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Default How do you stay motivated over the weekend?

I seem do be doing really well on my diet during my work week, but as soon as the weekend comes, I can't seem to turn down my friends and family when they want to get together, and by getting together I mean eating super unhealthy and drinking a lot! For a while I was doing good and obviously choosing healthier options/limiting myself, but it starts to get so old! I know this has to be a lifestyle change, so how do you all fit your healthy lifestyles in with friends/family, so that it doesn't make you feel miserable/like you're constantly having to turn everything you want down?
And I am terrible at limiting myself at restaurants, I'm the type that cannot split it in half and be satisfied! If i make myself food at home, I can limit myself and be fine, but restaurants have HUGE portion sizes, and make it really difficult. Anyone have tips?
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I will allow true indulgence (planned) like every 2 or 3 weeks, so I don't resent all of the other times I'm "good". I will eat and drink what others do, or choose (still yummy) healthier options, but use moderation. Since I know that "next time" I can have whatever, I don't mind as much. I can't over indulge weekly, when I overdo it I really overdo it, it takes me at least a week to get the extra weight gain off; so I settle for every 2 or 3 (or even sometimes 4) weeks. Sometimes I will try to eat very light the day of a planned indulgence; I'll still maybe go over my usual calories, but not by quite as much. I almost always choose very low calorie alcohol (Jack and coke zero), so not all my cals are used up on drinks.

That is something that has worked for me.
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What I do is order vegetarian meals they are less in calories.. I have learned my body so I know when I am full and I try not to eat the whole plate I always take some to. What works better is if you split an entree and an appetizer with someone that worked perfectly for me.. I use to always have take a diet break weekend when I first started. Just find someone who is willing to share a plate with you..

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Originally Posted by elizurofsinai View Post
And I am terrible at limiting myself at restaurants, I'm the type that cannot split it in half and be satisfied!
I'm the same way. I don't do doggy bags. I find it very unsatisfying to order a large plate of food and know ahead of time that I'm not "allowed" to eat it all. I deal with the problem by either incorporating a pigout into my maintenance budget (thus allowing myself to eat the WHOLE THING) or by ordering two small but very interesting appetizers and making that my meal. Add a glass of white wine to the order and I'm golden.

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I think I am so successful on the weekends becuz I don't see them as different from the other days ... I think that's key!

If I do go out to eat, which is very rare these days -- I try to pick the least damaging thing to eat. The last time we ate out, I ate 2 small pieces of chicken and a very small salad (< 1/2 cup). So, I still stayed well within my plan for that day.
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I eat out a lot and still do ok on my plan.

What I typically do is familiarize myself with the menus of my most frequented restaurants by looking online ahead of time. Nutrition information is usually available, which allows me to make a choice when I'm not already hungry, tempted, and/or emotional . . . so by the time I hit the restaurant, I don't even need to look at their menu because I already know what I'm ordering. In those cases I'm actually looking forward to the choice I've already made and feel proud when I don't waiver.

And if I can't plan ahead of time? Many restaurants offer steamed veggies, which can be substituted for the fries. Many offer baked or roasted chicken. Baked potatoes can be ordered plain, salads with dressing on the side, etc. And many offer items that are specifically made for the health-conscious that are lower in calories; Denny's, Applebee's, and Chili's all do this for example, and they're even marked on the menu.

If you're unsure of what to order or want something more questionable that probably isn't in your calorie range, ask for half the meal to be boxed up in the kitchen before it even has a chance to hit your table; you won't even have to look at it! Either take the second half home with you to save for another meal, offer it to a friend or co-worker, or if you feel you'll be tempted to eat it that night, just throw it out. If throwing it out sounds too wasteful, remember that it's better than treating your body like a garbage can.

Of course, I'm sure you already know all of this. The hard part is not feeling deprived/resentful/angry that you can't have [favorite high calorie dish], and eventually caving in because of it. What may help with that is change your "can'ts" into "don'ts." It's a mindset that will help you feel less deprived. Instead of saying to yourself, "I can't eat [insert unhealthy dish]," say "I don't eat [said unhealthy dish]." It's more empowering because you're acknowledging that you have a choice. And focus on what you can and do have! Enjoy the healthier options. Relish the fact that you're choosing to nourish your body rather than continuing to contribute to your weight problems.

If it comes down to it, acknowledge the fact that you want the nachos or the rum & coke, and tell yourself, "Oh well. There's a lot of things I want, but it's not what I need right now." That's something that's worked for me, anyway. Over time I don't even miss ordering the huge portions of fattening dishes that I used to practically inhale without question, and I can enjoy in moderation now.

And most importantly, don't ever compare your dietary needs to anyone else's. One of my biggest issues was being resentful that my husband can literally eat three times the amount that I do (in addition to a lot of junk I don't even touch) and he's still lighter than me. It took some realizations on my part in order to let it go. Resentment is a wasted emotion since it won't take you in the direction you want. Is it fair that you can't eat like everyone else? No. But will that unfairness give you the healthier body you want? Does the resentment somehow justify making poor choices? Only you can reason through that. Just remember you have the power to make the changes that you're looking for.

Hope this helps!

