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Default Weight loss for flabby Arms?

What are some of the best weight loss tips for slimmer arms? I don't want anything to make me look like a wrestler....lollll just nice slender arms exercises thanks
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Lose fat. Your arms will shrink sooner or later.

There is no exercise you can do that will reduce the size of your arms.
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like JohnP said, there is no exercise solely for reducing fat on your arms--put simply, spot reduction is a myth. once your overall body fat decreases, your arms will get slimmer as well. you can, however, improve their look with weight lifting--so you'll have functional strength (and not huge "wrestler" muscles, unless you work really hard for that) and you'll look better. good luck!
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Totally agree with the above posters; you have to diet off the fat and can't choose where it comes from. Lifting weights will make sure you have nice looking arms when the fat comes off.

I wrote about it on my blog: http://healthplusfifty.wordpress.com...s-part-1-arms/
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Thanks guys for the great responses! To the point I love it! And I'll be sure to read your blog sontaikle <3
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You can't spot reduce but have you ever noticed how area of the body with more blood going to them slim first or are slimmer, like limbs you move especially.. lower arms, lower legs but not upper arms or your hips

You have to start working your arms so when you lose the weight all over you will be more toned, Ive seen my arms become more toned since I started lifting maybe 6kg in loads of dif positions and not manish arms because I don't have the hormones to bulk up like that naturally nor will 2 mixed sessions a week make your arms into noticeable muscle lol so dont worry.

Oh and the more you work out your muscles the more calories you will burn 24/7.. is a lot more helpful than cardio alone!

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