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Default Die muffin top, DIE!!!!!!

So I don't know what you would call my shape. Not really a pear, not really an hourglass.

But here is one thing I know: I hate that this ******* muffin top I have going on. I realized that it is the one thing that is causing me the most body image issues since losing weight. I put on a pair of jeans, and "Hey! They fit!" Oh, wait. "What is that? That thing sticking out the top of these already fairly high waisted jeans? Oh it's that band of unburnable adipose tissue that haunts my dreams and stares blatantly at me in the dressing room!"

I am still 15 pounds away from my goal. I believe 1 pound is in each of my arms, 2 pounds are in each of my legs, 3 pounds are in my lower abdomen, and the other 6 pounds are in the expansive deposit of gristle and lard above my butt that protrudes around to the sides as if to taunt me.

If I could hire a hitman to eliminate muffin top, it would be dead. I have never hated a patch of fat more than I hate this, not even the big ol bat wings hangin off my arms as lovely, mobile flaps. Why oh why won't it budge? It gets smaller as I do, but it is always sticking out just enough when I put my arms at my sides, and it JIGGGGGGGGLES when I run.

Did anyone have an issue with excessive butt/hip fat, and if so, how close to goal were you before you noticed it was almost gone?

Also, feel free anyone to jump in and wish death on your most hated body fat. If we all get together and aim our death ray thoughts at it, it might work. Because I know nothing else has worked- so far. But I will not stop until it is gone!!!!! DIE MUFFIN TOP!!!!
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wishing death on my muffin top too. you are right on target with not knowing what body shape you have with it I've always called myself an apple!
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Originally Posted by Brandis View Post
I believe 1 pound is in each of my arms, 2 pounds are in each of my legs, 3 pounds are in my lower abdomen, and the other 6 pounds are in the expansive deposit of gristle and lard above my butt that protrudes around to the sides as if to taunt me.
OMG I thought I was the only one that assigned poundage to my body parts!

It's so funny because I just posted a thing about body shape. I went to a site and found that I'm a spoon, and they referred to that awful muffin top as a shelf. And at least on me, it is! GOOD LORD I hate it. I hate it more than my saggy bum or my cellulite!

I literally feel like there is a tire around that section! I thought it would be much smaller by now. It's a little disappointing! I hate that spot reducing isn't real.
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I tend to store fat in my thighs and butt rather than my abdomen. I'm happy to report that most of my thigh/butt fat died with the last 15 pounds I lost. So these "expansive deposits of gristle and lard" are not immortal after all.

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Brandis, I feel exactly same as you .
Why that Muffin top will not die ?
Mine is also in between Hourglass and pear , My goal is to get my hourglass figure back by this october ( wedding anniversary )
Hopefully i want my muffin top dead by that time ....

Keeep losing weight and praying not to get tempted by any muffin making foods
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I don't have a muffin top exactly...I just have an obnoxious beer belly-ish thing straight out to the front >.< I can't wait to see THAT go away. I think that my man shoulders and belly make me an apple shape, but at 20 lbs down I'm starting to see a waist. There's still lots of flab underneath it, but I'm getting a girl shape!

Mini Goal: 170 lbs by August 11th (It'll be a very happy birthday indeed)--Reached 7/25/12
Mini Goal #2: Normal BMI (under 155 lbs)--Reached 12/3/12
5 lbs gets me a dragonfly:
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I'm not sure what to call my shape... I'm an hourglass except my legs are like tree trunks. I never wear shorts, even when I hit my goal weight I will have a complex about them...

I have lost 6 inches from my rib cage, had to buy new bras, but my waist isn't as quick to show progress. I hate that my "biff", gut, spare tire would shrink away. I was looking for more creative ab workouts earlier, trying to put that problem area in focus, hope it works!

If you ladies figure out something that works, please share!! Good luck to all.

Healthy lifestyle and weight loss journey began 1/28/12
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#5) 199
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#7) Re-evaluate goal weight and maintain healthy life.
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Just want to commiserate. I'm in the same boat with this fatty fat adipose. Love the thread title and agree-- Die muffin top, DIE!!!
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I am an hourglass with apple tendencies when I weigh too much, but my two cents is that you look into the waist of your jeans being a different cut. I only get muffin top when my pants are an inappropriate fit for my shape - it's a sign I'm in the wrong clothes, and was so even 90 pounds ago.

Any mid or low rise jeans give me muffin too, even after lots of weight loss and strength training. Higher rise jeans (not necessarily mom jeans, but at my natural waistline) obliterate it and make me look ten pounds lighter. Just a thought
Taryl - http://www.aurorafiberarts.com/weightloss

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I am there too! My body is shrinking everywhere BUT there! And it means I can't wear dresses or t-shirts etc. I hate it soooooooo much!
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Ah yes, muffin top...I agree - DIE. Mine is pretty much gone now but the love handles hang on a little longer just to annoy me. If I sit down it's still there a little bit but it's much MUCH less prominent. I can live with it at this point but for years I sat down in horror....and my eyes feeling like they were going to pop out of my skull because my jeans were too small. :/

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Oh my gosh! Your post made me laugh out loud! Thank you!

Heavens the things we do to ourselves!!!

I've been hating my muffin top for so long... and since that didn't succeed in making it go away... I decided to try another approach... and.. that.. is.. just.. to love myself.. the way I am...

I don't like certain aspects of my body shape, etc. But, I'm beginning to think that's just the way it is for most women (thanks to advertising and marketers... but.. THAT is another post)...

So... I think this "loving myself" thing seems to be working... it helps me make better choices.. and... say no... at least most of the time..

Anyway.. I really just wanted to thank you for giving me a good belly laugh!

Best wishes to us all!

"Make time to be healthy or make time to be sick."

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Hi there!
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I store more fat in my abdomen, but let me tell you, not only do I have a muffin top, I have the whole muffin.

I don't have a lot of fat in my butt or hips (which is nice), but I can't wear anything that touches too much of my torso. My belly isn't round - it's sort of mushy with a couple rolls when I sit down (yep, ew). But I don't hate my belly as much as my back fat. THAT I think is kinda gross. Plus, I've had a belly for literally forever - the back fat was only discovered in the last ~10 years.

I buy my jeans in Juniors because the waist is wider and the legs/hips are smaller. Even then, when pants fit my waist, I have BAGGY room in my butt/hips/legs. It's getting better, though.

Yep, I hear you on the death wish to unsightly/uncomfortable/inconvenient fat deposits.

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ROTFLMBO [did i get that right?] I must have lost a pound giggling. My hated fat is my gut. I have "starter" bat wings, and I can tell I'm gonna hate them if I let them grow.
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there was a thread on detoxing awhile back, and some mentioned we could have up to 25 pounds of gunk back up... I wonder if the weight in the middle could be a sign maybe we need to detox or might have digestive issues going on.
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