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Old 04-12-2014, 03:29 PM   #61
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I'm one of the minority here who does not weigh daily or weekly or even monthly. I'm quite good now at keeping myself in check and personally, I'm happy to have the freedom from the scales.

The only time I weigh myself is with my dad's scale. Maybe once in two or three months and I just did it yesterday. I'm now basically at my new GW so I lost around 3lbs since the last time I weighed back in January.
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I always weigh after I eat badly to remind myself to have control or reap the results of my misdeeds. Seeing the needle jump scares me into having control again. Of course, it takes a little time to repair the damage already done so it's not like I go on a hunger strike, but it does mean I eat a little less the next few days to counter the damage.
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*Note: these are the sizes I usually fit when I try on things at Walmart/Kohls/JCPenny/Sears etc. ALL of them practice vanity sizing.
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This week I gained almost 3 & a half lbs. I knew it was going to be oh so bad. And part of me said no way was I going to touch that scale.

But then I thought, hey I am going to do better this week. And I want the credit for that! If I gained 3lbs and then lost 2lbs next week. 2lbs is amazing to lose and if I hadn't checked the scale it would have still been higher then it was before and I may not have realized that I did so well. So I think that is a perspective on it.
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This is the dumbest question but I HAVE to know!; how long after you consume your calories (say you ate a surplus, enough to gain a pound for example) do you gain weight? Is it overnight or what?

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Usually everyday, not weighing in is how i put on loads of weight and when i finally did i felt pretty hopeless and sort of gave up as my weight had got so much higher than what i was used to.

However due to stalling a lot recently i've had my Dh put my scales somewhere i cant each them and not weighing in for 5 weeks while doing 30DS as I don't want to get frustrated as its been weeks of not losing, then losing 2 lbs and repeat.
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