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Mommy On A Mission
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Red face Looking For Support

My name is Ash. I am 22. I am from Toronto. I am the mother of a wonderful 3 year old boy. He is special needs.

I myself, have recently been diagnosed with Scoliosis, Chondromalasia Patella, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatism, Anxiety and Depression.

I was on medication but was taken off due to weight gain.

A little background info is a good place to start....

Most of my teenage life I weighed about 140 - 150lbs. I was considered the chubby one in my circle of friends. My family never talked about health. Did not teach me the skills to be fit. No encouragement at all.

At 19 I was pregnant and peaked at 181lbs the day I gave birth to my baby boy. Jan.28.2010

In October of 2010 I weighed 157lbs... Not too bad at all.

Now February 2013 I am the heaviest I have ever been at 194lbs.

I sicken myself. I barely fit in any of my wardrobe. I make excuses. I am SCARED.

Worst of all, it is affecting my relationship with my boyfriend.. and it is not pretty when we start talking about MY health or weight.....

I just don't have anyone to talk to. I need friends (which I do not have atm).
I am stressed. I have a lot on my plate. I have a child to care for 24/7 and my body is my worst enemy with all these darn conditions... How am I supposed to get better when my body and life contradict all the basic instructions for getting fit??

Please. I really need a friend.
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hi ash I'm half brain dead from a long shift today, but I wanted you to know we're here for you. You can do this, we all can. Don't overwhelm yourself with too much change all at once, I'm trying to focus on making just one change at a time and making it a habit.

Lots of people lose weight and gain fitness despite obstacles and challenges. You can do this too, and we're here to help. Hugs!!!
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Hang in there. You have come to the right place. I also have anxiety and it affects me every day. I suffered from depression for ten long years but finally something worked three years ago. Strangely I didn't gain a ton of weight til I started feeling better. I think I was afraid to test how strong my mental health was.

You did great losing the baby weight, you can do this too! Try not to think about tackling all your issues all at once but just small daily changes that will add up over time. Im sorry this is affecting your relationship. Men can be so black and white. I am happy to listen and chat if you want to pm me.

P.s. And I'm from Toronto too!

Next mini goal- below 144lbs- 144 is my magic number. I have a mental block about 144. Whenever I get there I start gaining. I got to 142 briefly but it didn't last.

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Mommy On A Mission
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S/C/G: 194/-/145

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How do you PM lol

I appreciate all the support already feeling better.
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On a break with Baby #5
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Big hugs! That is a lot to manage and your stress and frustration is palpable. Be encouraged though, your weight CAN be managed and depending on the type of plan you choose your overall health could improve as well.

I have a ton of sensitivities and autoimmune issues that impact my joints, skin, and to a lesser extent my digestion and sympathetic nervous system. The wrong foods not only made keeping my weight down impossible, but I had regular flares of symptoms and was uncomfortable most of the time. It stunk! Losing weight helped some, and tweaking my way to a diet that calmed rather than exacerbated my immune response was the golden ticket. Now I'm smaller AND much more vibrant and energetic each day. No more feeling like an old person in a 20-something body

Don't lose hope - commit yourself to a plan of action and pursue it, one good choice at a time!
Taryl - http://www.aurorafiberarts.com/weightloss

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Hi ash! I also have many similar health issues. I started following an anti inflammatory diet and feel so much better. I can't believe how much less pain I have and my mood is great. You need to experiment and see what works for you. Take it one day at a time. There's also a board on here for dieting with obstacles. You might want to read up there. Lots of people in the same boat as you.
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Toronto is a huge city; there has to be a support group for moms of kids with special needs. It'd be a great place to deal with the stress of raising your son and I'd bet that you might make a lot of new friends with other moms who understand your situation. You sound very isolated and that isn't good for anybody; it definitely isn't good for your general outlook, goals or relationship with your boyfriend.

It probably sounds overwhelming, but little steps may give you some direction and hope that you can feel better.

Current Weight: 144 lbs.
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Welcome to the group! There are so many supportive and wonderful people here!!

Even with obstacles you can lose the weight! I suffer from depression, anxiety and fibromyalgia, just to name a few. I have commited myself to losing the weight which will hopefully help alleviate some of my troubles!

Many of use know the disgusted feeling we can get from being bigger than we want, thought we were, etc. The good news is, you can do something about it.

For starters, find an app that you can log your exercise, food and water intake in. That will greatly help you see how much you are taking in. Make sure you weight and measure everything you put in your mouth! (I use My Fitness Pal and you can access it online or on your phone.)

Coming here is also a great way to find support, get answers to questions, and just feel better about yourself and your journey!

If you can get out and walk with your son every day, that will help you feel better. I'm not sure how difficult this is with all you have going on physically, but even if it is only 10 minutes to start it is something.

On days when I am feeling really depressed, I still make myself get in at least a walk. At the end of it, I feel so much better!

Start making healthy choices in your eating habits. Switch to drinking only water or no calorie teas.

You CAN do this! And you have a great group here that will be behind you every step of the way!

So no more excuses! We look forward to seeing your successes, and supporting you through your set backs.
Follow My Journey! http://ff2fb.blogspot.com/

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Restart 11/2012 at 153lbs
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I have depression and anxiety too, at one point I was researching fibromyalgia because I thought I might have it. Well I take a lot of supplements and I think they have helped with my depression. I have read omegas, flax seed, magnisium, c and calcium can help both situations. Also exersize will help. My husband says there has been a night and day change in me, I am sure feeling better about myself being thinner has helped too. It would be worth looking into and trying some supplements.
In December I injured my hip and had to go to a chiropractor, apparently I have scoliosis too. I notice it in my super uneven shoulders everyday. Money is to tight right now for me to do anything about it.
I don't have many friends either and find it nice to have someone to talk to daily on this site, it's such encouragement and motivation.
Well I wish u the best, I hope u reach your goals and find a way to stabilize your health.
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hey i just posted a simmiler post! im 27, i have a ton of mental problems i have fibromyalga, and a bum knee and bilateral therasic outlet syndrom (its pinched nerves in both sholdurs so my hands/arms are weak and numb or in pain!) hey i'll be your budy!
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Mommy On A Mission
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Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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S/C/G: 194/-/145

Height: 5'6


Thanks for all the support you guys. Feeling better already
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