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Default Excessively thirsty and slight weight gain :(

Ever since friday, I have been unusually thirsty. I drank so much yesterday, yet by the time I went to bed, my tongue felt parched.
So far this morning, I've had 48 oz of water, nothing to eat yet, but I still feel thirsty! My stomach is starting to hurt from all this water

I also haven't been losing weight at all, despite being certain my calorie intake is lower than my burn intake. I feel a little hungry when I go to bed and always wake up hungry... :\

I had lost 3 lbs by late December (164 to 161), now I'm back up to 163.
It's not TOM, and I don't think I've been eating that much salt.
Could it be sugar? I've been having maple syrup a lot (but always less than 1/4 C) and chocolate... Not that much though.

I'm getting a little worried about why I'm drinking so much and am frustrated I'm not losing weight but gaining!
Although, I did burn my tongue a few nights ago... it doesn't feel burned, but could that be the cause of this thirst?

Thank you for any help.
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First of all, stop fretting about the weight loss stall. Yes, it's annoying, I'm also having a patch where my health is poor and my weight loss is having a little pause, but it's really not the top of your priority list, and it should sort itself out if all else is well.

I'd definitely keep an eye on the excessive thirst, see what happens with that over the week, and I'm wondering about diabetes. I'm also concerned that your sugar intake must be very high, since you casually mention that you are regularly having large amounts of sugar and think that just under 1/4c maple syrup isn't that much.

Best of luck with this. At least you're monitoring your fluid and sugar intake, which will be useful when you talk to the doctor.
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Most sugar in my diet comes from fruit, so it's not a worry.
I used 1/4 C as an examply because that's considered one serving, though I agree that that's a lot. The most I would ever have in one day would be 3 T, but almost always it's less than that.

I'm aggravated about the weight loss because I haven't been able to lose much weight ever since Thanksgiving... It's frustrating...
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3T of maple syrup (is it real?) is about 36 grams of sugar/41g of simple carbs so that is really a lot, there is a chance that if you have any underlying issues (diabetes of course being a concern with excessive thirst) that this could be playing havoc on your body (I know that much syrup, even with a non-diabetic person, can be an issue too - and if it's not "real" syrup then it is even worse for the body).

Why not try eliminating it completely and see how your body reacts? I use real maple syrup in my cooking, I love it, and believe in all good things in moderation, but it sounds like it might be a problem for your body.

There is also a chance that this has something to do with your tongue too of course, so best eliminate the obvious syrup/chocolate and see.

As for your stall, this is unfortunately normal. how close are you measuring/weighing? Is there a chance that you might be a bit off in your deficit? Or maybe your body is reacting to certain foods. Usually, a stall means calories are off.

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How about salt ? Are you eating foods with a lot of sodium ?
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I would go get your blood sugar checked, I don't have diabetes but there is a lot of it in my family so I've recently tried to cut sugar intake. After spending the holidays eating salty surgary foods with my family I felt bloated, thirsty and tired.
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Yep it might be a good time to get checked for diabetes. If you just hate
going to the Dr. you might just buy a cheep glucose meter and check it yourself. I think Rightaid has a cheep one with 10 strips for about $9.00
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My dad has diabities. and i check my sugar a few times a month there.
just to be sure.

Always good to check it out..

keep us updated!
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Thanks for all the comments, guys.
3 T is the absolute max. When I said that owuld be the most, I meant that I hardly ever eat that much- only on holidays when I'm being decadent and am having a bowl of muesli for dessert (as opposed to cake and ice cream like other people eat).

I'm very doubtful I have diabetes. I have no family history, plus breakfast is really the only time I have sweets (besides fruit), otherwise, my meals are mostly veggies. I always eat wholesome and plantfoods (no refined sugar or grains). I also have a tendency to be hypoglycemic, too.
As far as the maple syrup goes, though, I really crave the maple-flavor. We used to get Grade B, which has such a stronger flavor than Grade A, but I haven't seen it. I guess it's not in season... I'm not sure how the seasons work.

Anyway, after I had breakfast, things didn't seem to be nearly as bad. I think I may be sick, actually... Which may be why. My tongue does feel a little burned, too, so I'm wondering if it's just a dry tongue issue?

It was really terrible though; I drank so much water this morning and then was stuck in an hour car ride to go bird watching with my science teacher! I had to the bathroom so bad in the car, I was about to cry XD

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Completely unrelated to your diet, but perhaps its just a simple matter of getting a humidifier? We have radiator heat, and the air in my apartment is so dry at all times unless we use one... it leaves me totally parched, all the time.
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I get the "I can't drink enough" when my electrolyte intake is slightly out of whack. Magnesium/potassium/sodium/calcium... Drinking as much water as I'm thirsty for will usually make it worse, not better.

I usually eat a banana (for the potassium) and feel much better. An electrolyte drink (gatorade, orange juice with a pinch of baking soda, etc) will work in a pinch, too.
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Just because you don't eat much sugar doesn't mean you can't develop diabetes, not to mention fruit is very sugary - it's just not refined sugar! So it may be worth getting a sugar test done, I mean there is absolutely no harm done if you don't have diabetes and if you do then the sooner it's caught then the better.
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OMG how crazy I have been really thirsty for the past couple of days too. After reading these posts I'm thinking it is because I am low in potassium because I had a horrible leg cramp the other night and was told that not having enough potassium is one of the causes.

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Somebody ALWAYS turns the heat up so much at night, so the air gets really dry- I guess that could be it? I'm always a lot thirstier at night and in the mornings, which is when the thermostat goes up... hm...

I've been really into bananas lately, actually, and have been having them most days, along with potatoes, which have a lot more potassium.

I don't thinkk fruit can cause diabetes...? It has enough water and fiber in it and it digests nicely. Maybe dried fruit, since most of the water is removed.

Edit: But now my throat is pretty sore... grrr...

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sorry it seems you don't want to hear it, but you should see a doctor asap about the excessive thirst. There are things other than diabetes mellitis that can cause this, but that is what your doctor is for, diagnosing what the trouble is. Things like dry air are not likely to cause the excess thirst you are experiencing, and until you are properly diagnosed, no one can say what the problem is or isn't. Be safe!
see your doctor.

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