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Default feeling guilty eating 1500 calories! what's wrong with me?!

I have been eating really healthy these past three weeks already, and have already lost 5 lbs and an inch off waist and hips (give or take water weight)

I have been working out intensely 5-6x a week, and have been feeling so much better cardiovascular-wise. I strive for 1200-1300 calories a day. And I should feel good about this and I do! But why do I always, always feel guilty when I eat more than that? I feel like I'm becoming so obsessed with counting calories. Please tell me it's okay to eat 1500 calories and still lose weight. I'm just so hungry today (and craving for more food honestly, TOM at the moment)

height: 5'1 age: 23
SW: 148.5
CW: 143.5
GW: 120 (my happy weight)
ultimate GW later on: 110-115

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It's okay to eat 1500 calories a day. It's okay to eat more than that, on occasion, if your hunger cues are demanding it. This is a marathon, not a sprint. It is consistency over the long haul that gets you to goal, not perfect adherence for a week and then giving up when you can't manage perfect. Just keep at it, you'll lose weight if you are eating between 12-1500. And again, you can even eat an extra few hundred calories if needed, to take the edge off your hunger and be lightly satisfied. It's not the end of the world.
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Why so much cardio? Are you training for a marathon?
"Getting solid information is easier than ever. Getting misinformation is even easier." - Kaplods

Maintaining for two years and I eat whatever I want - just not however much I want. Details here.
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Thanks for the replies.

I am doing a lot of cardio/strength training because I feel like 5-6x a week is the best for me for now. No marathon training.

I am trying to get positive feedback because I myself feel guilty for something I know I shouldn't feel guilty for. Just need positive support.
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Forget it. Everyday is a new day

"My body is God's temple. I will be a good steward of what He gave me. "

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guilty? did you hurt someone or drown a kitten?

first of all 1500 calories is not that much!! i average 1400/day. its not a big deal. averages matter, dont freak out about going 200 over! if you're THAT distressed about it, cut out 200 calories tomorrow. personally, i would move on. ive had days where i ate 2500.

secondly, guilt should only be felt when you hurt someone or do the wrong thing. did you used to feel guilty every day before you started dieting when you probably ate more than 1500 calories? brush yourself off and move on. learning from mistakes is all you can do, sitting around feeling bad doesnt help!

also, 1500 is barely even a mistake. if i was obsessing about it, id just cut 100 calories for the next 2 days.

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The thing about 1500 is that it is maintainable. You could eat that much everyday for the rest of your life and it wouldn't be too hard if you were educated about food choices and calories. So don't feel bad, you are making a 'change for life' by eating a realistic amount of calories and as Arctic Mama said, it is consistency over the long haul that will get you the results! You will lose weight forever if you eat 1500 but it may well be temporary if you ate 1000 a day!
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