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Default My lower back hurts- could it be from lack of excercise?

I've been a couch potato for the past two weeks because, well, I'm off from school and work. Ok, that's no excuse- I've just been lazy as ****. Today when I woke up, I had some lower back pain. I didn't think much of it so I still went to the mall with my friends and the pain progressed- still, I ignored it, although I did complain a lot. After watching a movie and sitting for like two hours, I could NOT stand up to walk. I had to lay down for a while before I managed to painfully get up and walk. The pain was unbearable. Have you guys ever had this happened before? I had it happen once before, about 6 months ago but didn't think much of it because the pain subsided within a day or two. I'm now laying in bed and praying that the pain would quickly go away.

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Honestly, probably not. Some aches might be expected if you were sitting around all day, but not the sort of pain you are describing - that sounds more like muscle spasm in the back, which can be incredibly painful.

Hope you heal up quickly!
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Are you getting your period? I get pain like that a while before usually. Ouchies.
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Maybe. I had lumbago problems a few years ago (after making a wrong move), and my doctor told me that I should try to walk for short periods, but regularly, because the lack of movement would only make it worse. I.e. staying sitting or on my bed all day long wouldn't make it better, contrary to what I thought at first.

But there are so many potential pains, and I'm not a doctor, so maybe it's not related at all. The only thing I'm sure of is that the human body isn't made to remain sitting for long periods.
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You definately need to try to walk a bit. It will be awful at first but you could get tighter if you don't try.

I also alternate heat and ice. If it is some type of spasm this will help.

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unfortunately there are many sources of pain that lower cervical spine pain can come from.

it could be from being stationary,
it could be from a pinch,

if your spine hurts, take a walk, losen it up- but please don't do back bends, or exercise on it - that will only inflame it, and make it worse.
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You probably pulled a muscle doing something, and now are having back spasms. Everyone is correct, as much as it hurts to go from sitting to standing, you do NOT want to stay on bedrest totally. Light walking is good for you. You should probably also take Advil or Ibuprofen pretty regularly, though no more than it directs on the package.

If you lose control of your bladder or feel any numbness in your "saddle area" (just think about what part of your body touches a saddle if you are horseback riding), you should go to the ER immediately. Otherwise, you can treat at home by taking it easy but continuing to move, using heat on your back, and taking some sort of NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory).

You could go to the Urgent Care if the pain is really bothering you. They would probably give you a muscle relaxant like Skelaxin and some prescription-strength NSAIDs. Muscle spasms are really painful. Sometimes they heal quickly, but it might take up to a week or more. If it lingers that long, you should probably go see your doc. They might refer you to physical therapy.

I hope you feel better!
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First, I am not a medical practitioner of any sort. Just an old lady who has 'been there, done that'.
Back spasm, kidney issues, etc., If hot and cold packs are not helping, call your medical professional and get it checked out.
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I get that type of back pain here and there. A few months back it was as bad as you describe for about 1-2 months. I could hardly get up to stand and after sleeping the pain was especially bad. If I didn't have to get up to go to the bathroom and feed the cats I would of just layed in bed.

I'm not sure what causes it, but I suspect maybe lifting heavy things the wrong way or just even standing up from a bed or chair the wrong way- which exercise can help with being more strong to be able to lift things and keeping a strong back, core and leg muscles. I also have been doing yoga to keep my spine more flexible, since you might not notice it but as you get older you really do slowly start lose your flexablity. It also helps with keeping a good posture since being slumped over a keyboard for hours isn't good for your back either.
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I think some people are just vulnerable to lower back pain, while others aren't. My husband gets it almost every morning, and it subsides after he's up and about for half an hour. No reason anybody's been able to identify.

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Thanks for the insight everyone. I woke up this morning and felt a little better, but the pain is still there. So I'm either laying down straight, standing, or walking. I don't recall lifting any heavy objects either. And no, I'm not on my period. It's actually not due for two more weeks. Even when I get my period, I never experience any kind of cramps or pain at all, so I don't think this has to do with it. Hopefully it goes away for good by tomorrow :/
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Hey Bloopers, sorry about your back. I am actually in the same situation. I've been like this for 2 weeks.
I've been trying to walk and have also been using heat pads.
the heat pads really helped: I used Therma care pads and they last 8 hours! although they are expensive May be you should try them if you're back bothers you for more than a week?
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actually... that sounds more like a bladder infection or something. Try drinking some grapefruit juice and increase your water intake.

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Default re:

Yeah don't just assume it's muscle related. It could be a number of things and if it continues, you should go to the dr.

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Originally Posted by drixnot View Post
actually... that sounds more like a bladder infection or something. Try drinking some grapefruit juice and increase your water intake.
oh my lord, bladder infection? D: But like it's just my lower back thats painful? Pain is still there but heaps better today.

And honestly, I'd be at the doctors if I had health insurance but I dont atm, so I hope its just a muscle spasm/cramp/whatever D:

and thanks kisskiss, im gonna try some heating pads tomorrow.

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