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Default Which Food Plan to Choose

Hello Everyone - I'm a newbie on this forum, but I've dropped in and read here for years now. I'm finally at the point where I've got to do something - so here I am.

I have joined and quit ww more times than I can count. This past Monday I started Atkins and the results are amazing. I haven't weighed myself, but I'd guess I've lost between 5-7 lbs in 5 days. I don't feel particularly healthy and I absolutely HATE the food. I'm not a big meat eater and I loathe eggs - but it's hard to deny the pounds dropping away.

Here's my question for the most part, what plan do most people like? I'm tempted to go back to ww since I really don't like the food on this plan, but I'm unsure. I guess I'm afraid of failure again. Thoughts?

Oh, quickly - my name is Debbie and I live with my partner on Long Island in NY. I currently work in real estate. Love all things entertainment.

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I am not going to be shy. I think the Atkins plan is dangerous. I have heard several who have lost weight on it, but do they really want to eat like that for the rest of their lives? Sooner or later it will quit working and the weight will come back. You cannot eat fatty protein etc for 40 years and it not do some damage. You can lose 20 lbs WITH ANY DIET NOT MATTER HOW RIDICULOUS! Why? Because you are losing water not fat.

Now, as for a meal plan. WW is a fantastic program and healthy for the most part. It does not suit everyone, but is easy to follow and something you can stay on for the rest of your life and it become your way of eating. I follow a fat counting/ cal counting food plan. I have lost 70 lbs since the 6th of January mostly from having eaten such gargantuan caloric amounts and I gave up soft drinks. It takes time so it is not for everyone, but I guarantee I am not risking my health on this diet. I feel better than I ever have even though I still have about 170 lbs to lose. Do your research on diets, behaviour modification and exercise. Take your time and don't let someone else convince you to use their diet "because it really works." You have to have something that you can adapt to for the rest of your life and be happy with. I eat ANYTHING I want as long as I stay in my range. The key to the whole thing is having your mind ready to commit to a program for life. Short term thinking is wrong because you have not learned anything and will more than likely gain the weight back. A whopping 90% failure rate and I believe it is because everyone wants a quick fix and when they are at goal go back to the same bad habits they had before and expect not to gain it back!

Good luck to you and hope you find the program that is a winner for you.

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I'm new to forums of any kind, and am trying to feel my way around. I've done Atkins with some success, but it is boring and really made me feel tired. It did help lower my blood sugars. I haven't done WW in years. The diet plan that has been the most successful for me has been Sugar Busters. I think it's mostly because it addresses my diabetes very well, and I think it's nutritionally sound. The weight loss is slow and steady, and you feel very well on the diet. But just like every other diet plan, it only works when I work with it. Good luck to you in finding your way.
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Thanks for the responses! I went back to ww and I've lost about 10 in a week - great results, but it just wasn't for me.

I found a diet buddy there and even told her about this site. I think we'll do great supporting eachother in real time and in the mean time I have this great place.

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Very happy to be here!

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