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Default Movie Theater Popcorn - Theater Snacks?

My fiance and I went to the theater last night spontaneously because we were nearby. As usual my fiance got popcorn. Popcorn is my weakness and I ate half the bag because of its proximity and the smell of it in the theater was overwhelming (and I slipped). Is there anything to eat at a theater that's safe to eat besides sipping on a diet coke? Or do I have to avoid the spontaneity next time and bring my own snack?
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I usually smuggle in a snack or two, and a couple of bottles of water. I can't imagine paying $4 for a bottle of water, and especially for a brand I don't like. For the snack I usually bring in gummie bears, or swedish berries/fish. But I have brought in grapes or an already peeled/sectioned orange.


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I'm an abstain-or-sip-on-a-diet-coke person, as I've never liked movie theatre popcorn. I make fresher, much tastier stuff at home
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Bring frozen grapes. They are refreshing and taste like candy! They take longer to eat too!
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I bring a bag of some kind of nut. It was roasted cashews last time. I also bring gum: I'll have a handful of my fiance's popcorn and then pop the gum into my mouth
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I always sneak in a small bag of raw nuts & 90% dark cocoa from Walgreens.
Totally makes me feel not deprived ;-)
But I do have fun days where I splurge and split nachos with my daughter! Nachos are my weakness I just have to budget my calories for them.
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I usually just go ahead and have a small popcorn without the butter.
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I am a habitual smuggler!

I do get a diet pop there, but ometimes bring a water.

As for snacks, I like to bring something salty, like a small Baggie of crackers or soy crisps. I also bring a square of very dark chocolate. Sip and take small bites!

We are going to the movies tonight, so I need to find some snacks.

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I usually get the small or the kid-sized popcorn depending on which is smaller. It seems a little dumb to buy 2 separate bags of popcorn if you're going with someone but I need the portion control or I'll just mindlessly eat a whole huge bag. I also get a water or diet coke.

Smuggling is really hard over here because they search your bags and confiscate your goodies almost with as much rigor as the TSA at airports.
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I bought an air popper from amazon, and I can make 2 cups of air-popped popcorn for 30 calories!! It is amazing! It has revolutionised my snacking haha. Of course this doesn't help if you can't smuggle it into the cinema... I normally try to fill up before I go to snacky events, on healthy foods, then I'll break my no fizzy drinks policy and have a diet coke so I feel like I'm indulging myself and don't dig into the crisps.
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I always bring water with me and a 100 cal smack pack of some sort (smuggling is easy here). If I really want popcorn my partner will get one without butter and the theatre gives out spare tiny bags (if asked) and I will put my portion in there.

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I buy the kids meal with diet soda as the drink option. It is like 8 bucks but you get a small popcorn,small soda and snack. It is not perfect but it is more appropriate size for someone who is on a diet.

Also I try to compensate what i eat during that day to include the calories from the popcorn, so eat clean rest of day and put in extra 30 mins at the gym that day.
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I usually get a diet coke and then I eat a few mouthfuls of DH's popcorn. If I buy a whole one for myself I would feel I had to eat it, whereas sharing his I tend to eat only a little.
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Originally Posted by carbstart View Post
Or do I have to avoid the spontaneity next time and bring my own snack?
It depends on how important movie popcorn is to you. To me it's very important -- going to a movie would be a far less satisfying experience without it. So I decided it was one of the things I was NOT willing to give up, calories and salt be damned. When I was in weight loss mode I would have the popcorn instead of supper. It was still very worth it to me. Now that I'm in maintenance I may have a small dinnertime snack beforehand. I usually get a large size and eat the whole thing.

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For me the desire to snack (not just at the movies, everywhere) was just getting to be too much for me and so I had to go cold turkey. I just don't let myself think about it. It was tough because food has a way of becoming an integral part of an experience. For example, going to the movies and having popcorn, I would always debate with my friends about which snack to get and in the movie we would all share a big bag and whisper about the movie. So an experience as simple as going to the movies had to be completely changed but it was a necessity because otherwise my snacking would have interfered with my diet too much.
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