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Default Frustrated with rate of weight loss!

I'll try not to rant and ramble here.

Since December last year, I have been tasked with losing weight to get down to 32 BMI so that my partner and I can have children (via IVF). Because NY was coming, I decided to wait until after that so I wouldn't be disappointed if I gained weight from eating cakes etc. Thankfully, my gain was less than 1kg.
In my first month (Jan), I lost 0 kgs in my monthly weigh-in. My weight had been jumped up and down and I was really disappointed that I remained the same after my 30 min walks 4-5 days a week. So, I decided to start running...

I walk/run around a bike track (like in the pursuit racing) but it is outside and has a soccer pitch in the middle. I started running a lap, and then 2 laps of the track and in my next weigh-in (Feb) I'd lost 3 kgs.
So, this month, I've decided that I'm ready for more and I've been running 4 laps and walking 4 (alternating from a walk then a run lap). Well, not only am I not losing any weigh on the scales, I've ended up wearing myself out and I can only exercise for 2 days before I'm too tired for the next (I also walk to and from university). I've been to the doc about my aches and pains that I suffer from my exercise and I've taken her advice to slow down.

The point of this is that I want to know from your experiences what my weight loss count generally should be by the end of the month. Please, write in pounds if that's what you know because I can use a converter

My goal is to lose 3-6 kgs per month (6kg = 13lbs) so that I'll lose 12-24 kgs this year. I keep a diary that I use to track my sleep (because getting enought sleep is a problem for me and writing it reminds me to get more than my usual 5-6 hours. Naughty me!), my exercise amount, my meals and my mood/thoughts for the day. I don't want to track calories because I have a tenancy to become obsessed and I'll only stress myself out.

Phew! I think I've written all the relevant information. Hopefully I haven't written too much!

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13 pounds a month, every month seems like an unrealistic goal. I know dr's recommend no more than 2 pounds a week. I average 10 pounds a month, which is 2.5 pounds a week.

Are you logging your food? Are you weighing/measuring/counting each serving? Are you only drinking water? Do you measure your ketchup, mayo, butter? How about creamer and sugar in your coffee? Those types of things tend to be unaccounted calories that quickly add up!
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I got this
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I understand not counting calories but really, if you aren't losing with all that exercise, maybe it's time to go back to the food log and do some tweaking?? Do you drink enough water? Eating a lot of salty food because that can cause you to hold a lot of water weight. Water can help with that, just drink a bit extra for salty foods if you don't already.

As for your goals, if your stats in your profile are in kg, then yes it is probably possible you can do 3 to 6kg for the first 2-3 months if you're lucky but then after that it's gonna slow down considerably. But really, every body is different and will experience different rates of loss due to a lot of variables so we can't really give you a concrete answer from experience on what your weight loss count should be.

I understand there is a lot of pressure with your weight-loss for baby-making but you don't want to damage your body in the process by over-exercising so I am glad you are listening to your doc about taking it easy on the workouts.

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Red face Reply

@RanvenWolf Admittedly no I don't include things like sauce and margarine in my log, but only because I know that I'm going to have them. Otherwise, I log everything in. I only drink water, low-fat milk and tea (milk w/ no sugar).

@amandie I'm not a fan of salt and I drink mostly water during the day with a glass of low-fat (light blue cap) milk when I first get up. I'm going to see a dietician for tips on the type of foods I should eat more of and stay away from and, hopefully, the right amount of exercise I should be doing.
Thanks for letting me know that my weight loss will slow down!

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with having PCOS (Poly-cystic ovary syndrome) and I've kind of fallen off the band wagon a bit. So, my weight loss journey is going to be more difficult than if I didn't have it. Hence, my overcompensating with more exercise and why I lost nothing in the first month. However, in the mirror I notice a huge change! My newest accomplishment is that I have a almost flat back All the rolly-polies are pretty much gone. I just have to work on my tummy, legs and arms now
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Exercise because you enjoy it, but don't count on it towards weight loss. Your 30-minute walks burned off...well, about 75 net calories each day. So at that rate, you would lose a pound every 47 days. (Or,as you saw, nothing the first month.)

Running is a bit better--you're burning 105 net calories a mile. So for every 33 miles you run, you can expect to lose a pound.

OR you could watch your calories, and maybe cut as much as 500 a day, and lose a pound a week.