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Man oh man I know how you feel, but I must agree with Freelancemomma, if going out to eat its better to order two small things rather than a big entree or a salad and a small satisfying appetizer. For example I LOVE going to Wendy's and before I'd order a combo with a nice burger, now I opt for half of a salad and something off the $1 menu or two things from there. By doing so I cut down about 1/2 my calories but leave very happy otherwise what I "tell" myself is "okay is this _____ worth it? You're going to eat this then spend the next 3-4 days obsessed on the scale or thinking that you shouldn't have eaten that." yes I allow myself "cheat" foods or meals on the weekends but it all comes down to making better decisions on them and not over doing it. I hope this helps!
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I never drink soda, I don't drink alcohol and 99% of the time don't eat dessert. If I do indulge on an entree I don't order something ridiculously high carb (unless I want to pay for it on the scale) followed by exercise that night and then the next few meals after that day must be lower cal to balance. That's how I get away with it.

Moderation/balance cheats/exercise.

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I haven't mastered this yet-it's a continuing struggle for me. The weekends are such a social time, and there is always food around. During the week though-I'm perfect.
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I too struggle with weekends. I always have the best intentions but often get carried away. My problem, and I continue to work on it, is that food is still a way for me to comfort myself. The weekends are my time to kick back and relax. I don't have problems eating socially, it's the downtimes that I struggle with.

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Krissy Missy
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Originally Posted by Elladorine View Post
I eat out a lot and still do ok on my plan.

What I typically do is familiarize myself with the menus of my most frequented restaurants by looking online ahead of time. Nutrition information is usually available, which allows me to make a choice when I'm not already hungry, tempted, and/or emotional . . . so by the time I hit the restaurant, I don't even need to look at their menu because I already know what I'm ordering. In those cases I'm actually looking forward to the choice I've already made and feel proud when I don't waiver.

This exactly. Also if on the days that I get together with family or friends and we eat home-made foods that I'm unsure of how many calories are in them, I tend to make high calorie estimates and eat lightly for the rest of the day.

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I work out of my home and every day is a hard day especially when I am PMSsing... but I try to do little things to distract me after eating. keep me moving and I don't focus on food when it is not necessary.
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Default re:

This is by far my biggest struggle. I know all the light calorie options on the menu, but from time to time I cave in, especially if it's pizza. I also find myself having no will power over garlic bread. As long as I can find control MOST of the time, I think it will be ok.

There's a choice that has to be made. You flat out have to ask yourself, "how bad do I really want to lose this weight?" and white knuckle down and choose the appropriate food. What is most important to you?

Easier said than done, I know.

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I agree with the practical tips that the others have given. I'd also say that it's helped me a lot to learn to slow down and focus on the social aspect of events. Learning to really focus on other people instead of food has made it easier for me to make good choices.

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Well said Elladorene!

I know how you feel. I have begun to dread weekends or dinners out because it takes me too long to make up for the gain that comes with it. It's really impacted my losses, and it's caused great frustration in my life.

If it's once a month or so, that's fine, but sometimes it seems like there's always something going on. It's sad to start declining doing things because it will impact your weight loss. I get frustrated when the scale goes up over night and takes a week or two to go back down.

I find eating at other people's houses to be the worst. It's a lot harder to control myself, and limit what or how much I eat. Not to mention, I have no idea what the calories could possibly be. I have to tell myself "it's not forever" when I decline having certain foods and I remind myself of where I've come from and where I want to be..... Admittedly, the self talk doesn't always work. It turns in to, "you only live once," or "I can make up for it later."

What's funny, though, is (sometimes) the more critical people are about what I'm choosing to eat or not eat, or the more critical people are about how much weight I've lost, or the more they push food on me, the more I dig in my heals and the more determined I get. Also if they verbalize how they admire my strength in not giving in to temptations. It's when they pay no attention that I get in to trouble.

Going to restaurants is so much easier for me. I try to choose what I'm going to have before I go out. Most places have some kind of menu on line these days. Then I plan the rest of my meals for the day accordingly. Most restaurants also have a "light" type of menu or meals that promise to be less than X calories. I go for those.

Knowing what I'm about to eat really helps. When you see a chicken sandwich and fries is 1500 calories and that's your calorie allotment for the whole day, it's a real eye opener. After one calorie dense meal that really wasn't all that good a couple months ago, one that lead to major buyers remorse, I have been more inclined to go for the lower calorie choices.

If I don't do that, I cut everything in half, and put the other half in a to go box before I start eating. The to go box goes away. My kids will eat the leftovers.

I also tend to fast or reduce calories before or after big dinners out, whether that be at a restaurant or at someone's house.

I think planning is key. What are you going to order? How are you going to prepare for it? Will you exercise extra or eat less before hand? If you're going to someone's home, what are they serving? (Which you can find out by calling and asking "is there anything I can bring?" which usually results in the host/hostess rambling off the menu) So now you can budget your calories, and think about what or how much you'll eat once you're there.

Sometimes it's the planning ahead and thinking ahead that helps keep me focused and in control. Not always, but most of the time.

And you know, I think back and I don't ever regret making the right choice (ie the 600 calorie meal over the 1200). Ever. I often regret making the wrong one. I don't regret a planned overindulgence, but I regret the unplanned one.

Oh, and among family, I see nothing wrong with packing and bringing your own food if it's necessary.
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