out, I throw them on with a pair of uggs, flops, or sneakers depending on the weather. They don't have that "sweatpant" look since they are more fitting and flattering. Would I wear them to work/church/to dinner? Probably not. But to school, around the house or running errands? Absolutely.

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I have something similar to these from JcPenney's, and a couple of pairs from Old Navy.

I think every pair I have is flared enough to mostly come over tennis shoes and flip flops but you can get them anyway you want.
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I live in yoga pants ever since my first pregnancy. I wear a thick waisted, flare leg style. Always black, no embleshiments. Brand doesn't matter.
I wear them everywhere because I don't go to church, go on dates (I'm married) or have a job (I'm a SAHM). I wear them because they're comfortable and forgiving.

Oh and buy mine at goodwill on half off days

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I have a pair from Additionelle (a Canadian chain similiar to lane Bryant). They're a boot cut with a nice high waist. They're not too tight, and with a nice blouse they *almost* look like dress pants. I have zero problem wearing them out in public with a pair of nice flats and a nice top.

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I wear workout pants everymorning. I don't necessarily go work out every morning, but I wear them anyways.

I ran errands, clean and sometimes workout in them and then, I take a shower and I wear jeans... I am SAHM.

I don't like bending over and cleaning my toilet with good pants on lol, so yoga or workout pants are extremely confi for the day-to-day chores.

I don't think look sloppy, but I wouldn't wear them to a restaurant or get together.
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Sorry, I find yoga pants in non-workout or quick-errand situations look a bit sloppy. Even well fitted yoga pants still have a slouchy look to them than knitted trousers don't. As a mom who is t home all day long it can be so easy to fall into the trap of laziness with my appearance, and getting dressed in real clothes every single morning is one of the BIG guards against that. I wear lots of comfortable things, but just picking some twill skirts or a pair of jeans as opposed to something of a stretchier material can do worlds for making me look more put together.

I'd caution against the trap of comfortable yoga pants - one other thing to consider is that if you're in any way using clothing as your litmus for if you have gained weight, those suckers can mask MANY pounds before they fit poorly. Fitted jeans or a dress? Not so much!
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I absolutely love my yoga pants! They arent bulky or binding, they are comfy and fitted and i wear them with sneakers, flip flops, sandals. I wear the bootcut with the mentioned shoes. I wear them to the local stores, library, anywhere around town that diesnt require formal or office attire.

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I wear my yoga pants every day....love them! My favorites have been the one's I bought at Target, Champion brand? They are fit thru the hip and thigh area and straight legged. I only wear them with my walking shoes. I walk/run every day so probably the main reason I wear them every day. I don't make it a habit to wear them out in public, only if I'm going to the store after one of my walks on the local trail.

In all honesty, I've received many compliments when I wear them. People notice my weight loss more so because they are form fitting up top and don't hide the bulges I used to own
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Looks like I'll be getting me some yoga pants folks!

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Unless I am at the gym or running errands right before/right after gym where I just leave the workout clothes on... I don't wear yoga pants like casual wear on the street.

I usually go Target/Champion tho.


Started Jan 2016:

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