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Default Dividing up calories

How are your daily calories on average divided up into breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack? Mine fluctuates but on average I try to allot around 300-400 calories per meal, and if I eat a snack, it's typically in the 100 or less calorie range. I find that dividing up my calories this way, helps with keeping me within my daily calorie limit.

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Default re:

Most of my calories are in lunch - with some yogurt for breakfast and maybe a sandwich for dinner. Snacks are usually 100 calories or less. I never skip a meal and try not to eat after 7.

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It depends on if I'm working at night... If I am then I have a fairly big breakfast around 9 (300-400 calories), a big lunch around 1 (600-700 calories), a snack around 4 and another at 6 (each with about 200 calories) - so I normally don't eat after 6.

If I'm not working at night (which means I have time for a lifting workout)... I have about 200 calories for breakfast, 600 calories for lunch, a 100 calorie snack, and 600 calories for dinner. I add another 300 calorie snack/meal (normally in the form of a protein shake) after my workout - normally don't eat after 8.

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I usually do 1-350 for breakfast, 4-550 for lunch, 150 or less for a snack, and then 5-650 for dinner. It varies day to day.
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Breakfast is usually 200-250. Lunch 250-350. Dinner 300-400. And then the rest, 300-500 on snacks. Too many calories on snacks, I know! I need to beef up my meals a bit. But in my defense, my snacks are pretty healthy - cheese, yogurt, carrots and hummus, almonds.

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I divide my 2,000-calorie maintenance allotment evenly between breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks/snacks. If anything I may have a bigger breakfast (600-700 cals) and then cut back on the other meals/snacks. I love breakfast!

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My biggest meal is lunch, by far (usually around half my cals) and the rest of the day I usually graze as needed. I might have oatmeal for breakfast, then some fruit later, some cheese and crackers in the afternoon, some yogurt later, etc.

The most consistent thing about my diet is the big lunch and very small dinner. In fact, to many people my dinner appears to be more of a snack- but that's how my body functions well (big dinners make me sleep poorly).

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Monday - Friday when I'm working I stick to a pretty regular pattern of:

Breakfast: 200 cals (muesli)
Lunch: 100 - 300 cals (soup or salad)
Snacks: 100 - 150 per day (fruit), 50 cals (coffee)
Dinner: Usually around the 600 - 800 mark but if I am in a rush I might grab a low cal meal pot and they tend to be around 300 cals.

I definitely consume the most of my calories in the evening.
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I always eat 300 calories for breakfast, 400 calories for lunch and 700 for dinner. I never have snacks in between meals.
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Like freelance, I like a big breakfast - on weekdays, anyway. I eat at least a cup of granola when I get to work. That keeps me feeling full all morning. I have a moderate lunch and dinner, and a couple of snacks.
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Depends on the days. On holidays, I tend to either have a light breakfast (because I have it at 10-11 am, so there's no need to eat a lot since lunch comes soon after) or a brunch. On work days, I tend to make breakfast a little more consistent, or to have a snack around 10 am.

I'm more of a grazer in any case, so I usually have light meals + snacks. I can't function on 3 big meals/day and nothing else (plus eating too much at dinner makes me sleep very late, which isn't great when I must get up for work the next day). I have no idea about calories, but it's probably around 400-500 per meal + 100-150 per snack. It balances out in the end: if I have a 150 cals snack at 4 pm then dinner will be 400 instead of 500, that kind of stuff.
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600-900 for lunch
600-900 for dinner

But I don't count, so who knows how much I'm really having? I do know that by habit I am not a snacker.
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I don't typically eat breakfast because I feel a bit ill if I eat in the morning, unless for some reason I'm actually hungry.

Since I'm aiming for an "anything at or under 1500" diet, I typically have around 500-600 for my first meal, 600-800 for my second, and 100-300 for a small meal/snack if I'm hungry. I like the feeling of having very large meals and a lot of freedom in choosing foods and being able to use creamy sauces and butter and whatnot.
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I typically eat about 300 - 350 for breakfast, 400 - 500 for lunch, and about 600 for dinner. I try to stay under 1600 calories. The rest of the calories are snacks through the day or sometimes a beer in the evenings . If I know I am going to be having a meal out or at a friends house, then I adjust my calories for the rest of the day (i.e. have a light lunch and no snacks if I am going out to dinner.) I also try to calorie cycle by having a few low days (1300) and a few days closer to my limit with usually one day over my limit (but not by much).

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I try to keep it about 350 cals max for breakfast, I don't usually eat lunch, I may have a snack of about 100-200 calories but usually I don't. And then my favourite meal of the day, dinner where I do anywhere from 800-1000calories. So yeah my calorie distribution tends to be very uneven.
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