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Default When do you start to exercise?

Hey!!! This is day 5 of my weight loss journey and I'm doing great! I feel really good about myself. The support and advice I've receieved from you guys has really helped me..thank you so much! For those of you who have lost weight did you start to exercise at the beginning of your weight loss journey or did you do it after you lost some weight? I'm just curious to know what has worked for some of you.
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Hi, Congrats on starting your journey!

For me, I started exercising as soon as my journey began. I started off slow and worked my way up. I wanted to lose weight a healthy way by creating a small calorie deficit and get moving more.

It worked. I initially lost 50 lbs in almost 4 months and then an injury side stepped my progress and life got in the way and I fell back into old habits. It's so easy to throw discipline out the window but here I am doing it again, and succeeding still. I would say get moving, you will feel amazing afterward. Here I am with a horrible cold and wanting to work out because I just feel better after doing so.

Good luck!

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I've worked out 5-7 days a week since I was 16 so that's never been an issue for me, it's been my way of eating. I do think you should start, even if it's only 5 minute spurts NOW. You exercise to feel better and you'll be surprised eventually how much energy you'll have
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In my opinion you're most likely to be successful if you exercise. It isn't neccesary but it is very helpful for a number of reasons.

The best thing you can do for fat loss is weight lifting and not the 5lb pink dumbell arm curl variety either.

If you don't have the money to join a gym or purchase weights you can always just walk. Brisk walking is highly effective for both your health and burning calories without any of the downsides of running.
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It's never too soon to start exercising. It's SO good for you and it feels great (once you get used to it). Find something you love, start slow, and get moving!
"Losing weight is easy; I've done it dozens of times."

(with apologies to Mark Twain).

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This time around, I started exercise before I started my "official" eating plan. I think it really help boost my confidence to lose 10 lbs in the first month through exercise alone - when I was so successful, it was much easier to dive right into the WW plan.

I'd say the earlier you start moving, the better!
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Exercise came first for me - I always find that when I get exercise it inspires me to eat better, because I don't want to "waste" the workout.

That said, in the beginning, 120 pounds ago, I was not exercising nearly as much or as hard as I am now. So don't try to bite off too much, don't think you have to kill yourself every day in order for it to "count" - just get up and get moving, push yourself a little more than you do now. As you build endurance and as your body gets lighter from the diet, you will find it easier and more pleasurable to exercise harder.
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To piggyback on John if cost is an issue, GARAGE SALES. People usually are selling the weights they bought for January (although this time of year they could be gone already) and you can get some great deals on some poundage.
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I started watching my foods more strictly in June but I was actually out walking most evenings since April. So I was exercising before I even started. Everyone is different. For some, they will start both the same time, others will start exercising first and others will start dieting. It is whatever suits you really.
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For me exercise is what really propelled me into losing weight. I had been eating healthier and lost a few lbs, but when I started incorporating exercise it really became my new lifestyle and I continued to eat better to fuel my new active lifestyle. I would suggest starting really small and to find something you love. I think the biggest mistake people make with exercise is trying to do something too big all at once. Take baby steps and don't add in anything you feel like you won't be able to maintain for the rest of your life
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I agree - exercise early, often, and forever. It motivates me to eat better, it helps me feel better mentally, and it provides feedback on how my body is feeling overall. Do I feel sluggish? 'Heavy?' Weak? I often play with micronutrients based on how my work-outs are going.
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I did things a little different. I focused on eating more healthy first and tried to ween myself off of candy and caffeine (I was practically addicted).

Once I had my food intake and cravings under control I moved to exercising and now I'm working out every day sometimes twice per day.

This was a better fit for me because trying to eat better and workout at the same time was just too much.

Now with the combination of eating right and working out (I powerwalk 2 - 4 miles everyday, lift 10 - 15 lbs weights 3 times per week among other activities), extra weight is falling off of me.

Good luck.

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I only started after I'd lost 50 out of 55 pounds. Like the previous poster, I thought it made more sense to tackle one challenge at a time.


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