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S/C/G: 249/244/179

Height: 5'11"

Default What is YOUR weight loss method of choice?

What weight loss plan does everyone follow? I see some awesome successes on this page and am very insprired by all of you I find it interesting to see what route everyone chooses when it comes to weight loss.
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S/C/G: 236/135-140/More Fit

Height: 5'6"


I'm a calorie counter. I prefer the site myfitnesspal for tracking.
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S/C/G: 325/125/maintaining

Height: 5'6.5


Calorie counting and I try to stay away from processed foods as much as possible.

Link to before and after pics
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S/C/G: 249/244/179

Height: 5'11"


I like myfitnesspal, too . I have done low carb for a while but I am thinking of starting to tweak a little and do a low-er carb plan but with counting cals and I also eat only very minimal processed foods.
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Height: 5'10.5"


I do a combination of things, mostly due to health reasons. I am type 2 diabetic, PCOS, menopausal and I have food sensitivites. I'm not on any medication for anything. I eat a very low carb version of the Paleolithic diet and I combine that with intermittent fasting. When I stick to it, I can really control my blood sugar, which seems to be what drives my weight loss.

I also do Pilates four to five times a week, weight training split routines six days a week and cardio three days a week. Weight is not melting off me quickly but I'm okay with that as long as my skin keeps shrinking!

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S/C/G: SW:394/310/180

Height: 5'6"


I have a bit of dieter's ADD, so whenever I get bored, I change plans. Over the course of my weight loss "this time," I've probably used at least half a dozen distinct plans, and at least a couple dozen variations of those plans: Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, Weight Watcher's points, WW Core...

Usually I ended up translating/converting the basic plans into an exchange plan or some other form of calorie counting/estimating (if that isn't already a component of the plan), because I've been dieting so long, it's second nature to do so. I especially like converting the WOE's into exchange plans, because it makes it easier to compare the effectiveness between plans.

For example, if I hadn't converted low-carb into an 1800 calorie exchange plan, I would have never learned that I lose as well or better on an 1800 calorie exchange plan than on a 1500 calorie high carb plan (and I'm a lot less hungry too - in fact I'm hungrier on 3000 calories of high-carb than on 1000 calories of low-carb).

Right now, I'm taking a break from exchange plans to try "The Simple Diet" from the book, The Simple Diet: A Doctor's Science-Based Plan by
James W. Anderson and Nancy J. Gustafson (a doctor and a dietitian).

The plan is based on meal replacement shakes, prepackaged dinners, supplemented with at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables (fruits and veggies are unlimited, but the reader is encouraged to monitor food choices and progress to determine whether they're overeating on-program foods).

In a perfect world, I would follow a paleo diet all of the time, because I do think it's the healthiest for me. However, I also am a pragmatist, and when my life gets very busy, I start making compromises and The Simple Diet for me is one of those compromises. I was so burnt out on planning, preparing, and calculating my food choices, that I found myself "rebelling" by eating off-plan way too often (and drastically off-plan foods). When I find myself eating off-plan frequently and find my weight loss stalling as a result) that's a pretty good indication that it's time to change plans.

Ironically, I think I'm actually eating as well or better with the shakes and prepackaged meals, because I'm selecting the meals carefully, and bulking them up with a lot more low-calorie freggies (I love that term for fruits and veggies).

I'm even making many of the meals myself (and most of the shakes) from scratch, they're just preportioned and in the freezer. And my homemade dinners are pretty paleo-friendly, so I'm still being influenced by the paleo principles.

Boredom has always been one of my biggest weight loss obstacles, and I've finally come to realize it's easier to work with my distractibility than to try to overcome it. So when I need variety, I add variety - and I don't worry too much about whether it's the "perfect" plan, because chances are I'm not going to stick with it very long.

