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Default Can anyone tell me if there is a difference in these photos?

Beginning of October I weighed 180. My goal for the end of October was low 170s. Instead by the end of October my weight shot up to the mid 180s and now in the beginning of November I am still 180! I started going back to the gym again after not going for about 6 weeks. I used to do only low intensity cardio before (was able to text while exercising). Now I do weight training 3x per week, high intensity cardio 3x per week and I do some type of low/moderate cardio every single day. I've been doing this for about 3 weeks. I feel different, but the scale is driving me nuts.

This pic is from beginning of October... please excuse the nakedness (wearing only underwear)

This one is from a few days ago, beginning of November

I weigh exactly the same in both pictures!

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waisting away
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Both links say that the photo has been removed. FYI
"Your past does not equal, nor does it dictate, your future."

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Ok. I guess imageshack thought my photos were indecent lol. Hopefully they work now.
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keep going
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Yeah I can totally see a difference - especially in your hips!

Remember that the scale just shows weight, it doesn't tell you what that weight is (poop, food, water, fat, muscle) so if you're eating at a deficit and weight training you are burning fat. Never mind the scale!
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I can see a difference. You are exercising but are you dieting ? To lose weight you need to reduce calories.
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I agree with LeilaJay, my eyes were immediately drawn to the difference in your hips even before I read her comment, so there's definitely a change there! Don't be discouraged by the scale, you're obviously heading in the right direction.
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I immediately saw a difference through your waist and stomach.

Isn't the scale frustrating?

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Japanese Student
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I, too, see a difference.
Just keep at it and the weight loss will catch up with you!
My motto: The reason why you can't do it is because you quit trying.
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I agree with LeilaJay. I see difference in the hips definitely! Don't get frustrated. Stick with it. You'll make it!

You look great and don't seem like you have that much to lose so actual loss in numbers on the scale might not be as fast as if you had loads of weight to lose. This also means you might have a little less wiggle room with diet and need to be mindful of that if you want to see scale losses.
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Yep, your hips and mid-section definitely look smaller and more defined.

Well done
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Starting over sucks.
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You're not as big as me, so this might not work, but try standing in front of a door or picture etc, when you take your pictures. It makes it easier to chart overall shrink.

You're definitely smaller through the hips!
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Your belly fat is going away in the 2nd photo.. The cellulite is getting less visible on the thighs and belly. Keep up the good work! I see a lot of changes in the 2nd photo.. That is just some.

I love 3FC! You ladies have really helped me and motivate me! Kisses! Thanks or all the support!
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My goals for December 2012: Cardio 3 days in the gym for two hours and 2 days in the gym for three hours.

I made it and so can you! Fitness is the key!

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November looks tighter.. tummy and upper legs too!
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Definitely see a difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my crazy life.....http://theythatweight.blogspot.com/

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I definitely see a difference! In your hips and thighs! Woot woot!!!
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