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What keeps YOU motivated?

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Old 02-01-2013, 08:55 PM   #1
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Default What keeps YOU motivated?

I have to say coming on 3FC is a HUGE weight loss motivator for me. The success stories and the discussions are awesome!

BUT what helps to motivate you guys to keep on track when you're not on the site?

Encouraging quotes? Putting up old pictures? Putting up pictures of your dream body? Etc... It could be anything! I would like any suggestions to help me from falling off track! Thanks!!!
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I hang various complete outfits on my closet door so I can see them every day and fantasize about wearing them. I try them on about every 3 weeks to see how much progress I make. If it ends up fitting, I dance with pure joy! And then put the "new outfit" in my closet and replace it with another smaller outfit. It's so motivating to me.
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Height: 5'9.5"


Right now it's the sensation of my inner thighs rubbing together when I walk.

Also, I have a closet full of gorgeous dresses that I would SOOOO love to wear!
I see them every morning but have to put on my bigger clothes, which isn't all that exciting.

First goal: under 180:
Second goal: 175 or below:
Third goal: 168 (no longer overweight):
Fourth goal: 160 or below:
Final goal: 145-155 (not sure if this will ever happen):
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F - Yeah, I'm doing this.
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First of all this place is a great motivator. As well as I subscribe to a few weight loss blogs and healthy cooking blogs for daily inspiration and ideas.
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I am a very slow loser. For a long time I would get easily frustrated and give up after a few weeks because I felt like if I wasn't going to be having any success, I should at least be able to eat. But something switched in me not long ago (maybe last couple of months) and now I am finding it hugely motivational to just stay the same. I know that sounds odd, but I had developed such an intense fear of continuing to gain. At the rate I was going, I was worried I was going to eventually get to the size where I wouldn't be able to get around and take care of myself. So, now when I get up and see the same old number on the scale, I think "phew! still 194!" And I am 20 pounds down from my highest weight and even though that is still quite large, still wearing a 3X top, 194 is way better than 214.

Also, the way I'm currently eating, I am never hungry. Even when I need to eat, I kinda have to force it down. I don't get any satisfaction at all from food now. But it is such a monkey off my back to not feel compelled to eat large amounts of unhealthy foods. It feels much, much healthier. And I feel in control, which is new and very nice for me.

type I diabetic and mama to ds1 (9/14/03) and ds2 (2/11/09)
sometimes vlc, sometimes pure carnivore, always once-a-day feeding
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Height: 5' 5"


My jeans fit beautifully (no muffin top) and I want it to stay that way. I don't miss how miserable I felt in jeans. This place is a huge motivator too.
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I'm bringing sexy back!
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My motivation is wanting another baby

One for every five pounds lost!
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i've been working on toning up, so seeing my loose skin tighten up has been pretty addicting. seeing tone has been the biggest motivator for me as i've gotten closer to goal.

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Starting Over Again
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I think 3FC has helped me more than anything. I spend a lot of time on here just reading.
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What keeps me "going" is that I don't depend on motivation at all, as it is too fickle and says bye bye just when I need it most. What keeps me going is having made a *decision* and being committed to sticking with it!

First major goal met 12/7/12. Next major goal ONEderland!
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Claim it ,Achieve it!
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Height: 5'2"


Wanting to give my husband the woman that he was 1st attracted to and ask to marry! I know I can 't turn back the hands of time but I am enjoying the looks and the sparks .
My teenage daughter thinking I could fit in to her jeans.
Walking past a mirror a not being afraid to see my reflection.
Not being afraid to bump into someone I have not seen in a while.
Not being afraid to be weighed at the Doctor's office.
Feeling comfortable now to finally go to the gym!
Knowing I have kept my promise to my family to lose the weight and be healthy.
Losing weight so I can get 100,000 mile makeover I keep dreaming about!
Being able to do something that has haunted me for years!
Good Luck, I believe each of us has different things that drive us down the road to goal ,Claim it and then start doing the work!
Don't listen to someone that is trying to steal your Thunder?..press on
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Height: 5'5


All awesome answers!!! THank you!
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Curiosity is a huge thing for me. I have been fat my entire life (since I was 8 years old) and I don't have a clue what skinny is going to look and feel like.

Fear is another thing. I've recently known several people near my own age who have been very ill (or died) because of weight related issues. That's terrifying and I don't want it to happen to me.

And I daydream about clothes shopping. A lot.
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Restart 11/2012 at 153lbs
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S/C/G: Hw194/Sw160/Cw120/gw125

Height: 5'2" on the dot!


Kinda agree about motivation being to fickle to count on. When I do feel motivated it's by health, things to do with my kids such as doing activities I wouldn't or couldn't do before and certainly not least the way I look now. I always felt cute, u know she has a cute face but now I feel pretty.
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Join Date: Dec 2012
Posts: 52

S/C/G: 220/213/140

Height: 5'5


@novus I feel the exact same way! Very curious to see what a skinnier me looks and feels like

@chubbiegurl congrats on the over 30 lb loss! That itself is so motivating for me!!!!
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