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Default I hate the 'I have the flu, so nothing stays down' weight loss plan.

I have the flu, and literally nothing stays down/inside of me. I try to eat foods that are gentle on the tummy. Crackers, toast, applesauce, etc, but if I don't throw it up, I...ahem...have to 'use the bathroom' literally five minutes after eating. This has gone on for four days, along with having flu-like symptoms. I drink a ton of water, lots of vitamin C and multivitamins and have been feeling like I am running on empty! Every day, I get on the scale, and three days in a row I lost weight, and then two days later, still sick, I lost another pound this morning. It just isn't the same when I look at the scale and know my weight loss isn't really valid. Also, losing weight so quickly while I am sick makes me feel even sicklier. Ugh! Here's to getting better soon!

"The only journey is the journey within."
Rainer Maria Rilke
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Ugh that's so awful . Can you keep water down? If not, make sure you suck on ice chips. The tiny amount of water you absorb through cheeks/tongue helps to keep you hydrated when you can't keep water down. If you can keep water down, make sure you're taking oral rehydration solutions. Dehydration is the worst!

So sorry you're ill. Hope you feel so much better soon!
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... and a piece of toast.
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Are you sure you have the flu and not a stomach virus? Are you running a temp, achy all over, feel like death? That's how I feel when I have the flu. I once had a stomach bug and after the initial days of vomiting/diarrhea the uh, diarrhea just lingered on and on, allbeit much less than at first. Which was totally annoying. So I finally took some Pepto (I'm a big believer in that if your body is trying to rid itself of something, let it . . .don't try to force the stuff in by taking imodium or pepto . . but that's just me). That dose of Pepto finally did the trick and things returned to normal.

If you continue much longer maybe you should go see the doc? Hope you feel better soon and yeah, as soon as you start eating again (even being totally OP) you'll likely see the scale go up because it sounds like you're losing mostly fluids. Then again, maybe some fat snuck in the vomit and is now off your body!

^^ Spiney Norman!

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I'm just getting over the stomach bug which Hubby brought home from work. People at work suggested we drink Pedialyte, which not only stayed down but made us both feel better. Its not the greatest tasting stuff{ think salty sugar water}, but get a 'flavor' as opposed to the unflavored and be sure to drink it cold, because it just tastes better that way. Good nes is I lost 4 lbs in 2 days. Bad news is I'm sure its coming back.

Hope you feel better

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My daughter just had that, and now my husband has it. I'm hoping not to join the new diet craze. You have my sympathy.
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Yeah, that plan sucks. Hope you're feeling better soon!

1 banana/5 lbs. lost:
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Well, I'm sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you are feeling better soon.

Isn't there a line from a movie or a show "I'm one stomach virus away from my ideal weight?"

At this point, I think I'd opt for a few days of toilet duty and body aches if it would facilitate my weight loss.....nah, just kidding.

Hope you back to normal soon.

Is that your final answer?
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I do sympathize with you greatly..I myself thought i was in that position as well..in fact.. i was living on gravol, still am. Havent eaten in almost two weeks.. luckily the gravol has been keeping everything down. My suggestion is: Go to the store and look for easy to disolve chewable gravol in the 50 mg tablets. They disolve really quick and work almost instantly.. its great for people who cant keep anything down. Also, gravol suppositories are about as good as hospital grade gravol given in a shot..that will work..Be warned: it makes you drowsy..

I myself thought i had the flu..turns out i dont. I actually have gastritis which is a horrible inflamation of the stomach lining and the stomach tissues and it causes me to feel nauseous all the time and gives me severe stomach pains..its not accompanied by a temprature, although im always red in the face which is caused by the pain. I would seek out help at the ER if this persists..it might not just be an ordinary flu.

I will pray for you though..
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I hope you feel better soon.
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I am getting over something very similar are you sure it is not a really bad sinus infection? That's what I have and it spread to my ear making it feel kinda flu like.

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Hey, all. I am feeling a little better. Things really came to a head the other day when I had to come home from work I started feeling so bad, and I couldn't speak. I now have my voice back, and can keep things down. The scale hasn't gone up but one pound so far, now that I can actually eat, but I am glad to be able to keep things down!

"The only journey is the journey within."
Rainer Maria Rilke
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