I found that you don't have to find something you can stick to, in order to lose weight - you just have to stick to whatever you're trying now. It isn't changing plans that destroys weight loss, it's the "vacation" we tend to take between plans that is deadly, because when we are bored with one plan, we usually don't jump into a new one, we take a "break" from dieting first (and usually gain during these breaks, so we end up starting over rather than moving on to something else).
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S/C/G: 298/ticker/175

Height: 5'7"


I do Weight Watchers Online and I count calories using My Fitness Pal.
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S/C/G: 236/135-140/More Fit

Height: 5'6"


Originally Posted by kaplods View Post
I have a bit of dieter's ADD, so whenever I get bored, I change plans.
I do this as well. While I (almost) always count calories, I have done several different types of things this time around. Right now I'm doing low carb, high protein, low fat, low calorie (it's temporary). I've done intermittent fasting (kind of still do). I've done South Beach. I've tried higher carb. Tried vegetarian for a very short time. I've tried eating only whole foods. I've tried eating total crap food as long as it's in my calorie limit. I am kind of all over the place as far as the actual food the makes up my calories. I've taken 2 breaks from counting calories over the past 7/8 months too, but not for more than 4 weeks at a time. Calorie counting has been the only consistent thing through out, everything else has been all over the place.
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S/C/G: 155/138/126

Height: 5'6"


I don't follow any plan but I write down everything I eat and keep track of calories that way.
I run and/or walk daily to burn calories.
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One pound at a time
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S/C/G: 292.2/138.6/146

Height: 5'9"


Calorie counter, nutrient dense whole foods, no meat (only fish such as salmon, tuna, rainbow trout). I run, walk, swim, lift weights, and all sorts of other physical activity to keep fit.

(restart 3/10/11, 262.8lbs)
250lbs by 4/18/11 (met 4/6/11)
220lbs by7/17/11 (met 6/5/11)
199lbs by 9/15/11 (met 7/18/11) (no longer obese at 202lbs; met 7/12/11)
175lbs by 12/5/11 (met 9/13/11)
169lbs- normal BMI (met 10/7/11)
162lbs by 1/23/12 (100lb loss since restart) met 11/4/11
150lbs by 3/01/12
met 12/15/11

Walk to Mordor Challenge: 250 out of 1779 miles done
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Cool Chick
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S/C/G: 283/227.2/180

Height: 5' 10"


I eat a 1,500 calorie carb/fat/protein controlled diet from my nutritionist (so I count grams of all of those pretty much), drink lots of water, and work out on an elliptical as much as possible.
(1,800 when I was at my heavier weight...and may need to take it down as I get smaller....)

First goal: 203 (where I was last year when I started the ol' regain...)

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S/C/G: 195/145/145

Height: 5'11"


Calorie counting (or rather estimating), not much meat, mostly home-cooked food, evenly balanced meals and snacks (about 500 cals each), mainly aerobic exercising 4 times per week.

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Never ever giving up!
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S/C/G: See ticker :)

Height: 5'4.5"


I count calories - I go max 1500 a day. And light exercise every day. It's the only thing that works for me. Have tried other things with no success, low carb for example made me gain.

Mini goal 1: 240 lbs

My weight loss blog: http://mgetshealthy.blogspot.com
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Krissy Missy
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S/C/G: 181/see ticker/120

Height: 5'2"


I'm calorie counting too, with a daily limit of 1800. I haven't had fast food in I don't know how long and am eating way more fruits and veggies (they fit much better into my plan).

One for every five pounds lost!

Mini Goals:
No longer obese achieved 10/12/12
, 20 pounds down and pedicure reward achieved 11/16/12, 40 pounds down and facial reward achieved 2/22/13, No longer overweight - achieved 4/12/13, 60 pounds down and full body massage reward
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Posts: 445

S/C/G: 277/252/170

Height: 5'7


I quit carbs 2 weeks ago, which I honestly haven't missed at all! (except for the occasional pasta craving :/). I'm sticking to meats and veggies until I get under 200 (30 pounds to go!). I have sweets cravings almost daily though, but I was told that new habits take 3 weeks to form, so I'm really hoping to quit sugar cold turkey for 3 weeks and not crave it nearly as much anymore.

For exercise, I walk around campus at least an hour a day to and from classes, and I work 20-35 hours a week as a server.
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