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Default An eye opening experience buying jeans

I finally caved and bought a new pair of jeans today. I have needed new ones for awhile since I have gained weight and the old ones have become so uncomfortable I can't sit down while wearing them.

The old pair of jeans were a size 8 but have obviously stretched out over the 1.5 years I have been wearing them for. I figured since the pants I wear to work are a size 10 and they are a little on the tight side I was probably a size 12.

I went to Old Navy since their jeans were on sale grabbed a pair of size 12 and tried them on and nearly cried. They were too small and I have never been so disappointed in myself as I was in that moment. I have never been bigger than a size 10 in my life so choking down the fact that I was a 12 was difficult for me; to know that I actually now own a pair of size 14 jeans is devastating. they are a little baggy in the thighs because most of my weight is in my middle but that is small consolation.

This is my low point right now and I need to start gaining ground in the weight loss battle and more importantly maintain it. I am so unhappy with the fact that I have let myself slide this far and I know if I don't change now in as little as a 1-2 years I could be 200lbs I am not ok with that possibility. I am even less ok with my current reality. I need to get my head in this game and start taking off this weight! This is the last straw I refuse to allow myself to feel like this any longer!
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DO NOT use Old Navy as a measure of your progress. That place has the most wacked out sizing I have EVER seen!!

I have shorts in size 6 and shorts in size 12 that fit me, from there... I also just returned a few size Medium "Tall" tops because they were belly shirts on me. Ridiculous!

You CAN do this! But don't let Old Navy ruin your day!
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Never go by sizes because they are different for every store and brand. Also country!! What I am in Australian sizes I am 2 sizes lower here!
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I'm so sorry for your frustrating shopping trip. I am currently in your shoes, but rather than jean size the scale's read out. In fact if I actually went shopping for jeans I am sure I would have the same reality check. I can currently only fit into two pairs of my jeans. And this fact told me that the weight gain is getting bad, but it wasn't until I saw a new highest weight on the scale this morning that I was ready to cry (and found some determination that I am hanging onto until I get to goal). I know I can do this, and you can too! I think that when you get down to a 10 again, and even an 8 you should ceremoniously burn those jeans!

I think we all need a turning point before we can actually make the changes we need. Let's do this, lets get to our goals and never have to wear a 14 or see (gasp) 186.4, yeah I should change my ticker, again!

For me today has been great so far. I am very much on track and determined to finish this day off as a solid first step towards the weight loss I AM going to accomplish this time.
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My sister pointed out to me that the old size 8 jeans are from the Gap and not Old Navy so not necessarily the best comparison but I know I have drastically changes pant sizes even if it isn't as bad as an 8 to a 14. I measured my low waist (widest part of my body other than my hips) last year and it was 37 inches it is now 41 inches telling me there is a significant gain in inches and I am thinking this is what should concern me rather than my pants size. It is still really upsetting. I am ready to start seeing that scale going down.

wannaBefitnessbuff: I am going to a University reunion in mid-July at an old friends cottage where there will be a bonfire so I just might have the opportunity to burn those jeans! That may be my goal to get to a point where by July 21st I no longer need size 14 jeans!
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I hate to say it but yes, 41-43 inch abdomen/hips are a US large, or 12-14. There is variation on that point but not much.

This can be a positive, though. Loathe the heck out of those pants and use them as rocket fuel for your weight loss - every time you see them reaffirm your commitment to getting OUT of them as soon as possible
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Overweight again...dang
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I remember that devastating feeling of buying the biggest size you've ever bought. I've visited 10, and 12 many times. Fourteen was a tough one. But when I had to buy size 16, I was crushed. Devastated.

Well guess what?! It was the the first and the last size 16 I ever bought! I wore them once. I started my diet right away, and started losing. I kept the shorts so I can always have something to look at, and touch to remember where I was and where I never want to be again.

Take this as an opportunity to push you forward. You don't have to be a 14!
"Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!"

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I'm sorry. Sometimes we need to see something that shocking to really make the necessary changes. I saved one pair of size 14 pants that I can remember wearing to work often a few years ago. Now when I'm having a low self esteem day, I'll pull them out and try them on to remind myself how far I've come. If I were you I'd save those jeans so you can do the same in the future!
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Ahhh its a terrible experience!! I called myself a sausage when I tried on jeans. Its such a tough experience, but the good thing is that sizes can only "go down" from here! =)

I listened to my gut and it said "You could do with less of me."
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I agree, you can definitely turn this into a positive experience and allow it to motivate you in your weight loss journey. I absolutely loathe shopping for pants, I have to try on like 10 pairs to find some that fit properly, it's torture!
Don't let this bring you down. Rock that pair of jeans knowing it's the first and last size 14 piece of clothing you'll ever own.
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I just want to thank everybody for helping me feel better about this experience. I really struggle with positive self talk and instead of looking at this and seeing it as motivation for change I tend to have these moments and want to stuff my face to drown the pity and loathing I feel.

I am proud to say I didn't do this today usually after shopping and having something like this happen I end up in the food court and have a decent binge. Sometimes I see being at the mall by myself as an opportunity to binge regardless of whether or not I am shopping. Today I thought about going to the food court before trying on jeans and wasn't interested, I thought about it after... I paused at the bottom of the escalator and thought about going up there then I looked at my bag with the size 14 jeans and the large top (I've been a medium ever since I hit puberty) and just walked away.

I thought about all that food and how heavy, bloated and miserable I would feel and just knew for the first time, being alone in a mall that I wasn't interested in it. This is a real turning point for me and I just know that those jeans are a big part of it. I think I need to keep them just because I want a reminder to never backslide again!
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Don't sweat it; it has happened to many of us (as you can see by the posts). Just think: By the 4th of July of you're diligent, those size 14s may be too big.
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I have also been in your shoes, lady. I agree with other posters that this can easily turn into a positive experience by using those jeans as inspiration. When I finally got out of my 14's, instead of throwing them away - I cut them into itty bitty little shreds and had a look of evil satisfaction while doing it.

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First, different manufacturers carry different guidelines in sizing, so don't feel bad.
Second, i would use that as motivation, don't beat yourself up, move forward with your weight loss journey.
Good luck! We are here if/when you need us!
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Old navy isn't very consistent with their sizing. Last summer I ordered some jean capris. One in size 12 and one in size 14 (weird thing I was doing to account for loss and gain *shrug*). The 12s were WAY bigger than the 14s and the 14s were snug.

I agree. dont let Old Navy get you down. They are funky when it comes to sizing.

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