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i <3 3FC!!

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Talking i <3 3FC!!

So I'm a college student (any others out there?) and I've been big ALL of my life. I always have an excuse! I'm a really hard worker in school so often times my excuse is " I have an exam!" or "I'm so behind! No time for the gym!"

Basically, I transferred schools to a whole new city and even though I wasn't trying I lost about 10-15lbs. When I went home to visit everyone was complimenting me on the change and it made me feel really goood and MOTIVATED!! So I made a New Years resolution to continue my weight loss.

But of course now that the semester started Ive been having a lot of work. Today I have been thinking "I just can't go to the gym! I have so much work!" But I read a couple of 3FC threads and decided to just do it! I didn't stay as long as I wanted, but I feel so accomplished & proud of myself! I also have a clear head so I can buckle down & study.

Basically, I'm just saying Im really glad I found this site b/c it's inspiring & motivating! Not having a workout partner anymore since I moved away is tough, but 3FC is really helping!!

<3 all of you & good luck with your goals!!

>_< Now I'll get back to studying, lol ^_^
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Hi I'm in collage and well for me in not that difficult to get a gym mostly because the school has one my main problem is that I spend all my day in school so is pretty hard to eat healthy :/

Goal 1: Halfway (217 lbs) ACHIVED 05/13/12
Goal 2: Onederland and BMI overweight (199 lbs) ACHIVED 12/08/13
Goal 3: Out of the 190's ACHIVED 04/06/15
Goal 4: Out of the 180's
Goal 5: Ideal weight ( 165 lbs)
Ultimate goal weight: 141

Next minigoal
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I didn't actively try to lose weight in college, but I did make sure to go to the gym and make healthy meals. It's tough, I know. But if you're a good student then you're no stranger to how much a proper plan is essential. It's the same thing when it comes to your health. Plan ahead and make time for yourself; it's worth it in the end.
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Yea, I've become a lot more organized & try not to waste time & it's been working! But, I havent had much time for social life :S In the end, it will be worth it, & exercising has helped me have more energy to get everything I have to do done! ^_^
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Another Georgia college student here! I agree. I just recently registered for this forum but I will say that 3FC so far has helped by being a reminder that I need to stay on track and I've committed to this.

I have the same problem with getting my workouts in, but I'm so determined to be more active, I find myself staying up late to get at least 30 minutes of cardio in. Ironically, this change has made me an even better student because I've found myself doing homework as soon as it is assigned (rather than procrastinating to the last minute) so I can my workouts in on a regular basis.

And if I can't workout the night of a big assignment, I try to do a more rigorous and lengthy workout the next day.

I take the stairs everywhere now (as opposed to waiting for elevators) and don't fight to get a close parking spot on campus unless it's raining or something. Every little bit helps!

The only thing I tend to struggle with is trying to eat a healthy and sensible dinner before 6 or 7 PM (when your metabolism supposedly slows down) and remembering to take healthy snacks so I'm not tempted by the junk in the vending machines. I have a late class until 7:45 PM and it usually takes me 30-40 minutes to get home. I'm probably going to start eating dinner before that class and then just a light snack during to curb any hunger I might have from not being used to eating dinner so early.

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Yea! Sticking to exercising has made me a better student! I "assign" myself days to workout, so I've been immediately doing my work b/c I know I have to go to the gym. I pretend like it's a class. I've found it's not soo hard if I stick to my schedule..

Yea, eating is usually my problem. I still cheat sometimes, but overall I am eating better & so I think that's better than nothing.
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