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Just this past weekend, my mom and I went through my closet and donated 9 trash bags of clothes that were too big. 9 trash bags!!!

I now have 2 pairs of jeans that fit, 1 pair black pants and 1 pair of khaki pants. I have about 8 shirts nice enough to wear to work and about 10 t-shirts. I barely have a wardrobe!
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I lost 20 lbs some months ago and never bothered to do any clothes shopping. I'm also a STHM and the yoga pants and t-shirt uniform seems to grown or shrink with your size.

But now that I'm 3 months pregnant with my 2nd and due at the end of the summer. All of my old maternity clothes were for the colder weather. I decided to go into Old Navy to try on their maternity clothes to see what size I need to buy. I'd been going around for the last 6 months in size 16 pants and XL tops. Imagine the grin on my face when I found out I should be wearing size 12 pants and M tops.

I think if clothes are a big part of your life scour the thrift stores as you go down in size for a few pieces that you can feel great in now, don't wait until you are at goal to feel the fruits of your labours.
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Hooping my Life Away
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A lot of my new friends have "naked lady/goddess/some random pro-female phrase parties," everyone brings some clothes/shoes/etc, trades them and anything that is left over will be donated to a local goodwill/women's home/etc. I got some nice clothes from a girl that just lost some weight. Hopefully in a few months, I can be the one donating my clothes at the next party.
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I can do this
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About two years ago (at my high weight of 235), I basically replaced my whole wardrobe--I have a *ton* of tops and jackets in size 20/22/1X. (For that size range through about 3x, I really recommend CJ Banks, especially for "business casual" and a little dressier than that)

For whatever reason, though, I don't have many 20s, and the only smaller size in my closet is 18 (all boxed up). I got rid of everything smaller years ago, on the theory that if I ever got to a 16, all those clothes would be out of style (and probably too young for me anyway). (Although I'm dying for some brightly colored jeans)

I'm just expecting to have to do some shopping--I'd like to get by with what I have now until I get down to the 18s, but then I'll have to assess which of the jackets and sweaters and tops I can still wear to work.

Buying new clothes will be fun!
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Finally in control.
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I had to lose about 40 pounds before my clothes got too big. That was the most frustrating part of starting my diet. The time between sizes was much longer in the beginning. As I slimmed down, I went to a discount department store and got a bunch of nice tops for work and some pants. I also was lucky enough to get 3 pairs of pants and jeans from a co-worker who is a size below me because she started losing weight about 6 months before me. My mom is also losing weight so I got a beautiful winter coat and some clothes from her.

My weight loss seems to have slowed down a bit recently but hopefully I won't need anything new until the Spring.
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*Embrace Power*
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I feel you. One of my biggest motivators every morning is trying to find something to wear. A lot of my dresses fit me well in a 25-30 lb range, but most of my tops and ALL of my bottoms are aggrevating because one will hide my problem areas better than the other and one is more fashionable in my opinion, but I cannot wait to be back in 12s and 14s and can wear anything in my closer along with whatever strikes my fancy at the store. Picking out an outfit has become more of a chore, and I want it to be fun again!
for every 5 lbs I lose!

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I want to BE ABLE TO throw out my whole closet! I can't wait for the time where I can start getting rid of the big stuff to replace with smaller stuff. I am so excited for that day!!!

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I am trying to look nice each day ... even though I haven't shrunk a size yet (lost abou 22 lbs so far). But I think that saying "you are worth it to look nice" is an important attitude about weight loss.

