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Question Long time no see! And a question on pant sizes?


I have been absent since July. In my absence i havent lost a pound. I had some life struggles that threw me for a loop and it took all i had to face them. I still feel lost, I still feel sad, I still feel out of control. But here, you are all so wonderful and encouraging and I need that So I am back and ready to do whatever I can.

When I started I was between a size 20-22. I was probably more like a reluctant 22. Now I am a size 18 and have been since June. I am just over 5'10 and 234 pounds. I really want to try reaching a size 14 by December 19th. But, im uncertain how wight loss vs pant size works? Is there an average pant size for weight and height?

A bit about me in my absence: I went on a vacation over the summer and had a great time, upon returning home everything kind of turned over on its head. Vehicles breaking down, unexpected money losses, getting ready for another semester on top of having to work more. I figured out finances, got my vehicle fixed and then school began. I go to school Monday through Thursday and work 48-60 hours a week, on top of a small commute to work. On top of that I have had some devastating personal and emotional stuff happen. Im still lost, and trying with all my might to push on. I just feel like i dont know how?

Im counting my calories and watching my carbs, I have a gym membership but fail to use it.. Im just tired I try to go to the gym when i get off work, I bring a change of clothes and force myself to go. I am good with doing cardio but i struggle with strength training? Any simple and effective suggestions?

My goal, again, is to go from a size 18 to a size 14 by December 19th. I believe that i can do this, I am just not sure how. I dont know how much it takes to lose a pant size? Does anyone have advice, suggestions, and personal experience with any of this?


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There's no real average pants size for various weights. You're much, much taller than me, for example, so it wouldn't make sense we'd weigh the same in a size 18, given that I am probably much wider at the same weight than you (having less vertical frame to spread it out upon) and thus take a larger pants size than someone who is longer in the body.

Add to that the differences in weight distribution among short or long torsos, and even more variance in round/top heavy/bottom heavy fat distribution. Then there's frame size, cup size, personal preferences in ideal weight. By the end you have only one sure fire rule - no rule can ever apply well to the majority of bodies! Just too many factors to consider.

That said, it takes longer to change a size between larger sizes vs. smaller sizes, as the ease and cut of the garments changes. How many pounds it takes depends on each body and where it is lost, but anywhere from 3-4 inches between pants sizes at the 18-28W sizes to .5-1 inch in the waistband difference of 0-6 sizes means that you have to both lose less weight to see that waist circumference change, and the pounds off of a smaller frame make a bigger visual impact than off a larger body (think of a paper towel roll a every sheet off a new roll barely makes a diameter change, whereas one towel off an almost empty roll is a much bigger percentage difference in the width of the overall roll).

I'm sorry you've been struggling lately. My advice is that having a goal is great, putting a timeframe on it, however, is setting yourself up for complete failure and disappointment. You can't control how much weight you lose on a given timeframe, you can't control where your body sheds it, and you can't control the cut of the garments you're using as a litmus. The only thing you CAN control is yor behaviors, not their outcome. Consistently being on your plan and setting goals like five months of no cheats or six days of exercise per week is a positive, attainable goal. A pants size in a certain timeframe? Much harder to predict and impossible to control. Set goals that are attainable and achievable, and time related goals are generally not it. If you only lost one pants size before Christmas, would you consider yourself a failure because you only lost one and not two? Rather than being proud of your achievement because you're into smaller pants, the timeframe goals mentally positions you to have NOT lost enough fast enough, and turns a brilliant success into a perceived failure. Do you see what I'm getting at?

As for strength training? My recommendation is having a goal based on an ultimate strength you'd like to work toward and then plan your time out accordingly. That, or picking a training method/plan like NROLFW or even P90X and pursuing it. There's no trick or shortcut, you just have to decide to do it and commit to the daily work to get it done. Once the habit has been set it gets easier to be consistent and the excuses start melting away. It never becomes completely automatic for many of us, but it does get easier. Still, dedication and perseverence are required far more than tricks, gimmicks, or even something as transient as motivation. You can lose weight and get fit, if you prioritize it and set your plan in motion with as much stubbornness as you can muster

Good luck!
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Pant sizes differ for each person an insane amount. I know women who weigh 20 pounds more than I do (same height) and wear pants 3 sizes smaller than I! I'll have to comment on the rest of the post once I am not on my phone!

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Sounds like you have had a lot to deal with recently and your current schedule sounds incredibly demanding as well... and it sounds like you are doing quite a bit for your weight and exercise goals too... I would give yourself a lot of credit for maintaining your weight loss and getting to the gym during what sounds like an incredibly stressful time...

As far as the gym goes... I can completely relate to what you mentioned about strength training... For me it's just never been my "thing", so right now I'm just doing a routine with a full set of dumbbells and a bench and that's it... which is working for me... it's simple and it's something that I can maintain...

And for me anyway... when I try to lose weight to get into a specific size I tend to lose focus on the more important aspects of weight loss for me, which are getting healthier and getting back in shape...

Plus with the way sizing varies so much... I can always find vanity sizing that will give me that "number" I'm looking for, so I don't worry about it too much...

Good luck...
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Hello... sorry you have had such a difficult time, and I wish you well. I completely agree with Arctic Mama... great post.

