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Default How do you reward yourself?

I'm approaching my first mini-goal in what I imagine will be a couple of days, and I've been trying to rack my brain for what I am going to do for myself once I get to that goal. On previous attempts at losing weight, I would usually reward myself with a nice dinner out with a boyfriend/friend, which I think is fairly indicative of my messed up relationship with food. I have some ideas for larger, healthy mini-goals down the road (white water rafting trip, anyone? ), but I'm having a hard time coming up with a small but mentally generous reward right now.

So what do you all do to reward yourself? My money is a little tight right now until I get my first paycheck at my new job, so any low cost ideas would be uber appreciated.

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Well, anything that celebrates is a celebration, right? it could be just adding a smiley to your signature or a check in a box. It could be a charm on a bracelet or going to the store and picking up something that weighs that much and realizing that until recently that was on YOU. Just acknowledging an accomplishment is a reward in itself. Instead of thinking, "I have 60 more pounds to go!" Celebrate the 25 that are forever gone!

In other things, though financially we are stable enough for that, I reward myself by buying well-fitting clothes. It's motivating to me to feel nice and to look trimmer. A lot of them were from consignment shops - doesn't matter. They FIT. I also buy myself fitness gear and don't worry about the cost (within reason, of course) because my health and fitness is WORTH it! And yes, I use the things I got too!

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For a couple of mini-goals, I bought a nice, feminine night gown and some fancy socks to wear when I walk. I have plans for a $200 espresso machine when I get up to walking 2 miles three times a week.

When I get to goal, I want to take the Celebrity Xpedition cruise to the Galapagos Islands.
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First of all, YAY! What a great accomplishment.

I too need low-cost "rewards." Some ideas:

1) a new bottle of bath gel with a scent I really love (I enjoy it everytime I take a shower after exercise) - $5.99.
2) A nail buffer ($2.99) for a home manicure.
3) a box of tea ($2.79) that looks good.
4) a new notebook ($2-3) for writing down my daily exercise.

Hope that helps!
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I recently rewarded myself with new runners and a cheap mp3 player.

For cheap or free things, maybe your partner could reward you with a massage or a date that doesn't have food involved.

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Lots of great ideas and as far as clothes, a lot of women I know bought them used at Goodwill etc., so they could have new clothes knowing they were transition clothes.

I personally get myself (I work out at home) new fitness things, be it a book, workout clothes (which I do have to buy new because I like them to fit right and tight--only time I wear tight lol), or a video.

I also like books, i.e., regular fiction or sometimes a motivational or diet-related weight loss book. I like to read them not because my diet isn't working, but just to read other stories to keep me on track.

Another thing recently is I bought nail polish and am attempting to give myself manicures AND paint my nails...so far that's pretty much looking like a 2-year-old painting her nails, but I'm working on it.

Oh yeah I will do salt bath soaks so I sometimes get a new essential oil to add to the water
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Clothes - Even if I have not lost another size. I LOVE shopping and I only ever shop at thrift stores anyways. If I feel like I will be losing another size soon, I won't buy pants. I will just focus on shirts since with shirts.

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Some of my favorite rewards for myself:

New clothes from Nordstrom/Jcrew
New shoes
Massage/facial at a really nice spa
Getting a haircut/manicure/pedicure
Buying new make up at Sephora
Buying new super nice work out clothes

But by far, new clothes is my favorite reward.
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A haircut is definitely a good idea. Gives you that boost of self confidence and 'sass'.
Also, I find that just getting dressed up to go out, moreso than I would usually...wearing my favorite outfit, full makeup, etc is a good reward. Reminds you what you're doing this for.
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New clothes!! TJ Maxx has things as low as $13! Or even just going to the store and trying on things in smaller sizes. :-)
Also (toe)nail polish. Even the Dollar Store has some fun colors.

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Haircut and color
New clothes- Check out a few thrift shops. Sometimes you'll find clothes from department stores like macys, in amazing condition. Although I do drop the big bucks for workout clothes when I rewarded myself with them
do something fun like a hike in the mountains, ziplining, or a set of tennis rackets
I've rewarded myself with a new camera and different lenses since photography is a hobby of mine.

Goal story/video/pictures: http://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/goal...g-goallll.html

Currently training for my first marathon on March 17th, 2013
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Lifestyle Changes
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I like to buy myself something. It could be a new journal, a pair of slippers, some fancy bath item, make-up, a nice jacket.

I just go to store and look. Looking is really the reward. It keeps my mind off food, I get to fondle things and leave the store with something I normally wouldn't.

I will sometimes even reward myself with yarn for knitting! It seems small but it's the reason you bought it that counts. If I lose 20lbs, buy myself a fancy bunch of yarn and make a scarf then everytime I see that scarf I'll be reminded of what I did!

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I love to buy new candles. You can go to Walmart and get them cheap. They have the small jarred candles for a dollar, you can buy big three wick ones between 3 and 5 dollars, and there are a ton of other sizes that range in prices, but most are inexpensive. It's nice to have a candle lit bubble bath, so if you want to buy candles and bubble bath, that's relaxing. Or you could light candles and turn out the lights and lay in your room. Or you could do the bubble bath idea and then once you're out of the candle lit bubble bath you could do your nails.
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my weekly reward for five days of hard running at the gym is a soak in the gym's hot tub on the weekend

my rewards for weight loss and/or reaching fitness goals are usually 1) a protein smoothie from the gym, delicious! 2) new nail polish or 3) new workout music downloaded on my iPhone

however i dont follow through very well with the rewards except for the hot tub one
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Clothes are a personal favorite! It doesn't have to be anything too expensive, something as simple as a new workout headband or socks, but when I have the $$$ I definitely prefer to get either a dress, shorts, tank top - something that I can put on to see how much weight/inches I've lost.

Occasionally I will get something a little more off beat but usually health or fitness related - like the decal I just got for my car (see icon), or a book of Paleo recipes. Also scented body wash for post workout showers is an idea I've had for awhile but I haven't done yet, maybe after this next 5 pounds I will. I never do food related rewards just because I've found it to be a very slippery slope with me unfortunately.
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