So I've been picking up pieces here and there. Target plus clearance online has been great (I get cute tops for about $7). And if you have a red card (which is just linked ot your debit account - its not a credit card), shipping is free and you get another 5% off. I've been finding that JCPenney is good for cute, discount clothes (not as cheap as Target though). I think its important to at least have a few pieces you look good in. And while I am on a tight budget, I don't think twice about spending $7 on a lunch out here or there, but I realize I'd rather spend $7 on a cute top here or there.
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Craigslist is an inexpensive way to find new-to-you clothes. I did a little craigslist shopping yesterday and found two pairs of designer jeans for half the price (one pair was brand new, with tags still on.) You could always sell your old clothes on there too.
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the muse of memory
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Clearance sales are REALLY going on right now. I have purchased: three dresses that were on end-of-season clearance, but will be perfect for spring/summer in the past few weeks. One was $10, one was $15, and one was $16. Dresses I think are also very forgiving and will work well longer than blouses and slacks. ALSO simpler dresses are quite easy to have tailored and you might consider having some favorite things taken in at your dry cleaners or some alterations place.

I also did some shopping at Goodwill, and got a nice pair of jeans that I really needed (my jeans were all giant) for $6.

I have donated ALOT of nice plus size clothes to Goodwill. I know that they have a smaller selection, but they do have stuff there.

I am considering what to do with rings and clothes that now no longer fit after a brief period of wearing them, and am considering selling them at a consignment shop, as I haven't the patience for craigslist or ebay but would like to get some $$ back for nice, gently used things that I can use to buy more new things.
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Keep talkin' ladies!! I canNOT WAIT to get rid of clothes and start wearing something different, even if it's not new. I am NOT buying new fat clothes--I will slim into my old clothes, even if they're unfashionable. I just cannot believe, as some of you claim, that I could be slimming down into new sizes so rapidly. Oh...I hope that happens to me please, please, please.

Keep talking.....this is sooooo motivating.

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I basically threw out my whole closet last year and it was tough. I had a lot of clothes that I was really attached to (especially in the 18-22 range where I was for soooooo long, like 5 years?) that were really difficult to find and were not cheap (plus sized clothing rarely is). But I threw out my whole closet and it's been the best decision ever!

Why? Over Christmas and New Year, I kind of went off-plan and let me tell you, the fear of going nekkid is a powerful, powerful motivator to get back on plan. It also helps that I don't wear/own a lot of lycra or stretch fabric (except workout clothes). I had 1 pair of pants in a size 10 and 1 size 12 dress left from last year's great clothing giveaway that fit comfortably, everything else was size 4-8. Believe me, no one had to tell me to get back on-plan. I've spent a heap on new clothes in the last year or so and given away everything that doesn't fit, that avenue is closed! If I gain too much, it's going to be nightdresses or mumus for me to my business casual work environment for a while.

It took me like 50 lbs before my clothes became ridiculously big and unwearable but after that I was on my way; every 10 lbs lost was like a new size down. I'm of the opinion that one should have at least a couple of staples they like in their wardrobe at any size and at least one thing that makes one feel pretty or sexy or stylish.
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I don't need to lose as much as some on here, but I'm just noticing the clothes I bought at 200 lbs are very baggy on me now at 173. It's motivating, yet I'm sad.

I still have my clothes from high school when I was 120 all the way up to 200 lbs. I have a ton of clothes in my basement packed away in tubs. I need to go thru and get rid of some of them as I doubt they'd look good on me now even as I lose weight. I was a teen and young college student. Now I'm a new mom so wanting to look the part. Anyone else like me?

At any rate, I really need to go thru my wardrobe. I have so much that I need to pass on. I want a small wardrobe that is more useful, not a large wardrobe that just confuses me every morning!
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I'm finally starting to fit into half the stuff in my closet so I don't want to throw out mine yet!! It's like I have a "free" new closet already between the clothes and shoes I can wear now.

Some of those clothes have been hanging there for 6-8 years never worn (some with tags). It's a good thing they are pretty traditional plain clothes or they'd be out of style by now.

I always used to gaze at them and wonder why I kept them. Now I have my reason! The only problem (!!) is that I am too thin for some of the things I never even got to wear once. My Goodwill donation when I am ready to part with those big clothes is going to greatly benefit someone.
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