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Default 0.2 of a Pound Gain, Two Days in a Row?

I've stayed under calories for 29 straight days. I've drank my 64 ounces of water every day. I get roughly 35 minutes of exercise every other day, and 45 minutes on days I'm not doing the 35 minutes.

Yesterday the scale was up 0.2 of a pound and this morning again!!! What the heck? Water weight? Muscle? I'm trying not to panic.

My TOM passed several days ago, so I know it's not a factor.

I'm really upset about it. I have been working so hard!!!
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0.2 lbs is nothing to be worried about...that's less than half a cup of water. A million different things factor in throughout the course of the day, and 0.2 lbs difference is well within the normal amount of fluctuation. If that small of a change is going to get you this upset, though, you might want to try weighing less frequently. The main thing to be worried about is an overall downward trend, and since there is small amounts of fluctuation on a day to day basis, daily weighing tends to not be for the faint of heart...

You're probably not doing anything wrong at all. It's 100% normal to not have a loss every day, even if you're following your plan to a T. Take some deep breaths, step away from the scale and just keep doing what you're doing.

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Don't panic and take a deep breath!!!

Your hard work will show off, I promise you. Sometimes our bodies just have to figure things out.

There is a tendency on this board (myself included!) to only rate our weightloss and progress by the scale and it's just not a true statement of our progress! Yes, the scale matters to a point but not with weighing in every day.

Keep doing what you are doing, sounds like you have everything planned out great and your progress so far has been awesome.

Ok, breathe again.

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If you're going to freak over .2, then you need to consider not weighing every day. .2 basically means that your scale rounded up instead of down. It is less than nothing. I know that everyone wants the scale to reward them one day for the efforts they made the day before, but it simply doesn't work that way.

Stress doesn't help your efforts to lose weight, and may even harm them, so consider stepping away from the scale on a daily basis and focus, instead, on goals you can control such as eating within your calories and exercise.

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I agree with the others .2 is not king and if it worries you don't weigh everyday. I could be that you ate a little bit more sodium the day before. It's normal to fluctuate everyday. Take a look at some of the threads where people weigh themselves everyday and you will see this is true.
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I agree with everyone else and I'm a daily weigher. Look for over all trends, not daily fluctuations. Hugs

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If normal daily weight fluxuations are something that bother and upset you to the point of "trying not to panic" as you put it... Then you probably shouldn't weigh yourself daily at this point, because it sounds like you are just putting yourself through unnessary stress that most likely will turn out to just be counterproductive in the end...

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don't be obsessive over the scale...at the minimum weigh yourself once a week
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