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I am also 5'10", but even with the height similarity, I can say pant sizes differ quite a bit depending on body type AND vanity sizing, so it's anybody's guess usually; however, it sounds like we may be somewhat similar - At my high weight of 227 I was in a solid 16 (Gap jeans, the only jeans I wore at the time).

Now I'm a solid 12 at 180. 14 was, unsurprisingly, somewhere in between, in the low 200's. I probably first started being able to wear 12s around 190, and fresh out of the dryer some of my 12 jeans are still pretty tight in the thighs.

That said, I also don't exercise at all. I'm not a weak person (I've been hauling around some 80lb+ packages for moving lately), but I don't strength train so it's likely I may be less dense than someone who does. (Meaning if you work out, you may be at a higher weight but a similar size / look due to muscle density.)

Anyway, hope that is helpful - I'd say give it a shot and even if you don't quite make it, you'll be so much closer it'll be worth it.

Edited to add - even if you don't make your goal, you can still be proud. I've been 'stuck' in the 180 range for almost a year, but I'm actually incredibly proud I haven't regained and have been cognizant of what I'm eating (more or less) that entire time. It gives me hope I'll be able to stick with maintenance long-term.

Overall point being - set the goal, have fun doing your darndest to make it, but don't be disappointed if you don't - be thrilled at where you DID get to, and keep going!

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totally depends on your body type and the amount of muscle you're gaining vs fat you're losing (or even muscle you're losing!). it might not be a bad goal to shoot for, but definitely don't be upset with yourself if you don't make it there by december! pant sizes also are a lot easier to drop once you get below size 18; the difference in some smaller pant sizes are as little as 5 lbs.

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I have a friend who is losing ahead of me, and she gave me three skirts, all the same style, but different colors / brands. I try them on periodically. The 14 goes on, but is too tight/unflattering to wear in public. The 18 goes on, but barely. The 16 I still can't manage to get over my monster hips. (And, ironically, as I get to know better what looks good on me, I am starting to suspect this skirt style will never be flattering. :-/)

So, if you are going to use clothing sizes to me monitor, you definitely need to use the same brand/style, IMHO.
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I'm sorry that you've had a tough time these last few months, but hopefully things will start to get better.

as for pant sizes, It's hard to say. I'm a size 16 at my weight right now (218) and I remember being a size 14 at around 200 back in middle school. It's really hard to say, because people carry their weight differently, and different brands sizes can differ. if you go to the website my fitness gallery (no spaces), you'll see people from all over upload pictures of themselves and their weights and size pants. This might give you a sense of what size you would need to be to get to a 14. Hope that helps and welcome back!
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I'm sorry you've had a tough time the past few months! Here's to better and happier times ahead for you!!! Even though you haven't lost weight in the interim months, there's victory in maintaining a loss as well so well done you!!!!!

I'm also terrible about getting my strength training done. It's not at all my favourite and I prefer cardio. Workout videos (of the Jillian Michaels variety for example) kind of make sure I get at least some body weight work in with planks, lunges, push ups etc and I also do some yoga videos as well. There's a site called bodyrock.tv and they put out a short (15 minutes or less usually) strength workout every single day. I'm thinking of doing a challenge of doing their workouts everyday through November to make sure I get a little strength in at least.

Regarding pant size, it will depend on your body type and of course you're tall so your experience will probably differ from mind. For me (a 5'7 apple-shaped person), size 14 was in the 2-teens, size 12 was early 200s to wonderland. For comparison, size 18-18W was 230s-250s and 20-22 was anywhere from the 250s to my highest weight. 16 for me was around the 220s to late 2-teens. You'll probably have to wait and see but stay encouraged, keep at it and your size 14 (and beyond!) will come!!!
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How about running by your local goodwill or thrift store and simply buying a pair of pants in a 14? Getting into a particular pair of pants is a more finite goal than being a certain size; sizes range too much to really be accurate, but that pair of pants in your closet is what it is and you can gauge your progress against them.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. School is so demanding i didnt have a chance to reply sooner, i apologize! (Im replying in one big post to save space)

I enjoy goals, I find it personally helps me push myself harder. Even if i dont make that goal, i still feel successful because I made a difference in myself. The only time i feel like a failure is if i dont try or give up.

I figured as much with pant sizes, i was hoping to find some kind of chart that basically said: for x height a size 14 is between x lbs- x lbs, and so on. Different body shape, muscle mass, etc didnt occur to me. Thanks for the info, it helped put things into perspective.

@Robin, I go to thrift stores all the time and look for what i call goal clothes (not much in the last couple months with everything going on, i really became kind of a shut in). My "goal clothes" are for my final weight goal, and my mini goals that i try creating for myself. It also helps that i have clothes when i lose weight too! I have 3 different pants for a size 16 that i hope to fit into soon, and i have a few different pants and skirts for a size 14. I can technically fit into my 16 pants, it just isnt pretty!

@my2cats- you sound almost identical to me! When i was around 180, i too was about a 12, a bit tight with some 12 sizes.. its been so long i cant quite remember. Thanks for the info, its helped me kind of mentally gauge where im at and what i can kind of predict

and thank you everyone for your optimism and encouragement, you are why i come here and i am so grateful for everything you give <3

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For plus sizes, the next size is usually 20-40 pounds apart.
*From my experience
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