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You may not want to count calories but generally speaking, you lose weight in the kitchen, not the gym. Even hours of exercise burn a relatively low number of calories compared with how quickly you can eat them back. And without a calorie deficit, you won't lose weight.

Speaking for myself, I do a low carb, low fat plan where I actually don't have to count calories. Sunday will be my 10th week and I will have lost right around 30 lbs in that time, which is right around your target. By eliminating grains and starches while still staying low fat, I am very satisfied on what turns out to be a pretty low amount of calories even though I don't have to weight, measure and count (although I sometimes do, just out of curiosity). If your goal is to lose fairly quickly, going low carb is most likely to do that. You could give that a try, and then switch to a more balanced plan when you get to your goal (most low carb plans are phased plans anyway, and you add back in additional carbs when you are no longer actively trying to lose weight)
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I have to echo others; maybe a couple of weeks of true calorie counting and logging everything that you put in your mouth would be helpful. It is so eye opening to see just how many calories are in certain things. I enter my recipes into my calorie tracker (My Fitness Pal) so I know exactly what the caloric value of every dish I make is It has been extremely eye opening. Possibly you could set a time period in which to do this, and maybe if you go into it knowing you only have to do it for X amount of time it won't stress you out as much?

As for exercise, could you incorporate a circuit training workout DVD into your routine a few times a week? Beachbody has many excellent ones (I'm doing Slim in 6) and the Jillian Michaels ones are great. I do 30 Day Shred occasionally, because its only 20 minutes. I can't always fit an hour of exercise in, but 20 minutes is easier. I, personally, burn twice as many calories doing DVDs as I do running. I don't burn any more walking than I do just sitting on the couch.

As an aside, did your doctor tell you that the symptoms of your PCOS should improve greatly with weight loss? This isn't the case for everyone, but for many.

Losing 13lbs a month sounds like a lot. Forgive me for not being able to wrap my mind around the kg conversion. I can't lose more than 8lbs a month, and even that is with staying on plan and busting my butt working out 6 days a week. (Even at my HW of 200lbs) I am okay with that, as I only want to lose fat, no muscle. Losing 13lbs a month of fat just sounds like a lot. Is your weight under your username in lbs or kgs?

Way to go on the flat back, by the way! I don't know if I'm ever going to get there! :P I bet a fun circuit training DVD would get you the same results with your abs. There are a lot that can be watch free on YouTube, also. All of the Jillian Michaels ones, I know.

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Generally speaking, weight loss is 70-80% about what and how much you eat, and only 20-30% exercise. You can exercise as much as you like, but if you aren't eating a calorie deficit then you won't be losing much if any weight.

I count calories and it works for me. Others do low-carb, primal, paleo, weight watchers, atkins, etc. You already log what you eat - good. I'd start by adjusting that.

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Originally Posted by L J View Post
As an aside, did your doctor tell you that the symptoms of your PCOS should improve greatly with weight loss? This isn't the case for everyone, but for many.
No, I wasn't explained all of the symptoms but my mum and I did do some online research. Aside from my TOM pains (which stop me exercising for about a week per month), I was told that it would be harder for me to lose weight. I read that I need to have a low-GI diet because one of the main causes of PCOS is the higher insulin levels in my body. (Luckily for me, I've never been a fan of sugar and only ever had it in low doses!) I only read this last weekend and I've not had a chance to look into the types of foods I should be eating more. I do know that low-carb diets are bad for me because, if I remember correctly, I need foods that the insulin can digest slowly...and something about needing carbs to help that process.
I have also read that I can take medication to help with weight loss, but I'm not a fan of medication ever since I saw my granddad with 8 different types, all which counteracted the effects of another to prevent strokes and heart-attacks.

Edit: Hah! I just realised that I misread your comment. Yeah, my symptoms have already started improving insofar as I'm becoming regular with my TOM.

Originally Posted by L J View Post
Is your weight under your username in lbs or kgs?
The weights under my username are lbs but I've converted it from my weight in kgs. I'll edit it now

Hmmm... I thought it was 50% kitchen and 50% exercise. I'll pay a bit more attention to the foods and extras that I consume. Thinking back, yes, this has been a bad month for me. I should pay more attention to the mirror than to the scale, shouldn't I?

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