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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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Default Curves?

I hope I'm putting this in the right place, but have any of you ever done Curves? I always thought it was just a ladies' gym, but after some investigating, it is apparently a whole weight loss plan. How much does it cost, and have any of you seen results from it?
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My impression of Curves is that the exercise circuit is fine if you are new to working out but that for most people after 6 months or so you will have progressed to the point that the circuit is no longer particularly challenging and since the weights are all hydraulic there really isnt any more adding weight you can do (the faster you try and move the weights the more resistance you get, but there is only so fast you can move them). My 75 year old mom found it too easy after 6 months even adding in a 3rd round each time.

The diet is pretty typical, I had a friend who owned a couple Curves. They are big on calorie cycling/phase type diets i.e. create a deficit for awhile, stop the deficit to"restore your metabolism" etc.
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exactly what i was going to say - it was useless for me when i gave it a go; i wasn't even sweating. when i asked if i could bring my own weights to actually get a workout in, they looked at me like i'd pooped on the queen's pillow.
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I worked at a Ladies Workout Express, which is very very much almost identical to Curves. I'd definitely say for someone like you it would not be very challenging for very long since you are young and of able body. I'm not saying it's a useless gym at all because it has its place! It would probably be good for cardio more than anything else, but as Ennay said, it's all hydraulics so you won't be challenged long term. Just my opinion.

If the memberships are similar to LWE, the cost depends on your "commitment" (meaning the length of the contract you are willing to sign). The month to month memberships were outrageous (IMO) at around $55/mo, plus a sign up fee. The 2 year memberships broke down to probably $25 a month, plus a sign up fee. I have no idea if that is comparable to Curves though or if this is the current rate at LWE, it's been like 7 years since I worked there.

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I have to mention this - not sure if it's a rumor, but I heard they are going out of business and closing many locations. I think it's mostly 30 min. curcuits for women...no classes. But that could be out-dated.

This is an article that mentions the closings - just be wary if you are thinking of joining....

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I just joined Curves 3 weeks ago. I view it as a temporary aid. I like the circuit set-up and it gets me in the habit of working out regularly. I think it's good for someone who is out of shape, very overweight, or some elderly. One lady here uses a cane to get from machine to machine, and can barely do the exercises, but it's inspiring to see her motivation! It is definately helping to tone my out of shape muscles, but it's not super challenging. It's $34 or $35 a month, plus tax, and it's on a month to month contract. It's good for what I'm looking for at the moment, but I expect that by fall, I'll switch to a gym.
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I've joined Curves 3 different times. The first two times I lost a decent amount of weight and I enjoyed going there. The third time I couldn't get into it. It does get boring after awhile. I never did anything with their weight loss programs though. It was a good way to introduce myself to a gym and get into a habit of working out. I go to a regular gym now.
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i looked at the Curves here but it was more expensive than the $30/month that someone up there said...but i'm in alaska, everything is more expensive here LOL

i asked the Curves lady on the phone about details etc and she never mentioned a nutrition aspect to it...i was looking for a place where i could work out HARD...i already had lost about 30 pounds and was biking, small weights at home, and punching bag at home and wanted a higher level of workout without creating a home gym...plus i get bored easily so i wanted to have access to lots of options to work out...

the Curves lady told me that workouts there are limited to half an hour only once per day...and i was like "why in the world...?" and she said that's because women only NEED a half hour of workout per day if they do it right....and i said "well what if i want to work out longer?" and she said "you cant here, its not healthy"

so i took my money elsewhere and joined a real gym where i can work out HARD as long as i want to

later i learned about the circuits at Curves that you go through and that it's more geared for people at a lower level of fitness...a grandmother of one of my students enjoys it though, she goes in the afternoons before picking up her granddaughter from my program
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You're better at the Alaska Club than the Curves in Juneau, Alaskalaughter. They're not only super expensive but as you've seen, a bit of a waste of time!
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hi! where are u at in alaska? i did join a gym here but not the alaska club...i used to go there years ago however and loved it
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