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say what?
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Default Can I have a bite?

The other day I was pondering over why I am not having a hard time with candy and such anymore and then last night I ate a whole magnum - putting me over my calories while I reallly was not craving it. Trying to review this mistake and see why it happens I realise I only ate it because I was curious to the taste.

The past few weeks my mom has been "getting it" with me and weightloss. Which is nice because now when I ask her for a bite of whatever she is having she let's me instead of telling me "go get your own". And it's been super helpful! If i'd done that with the magnum I would not have wasted 282calories. Anyhow. I do that mostly now. With dinner, with snacks. I have just a bite of the bad stuff to content myself and then enjoy my own food.

Do you guys do this? Has it helped you? It seems to really have a big effect on my cravings because I just tasted something so what's there to crave? And I tell myself if I really want "my own" I can go get it. But the bite is usually enough.

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I do that!!! & if its a candy ill suck the taste out of it for as long as i can before i eat it lol

Glad you have your mom on board and she helps keep you focused! thats always great :-)

a bite wont hurt you and u get to taste it and get rid of cravings. its a win-win! ;-)
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I totally do that with my boyfriend, to the point that he knows to grab a little extra for me of whatever he's eating!
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Leveling Up
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I too find that all I need is the taste of something and it's generally enough for me. I've done this with cheesecake, cakes and other sweets because they are very yummy but you don't need more than a bite to get the taste.

If I am craving something, such as chips, I will usually have one because I find what I'm after is the taste anyway.
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Sounds like a great idea, if only I had people to mooch off of!
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Im the opposite actually.. I always get bites from my friends and eventually it all adds up. It wasn't until they told me to "get my own" (which I never did because that would kill me guilt-wise) that I started losing weight.
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Yeah i learnt this "just have a bite behavior" from my anorexic mother. This resulted in a semi addictive behaviour with me when i would have a bite of everything i could get my hands on.

I then decided to get my own, which resulted in weight gain. Ha.

I am now at the point where i have just a bite now and then but i keep track of it. I will never be a person who sits down and eats tubs of ice cream, bars of chocolate or piles of cakes. I will always rather just have a taste and be done with it.
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Hmmm.... I'm not sure. Most of the time I guess when it's something new I do the bite test. But more often than not, my hubby and I just make a dessert and split it or the same with food. Like on our date night, we went with all intentions of having whatever. But since we have both been calorie counting, our stomachs have shrunk! So, we ended up getting one meal and splitting it then two desserts. But I only ate about 1/3 of mine and saved the rest for another day. The sharing seems to work the best for me, but I think that is right along the same lines as the bite... you're getting SOME without eating ALL! LOL I think it's great your Mom is on board -- it probably helps to keep her from eating all of something, too!

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I think sharing a dessert or something naughty is great. You get to share something and bond with someone and not take in all the calories, WIN WIN
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I do this with my boyfriend every day, we eat out a lot and I normally order a salad and a light beer. My boyfriend orders something unhealthy like wings and fries and I'll have one wing and two fries.
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Gimme a WHOOSH
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I find that I enjoy treats so much more if I only have a tiny amount. Otherwise I'm hurrying each bite in order to get to the next bite more quickly.
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I do this, too, quite a bit. If I can have a couple of french fries, I don't feel deprived at all. When I am really on track, my cravings are gone completely, and when my family are having cake/pie and ice cream, I just take a look at their bowls and I'm fine.
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I think it's a kind of test. Your will power against cravings. You have to treat yourself from time to time, but also remember the work you put in to lose the extra weight.
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I do this a lot... but unfortunately sometimes my "just a bite" of my husband's dessert turns into 5 bites! Some days I'm better off not having a bite at all.
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LOL I am glad snaggly said it first...I don't like participating in the "can I have a bite" thing, either being the asker or askee. I never like when people want to taste my food in a restaurant, I feel like a stray dog guarding a bone I just found. For that reason, I would never ask for a bit of anyone else's food, for fear they would want me to reciprocate. It's a weird thing to admit out loud, it makes me sound a little crazy, but I guess if have issues with food possessiveness.

For all you folks that freely share your food, you are far better people than I am. :-)

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